ewa is short for earth

prism chair


thumb waterer 


water pitcher block


dolomyth stools

dolomyth stools / Alcarol


Brickola / Alcarol

new manantial

Me Manantial / Martin Azua

clean water in the cup

clean water in the cup / mer


waterfall/ tokujin yoshioka

original life of water

original life of water/ design nothing group

“i” magnifying glass

"i" magnifying glass/ nocc studio


amber chair

amber chair/ jaeukjung


wellspring/ Martin Azua

falaise vases

falaise vases/ ferreol babin

six tables on water

six tables on water/ gaetanopesce

origami humidifier

origami humidifier/ theworsthazard

liquid glacial table

liquid glacial table/ zaha hadid

ice drop

ice drop/ ilio

pure filtering

pure filtering/ lukasjager

pinch of salt

pinch of salt/ manufakturist

still & sparkling

still & sparkling/ nendo

quark coffee table

quark coffee table/ emmanuel babled

water mimicking carafe

water mimicking carafe/ nocc studio

brelli umbrella

the brelli umbrella/ brelli

mare tranqullitatis

mare tranqullitatis/ shiro studio

glass pillow

glass pillow/ marleenkurvers

out on the bubble time

out on the bubble time/ studio note

ella umbrella

ella umbrella/ eneverdesign

Median ‘Liquid’ Toothbrush

Median 'Liquid' Toothbrush/ Rhea Jeong