waterfall/ tokujin yoshioka

leaf screen

leaf screen/ Quentin de Coster

di corte

di corte/resign.it

continual chair

continual chair/ metous studio

dowel chair

dowel chair/ organelle design

object furniture

object furniture/ seungyongsong

hypertrophy chair

hypertrophy chair / nocc studio

roots system rug

roots system rug/ Matali Crasset for Nodus

t chair

t chair / Natalia Coll


rewrite/ gamfratesi

creek chair

creek chair by Sandro Lopez

original life of water

original life of water/ design nothing group

conversation table

conversation table/ 360SEE

straw bench

straw bench/ hannastina crick

here comes the sunlight table

sunlight table/ Anab Jain


interlock rug/ Rygalik studio

amber chair

amber chair/ jaeukjung

tam stools

tam stools/ peca


bac/ 5.5 design studio

flower vase tables

flower vase table / roelhuisman


swing / lioneldoyen

coffee bowl

coffee bowl /trinekjaer

stool production unit

stool production unit / Thomas Vailly


crumple/ milica balubdzic

leaf desk

leaf desk by Tilt studio

calling booth

Calling Booth / tilt studio

energy stool

energy stool / marcel pasternak

the hangzhou stool

the hangzhou stool/ Chen min

kai table

kai table/ hirakoso

chuck bookshelf

chuck bookshelf/ hafriko

sweep table

sweep table/ lucasallanmartin


levity/ tervhivatal


work station/ work nest


molletta/ riva1920

ribbon stool

ribbon stool/ lutyk



terra/ terra design

camp daybed

camp daybed/ stephaniehornig

multiple table

multiple table/ raphael charles


oneness/ by Kyuhyung Cho and Hironori Tsukue

skin furniture

skin furniture/ katja pettersson

spike chair

spike chair/ lervik


Fåld/ Melajoki


snug/ kumeko

hay chair

hair chair/ hver design


wooden carpet textiles

wooden carpet/ elisa strozyk

rip & tatter

rip & tatter/ Peter Oyler

wood shavings furniture

wood shavings furniture/ producks

layer coconut chair

layer coconut chair/ jorrittaekema

reborn cardboard sofa

reborn cardboard sofa/ monocomplex

liquid glacial table

liquid glacial table/ zaha hadid

forming the border desk

Cho Juhui's Forming the Border

forest bench

forest bench/ vyrobeno lesem

twig stool

twig stool/ ilio

quarter bench

quarter bench/ hcwangdesign

Cinderella’s series

Cinderella series/ annaterhaar

new american design

new American design/ mikey chen

still & sparkling

still & sparkling/ nendo

quark coffee table

quark coffee table/ emmanuel babled


laYours/ WenchuMan

sprout table

sprout table/ leloume

REK coffee table

Rek coffee table/ reinierdejong

recession chair

recession chair/ tjep

made of chair

made of chair/ Kim Beeen

magazine seat

magazine seat/ njustudio

hemp chair

hemp chair/ aisslinger


vivid/ sararoxanadesign