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February 2019

How does the router table work?

The first point that comes to anyone’s mind might be a question that why exactly does one need to get a router table. Well, it is a legit struggle for a woodworker,…

Jack Gordon February 27, 2019

How to Set up a Router Table

In woodworking, a router table is a handy machine that is efficient in cutting desired molds. A router table is quick, uncomplicated and provides high precision…

Jack Gordon February 23, 2019

How to mount routers to router tables?

A router is a tool which is quite versatile, which could perform various tasks as per accordance. It is certainly a difficult task, to mount a router to the router…

Jack Gordon February 23, 2019

Edge treatment with a router table

When you look closely at just about any piece of furniture and you will find examples of edge treatments you can create with your router table. Table tops, drawer…

Jack Gordon February 20, 2019

Cope and Stick Technique with a Router Table

The terms” “cope” and “stick” date from the days of hand-tool joinery. To “stick” a molding, you positioned a suitable…

Jack Gordon February 18, 2019

Working with router bits

Bit Diameter and Router Speed The larger the bit diameter, the faster its rim will be moving. When using router table bits larger than 1 in. in diameter, it’s…

Jack Gordon February 17, 2019