slow coffee table

the missing dining table

one for all


les madeleines


souce bottle


fang kitchen tools


chocolate textures


milk on wheels


the future of DIY


bread and love

bread and love / Martin Azua

nurture the living fruit basket

nurture the living fruit basket / Hyunhee Hwang

tavola archaica

Tavola Arcaica / Fabio Molinas


grill / Lou Moria

cooking table

cooking table / moritz putzier

chopchop kitchen

Chop Chop kitchen / Dirk Biotto

ki•ra and the edible tower (of containers)

ki•ra and the edible tower (of containers) / Konstantia Manthou

anonimo italiano

Anonimo Italiano / giulio patrizi

levante bowls

levante bowls/ alessandro zambelli

food waste factory

food waste factory / benwu studio

pragma breadboard

pragma breadboard/ bussard design

dish cup ring

dish cup ring / Martin Azua


breadpit/ florian hauswirth


Edwin / Natalia Coll


infuse / rendezwood

gone baking

gone baking / rendezwood

burn bowl

burn bowl / rendezwood

eating tree

eating tree /smarin

pasta architecture

pasta architecture/ gemmatickle

disposable tea cups

disposable tea cups/ Einat kirschner and Einav Ben-Asher

bread from scratch

bread from scratch/ mirko ihrig

undressing food

undressing food/ ingridhulskamp

one hand kitchen

one hand kitchen/ Gabriele Meldaikyte

second chances

second chances/ tour de fork

shaping tradition

shaping tradition/ savefoodfromthefridge



graft/ qiyun

stone conceptual kitchen appliances

stone conceptual kitchen appliances/ art of reduction

taste of wood and oil

taste of wood and oil/ antonio arico

mr mitre

dr mitre/ philippemalouin


rollware/ alteredappliances

reversed volumes

reversed volumes/ Mischer Traxler

cheese covers

cheese covers/ fabienbarrero

designer baking

designer baking/ studio lav

food stories

food stories / michaelatomiskova


cloche/ kristinebjaadal

kitchen lab

kitchen lab/ nienkevandepol


karoto/ monkey business

food nests

food nests/ edible project

wind oil

wind oil/ Dave Hakkens

decafe lamps

decafe lamps/ Raul Lauri

lunch break

lunch break/ Sabine Stagl

peel pride

peel pride/ Rianne Koens

culinary landscape

culinary landscape/ sebastiencluzel

auto assemble food

auto assemble food/ bh-n


particle / formfollowsfunction

corn craft

corn craft/ studiotoogood

baked autarchy

baked autarchy/ FormaFantasma