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Invasion verde

Kamille - May 6, 2018 - 0 comments

Green Invasion

Green Invasion

Invasion Verde, or Green Invasion, is an installation by architects Genaro Alva, Denise Ampuero, Gloria Andrea Rojas and industrial designer Claudia Ampuero, created as part of Gran Semana de Lima, also known as Lima’s Great Week.
A number of public activities were planned and will be complimented by a series of select installations positioned around the city. However, one of the selected works that has really caught our eye is this installation that uses recycled plastic and tires, lots of grass and beautiful flowers to create an impromptu public park.
Invasion Verde was one of five selected artistic interventions chosen out of 137 proposals for Lima’s Great Week. Located along the paver lined Pasaje Encarnacion, the works gives a pop of color as well as an easily accessible public outdoor seating and play space.
The undulating mini hills are covered in natural grass, recycled tires are planted with flowers and grass and mounted on stool legs, serving as fun outdoor chairs.

Recycled plastic is also used as sculptural pieces throughout the park, which is planted entirely with drought tolerant plants.
Lima has grown rapidly, and as the demand for housing grew, the city did little to incorporate public park and recreational space into their planning. According to the World Health Organization, every person living in a city should have 8 sq meter of recreation space, and Lima only has 1.98 sq meter per capita, resulting in a shortfall of 4,800 hectares of recreational spaces. Invasion Verde is an attempt to insert extra park space into a packed city, in order to improve the landscaping and quality of life for Lima’s citizens.

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