Haptic cups

Haptic cup
Haptic cup

through this project, i want to make people aware of the plurality of their senses of touch, of their importance in terms of full perception of the world, and to reconnect them with tactility on a daily basis through my designs,’ rouillon explains. ‘I took the decision to communicate my concept through everyday objects, without digital tools, in order to stress even more this urge to touch and experience the everyday world we live in, through multi-sensory experiences.’

Our senses are triggered less and less. The interactions that we entertain with everyday devices are lacking sensibility, tactility, sensory experiences.

As a textile designer, I am particularly interested in what we call the sense(s) of « touch ». – Which probably includes hundreds of different senses : our fingertips for instance can feel warmth, cold, pleasure, pain, pressure, and an infinite array of textures. – How sad is that we are losing our awareness of this plurality ? Moreover, the sense of touch is critical for human functioning at many different levels, from controlling the body to perceiving the environment. As our senses act just like muscles, if we don’t exercise them they lose strenght ! We might end up losing them if we lose our awareness of their importance.

` Daily haptics ´ has emerged as a response to this insight, through my design, I am creating tactile experiences in order to reconnect people with tactility, and make them aware of this ability they fail to acknowledge those days.

My outcomes are a series of objects which aim to emcompass unexpected materiality, in turn to make you question your sensory abilities. Sometimes surprising, sometimes attractive, sometimes pleasurable or the opposite, in any case you have to touch the samples, carry them, feel them to get the tactile feedback they can provide you with, and therefore you realize your ability to touch and you can consciously access the information given.

I chose to illustrate this concept by working on everyday objects, such as cups, door handles, light switches, … By rethinking their materiality, I am giving them new tactile properties, so that the user has to THINK while touching. Some cups might all look the same, they actually all feel different ! The user is invited to rethink his tactile habits on a daily basis, and find new ways to apprehend the world he lives in.