atlas table

birchbark light

giria lithuanian tree dishes

umami collection

sunflower board



match tree

reconfiguration of a tree

reconfiguration of a tree / Vailly

atlas table


wooden cloth


drus measuring instruments


fang kitchen tools


magistral chest


magnetic low table


wooden balloon

wooden balloon/ Evelina Kudabaite


branchworks/ Gael Corto Arcadio Jabali



flame it

Project by Kristín Guðmundsdóttir


stick table/ Esra Jakobsson

blueberry table

Blueberry table / Klara Sumova

collection Y

collection Y / Kutarq studio


Tornado / Marta Morawska

belvedere ladder

Belvedere Ladder / Pierre Emmanuel Vandeputte

stool ½

Stool 1/2. Polish Design Now

pendura coat stand

Pendura coat stand / Galula studio

british hat stand

British hat stand / Sebastian Cox

shake collection

Shake collection / Sebastian Cox

hazel light

Hazel light / Sebastian Cox

miss maple

Miss Maple / Elisa Strozyk

clothes poles

Clothes Poles / Narukuma

diptych – every object

Diptych / Lex Pott

among the trees

among the trees / Vyrobeno Lesem


Sculpted / Lutyk

birds in a row

birds in a row

peel coat hanger

peel coat hanger / oato

split chair

split chair / roni shalmon

kumiki coat rack

kumiki coat rack / jinkuramoto

catch bowl

catch bowl/ Torafu


branch / tool and bark

air chair

air chair / Pinwu

reversed history

reversed history / katja pettersson


spil / rendezwood

seaweed collector

seaweed collector / rendezwood

gone baking

gone baking / rendezwood

eating tree

eating tree /smarin

tools for the new kitchen

tools for the new kitchen /martin azua

survivor collection

survivor collection / jack huston

spaghetti bench

spaghetti bench/ pablo reinoso

wood ring bench

wood ring bench/ chris kabel

until all i felt was my heart beating

Until All I Heard was my Heart Beating / Kuula Jylha

spring & summer seasons

spring & summer seasons /valentinloellmann

di corte

di corte/

dowel chair

dowel chair/ organelle design

delicate manuscripts

delicate manuscripts/cuifei

shoe shelf

shoe shelf/ goldschmidtboeing

reusable boo bag

'Boo bag' by Sung-un Chang

czech forest

Czech forest/ vyrobeno lesem

to serve it, and to keep it

to serve it, and to keep it/ Nimrod Vardi

roots system rug

roots system rug/ Matali Crasset for Nodus

t chair

t chair / Natalia Coll

bookmark lamp


creek chair

creek chair by Sandro Lopez

birds dont pay rent

birds don't pay the rent/ Martin Azua

daddy would be proud

daddy would be proud/ magdalena krzykowski

nest hammock

nest hammock/ ievalaurina

invisible streetlight