tempt me

chopchop kitchen

Chop Chop kitchen / Dirk Biotto

ki•ra and the edible tower (of containers)

ki•ra and the edible tower (of containers) / Konstantia Manthou

anonimo italiano

Anonimo Italiano / giulio patrizi

food waste factory

food waste factory / benwu studio

dish cup ring

dish cup ring / Martin Azua


breadpit/ florian hauswirth

burn bowl

burn bowl / rendezwood

eating tree

eating tree /smarin

pasta architecture

pasta architecture/ gemmatickle

disposable tea cups

disposable tea cups/ Einat kirschner and Einav Ben-Asher

survivor collection

survivor collection / jack huston

undressing food

undressing food/ ingridhulskamp

second chances

second chances/ tour de fork

shaping tradition

shaping tradition/ savefoodfromthefridge



oltu/ fabio molinas


graft/ qiyun

taste of wood and oil

taste of wood and oil/ antonio arico


rollware/ alteredappliances


terra/ terra design

reversed volumes

reversed volumes/ Mischer Traxler

cheese covers

cheese covers/ fabienbarrero

designer baking

designer baking/ studio lav

kitchen lab

kitchen lab/ nienkevandepol

wind oil

wind oil/ Dave Hakkens

lunch break

lunch break/ Sabine Stagl

peel pride

peel pride/ Rianne Koens

culinary landscape

culinary landscape/ sebastiencluzel

auto assemble food

auto assemble food/ bh-n


particle / formfollowsfunction

corn craft

corn craft/ studiotoogood

baked autarchy

baked autarchy/ FormaFantasma