ribbon stool

ribbon stool/ lutyk


Ribbon is an innovative approach to a traditional material- plywood, which I bend in three directions, reinventing the methods of working with it. The organic form results from the behaviour of the material- the layers of veneer follow the natural shape of the wood grain.
The object looks like it was made from a single ?ribbon? of plywood, but for the purposes
of production it was divided into pieces. The two pressed modules form one leg, and the three
identical legs make up the seat. The profiles seek to attain a convex shape, as opposed to typical plywood products made up of flat elements; this means we can use less material to obtain a similar stiffness. Ecological and economical at the same time. This lightweight, minimalistic construction gives enough support and provides comfortable seat.
I used wood from a local beech tree. The stool can be stacked.


ritual match striker




birchbark light

giria lithuanian tree dishes

umami collection

sunflower board



match tree

reconfiguration of a tree

reconfiguration of a tree / Vailly

atlas table


wooden cloth


drus measuring instruments


fang kitchen tools


magistral chest


magnetic low table


wooden balloon

wooden balloon/ Evelina Kudabaite


branchworks/ Gael Corto Arcadio Jabali



flame it

Project by Kristín Guðmundsdóttir


stick table/ Esra Jakobsson

blueberry table

Blueberry table / Klara Sumova

collection Y

collection Y / Kutarq studio


Tornado / Marta Morawska

belvedere ladder

Belvedere Ladder / Pierre Emmanuel Vandeputte

stool ½

Stool 1/2. Polish Design Now

pendura coat stand

Pendura coat stand / Galula studio

british hat stand

British hat stand / Sebastian Cox

shake collection

Shake collection / Sebastian Cox

hazel light

Hazel light / Sebastian Cox

miss maple

Miss Maple / Elisa Strozyk

clothes poles

Clothes Poles / Narukuma

diptych – every object

Diptych / Lex Pott

among the trees

among the trees / Vyrobeno Lesem


Sculpted / Lutyk

birds in a row

birds in a row

peel coat hanger

peel coat hanger / oato

split chair

split chair / roni shalmon

kumiki coat rack

kumiki coat rack / jinkuramoto

catch bowl

catch bowl/ Torafu


branch / tool and bark

air chair

air chair / Pinwu

reversed history

reversed history / katja pettersson


spil / rendezwood

seaweed collector

seaweed collector / rendezwood

gone baking

gone baking / rendezwood

eating tree

eating tree /smarin

tools for the new kitchen

tools for the new kitchen /martin azua

survivor collection

survivor collection / jack huston

spaghetti bench

spaghetti bench/ pablo reinoso

wood ring bench

wood ring bench/ chris kabel

until all i felt was my heart beating

Until All I Heard was my Heart Beating / Kuula Jylha

spring & summer seasons

spring & summer seasons /valentinloellmann

di corte

di corte/resign.it

dowel chair

dowel chair/ organelle design

delicate manuscripts

delicate manuscripts/cuifei

shoe shelf

shoe shelf/ goldschmidtboeing

reusable boo bag

'Boo bag' by Sung-un Chang

czech forest

Czech forest/ vyrobeno lesem

to serve it, and to keep it

to serve it, and to keep it/ Nimrod Vardi

roots system rug

roots system rug/ Matali Crasset for Nodus

t chair

t chair / Natalia Coll

bookmark lamp


creek chair

creek chair by Sandro Lopez