the monstera magnifica and monstera fugiens

Monstera Magnifica / tim van de weerd

landscapes within

Landscapes within / Wiktoria Szawiel



silesian coal jewelry

Silesian coal jewelry/ BroKat

collection Y

collection Y / Kutarq studio

leaning bench

leaning bench/ izabela boloz

nurture the living fruit basket

nurture the living fruit basket / Hyunhee Hwang

family earth

Family Tree / Clement Brazille

areniscos costa brava

Areniscos / Victor Castanera

halo suspension light

halo suspension light / Aurelie Richard

edward nomad chandelier

wicker light / Aurelie Richard

lotus float table

lotus table / industry plus

luna pulp lamp

Paper pulp Luna lamp / Crea-re

dolomyth stools

dolomyth stools / Alcarol


Undergrowth / Alcarol

pulse day bed

pulse day bed / Noidoi

tavola archaica

Tavola Arcaica / Fabio Molinas


balka/ Gregoire de la Forrest

coniferous clock

coniferous clock / Bril


Plantation / Alicja Patanowska


grill / Lou Moria

disposable shoes

disposable shoes / Lou Moria


Brickola / Alcarol

cooking table

cooking table / moritz putzier


Tornado / Marta Morawska

milo lamp by lightovo

Milo lamp / lightovo

belvedere ladder

Belvedere Ladder / Pierre Emmanuel Vandeputte

wild king horses

Wild King Horses / Kuula Jylha

stool ½

Stool 1/2. Polish Design Now

hemp eyewear

Hemp Eyewear

“/” lamp

lamp / Ubikubi


experimenta / Giuseppe Bessero Belti

new manantial

Me Manantial / Martin Azua

rattan stool

Rattan Stool / Wiktoria Szawiel

reversed leaves

Reversed volumes / mischer traxler


xxx / Assembly Design

the basics

the basics / Javier Pena Ibanez

fantasia lights

Fantasia lights / Designmid

steps seating

Steps Seating / Geof Ramsey

pendura coat stand

Pendura coat stand / Galula studio

the polaris light

Polaris light / Bower


catching the wild

catching the wild / Johannes Hemann


triangle mirrors

triangle mirrors / Marvin Freitas

british hat stand

British hat stand / Sebastian Cox

shake collection

Shake collection / Sebastian Cox

hazel light

Hazel light / Sebastian Cox

the mush-lume collection

mush lume lamps / Danielle Trofe

chopchop kitchen

Chop Chop kitchen / Dirk Biotto

a little bird flown onto your cellphone

A little bird flown onto your cellphone / a-n-d


Chobotnica/ Mejd Studio

miss maple

Miss Maple / Elisa Strozyk

CaCO3 stoneware

CaCO3 stoneware / Vailly

diamonds of nature

Diamonds of nature / Estudi Moline

breakfast rug

Breakfast Rug / Pia Design

clothes poles

Clothes Poles / Narukuma

man of hay light

man of hay light / tante lotte

diptych – every object

Diptych / Lex Pott

the phytophiler

the Phytophiler / Dossofiorito

among the trees

among the trees / Vyrobeno Lesem

ki•ra and the edible tower (of containers)

ki•ra and the edible tower (of containers) / Konstantia Manthou

anonimo italiano

Anonimo Italiano / giulio patrizi

river rocks

River Rocks / Sensoree

balance 30 degree balance 35 degree lamp

balance 30 degree / Jinsik Kim


Sculpted / Lutyk

off centered

Off centered / Lutyk

nomadic radiator

nomadic radiator / satyendra pakhale