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March 2022

Can you pour concrete over rocks?

Concrete over rocks does not sound like anything close to a good idea. However, it is very possible to do it. Yes, you can pour concrete over rocks, however, some…

Jack Gordon March 5, 2022

Can you fill an air mattress with water?

As you well know, air mattresses, also referred to as inflatable beds, are manufactured from plastics and then air is filled in. Most of the people that purchase…

Jack Gordon March 5, 2022

How to fix sagging plastic drawers

Sagging drawers tend to arise over time when the drawers have been in use for a long time and are supposed to be fixed before they cause problems. For the people…

Jack Gordon March 5, 2022

How to remove a drawer with no lever

¬†Drawers are a must-have thing for a homeowner especially if they own furniture pieces such as closets, cupboards, kitchen cabinets and even working desks. They…

Jack Gordon March 5, 2022