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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning House Siding

Jack Gordon - July 8, 2021 - 0 comments

Do you plan to wash your house siding? This kind of chore can be quite messy and complicated for individuals having no previous experience with such projects.

Even if you have already purchased a pressure washer, make sure not to use it unless you plan to injure yourself or damage the look of your beloved home. There are certain rules to follow when performing this chore in terms of pressure, detergents, landscape protection, and equipment.

These are the most frequent mistakes to avoid when cleaning house siding.

Using too much pressure

One of the usual mistakes people make when cleaning their house siding is applying too much pressure. This sort of mistake leads to destroying exterior surfaces like vinyl, etch concrete, and splinter wood by making holes in the material. The only way to prevent damage is by making pressure adjustments to the power washer.  

Furthermore, these types of tools come with various attachments for different materials. Homeowners should test the washer before using it to avoid damage. Also, you should stand far enough from the surface to it without making any holes. Go to this website to learn how to power wash a house.

Using nothing but water

Another mistake individuals are supposed to avoid while cleaning their house siding is doing it without a cleanser. Many homeowners decide to wash the siding just with water instead of using a cleanser or detergent. Keep in mind that water cannot make your home pristine in the same way a detergent would.

Some surface parts are too dirty to be cleaned without a cleanser, especially those where dirt and debris have accumulated for a long time. Detergents aren’t just more effective in the removal of contaminants but also take the role of water softeners. You’re expected to use a safe cleanser, which is eco-friendly but kills mold and dirt. Make sure to follow the provided instructions, as some products have to sit for a while before using the power washer.

Not protecting your landscape

When cleaning house siding, the largest part of homeowners forgets to protect their landscape. It’s crucial for individuals to use a garden hose to water the plants in their yard before power washing their homes. This practice prevents detergents from drying on the leaves of plants and leaving burn marks.

The longer the project lasts, the more protection you need to provide to your plants. You should either water them frequently or cover them with a tarp. By covering the plants with a tarp, you won’t have to worry at all about them coming in touch with the chemicals.

Having no equipment knowledge

Many homeowners choose to clean their house sidings without having any equipment knowledge. Such a decision is considered unreasonable, as the usual outcome involves ruining the property. Power washing specialists, such as https://powerwashprofessional.com/, have the required training and equipment. These professionals are trained in providing quick results without causing any damage.

Additionally, homeowners who rent power washers should get a demonstration before using the tool. If you decide to buy such as tool by yourself, you should read the instructions attentively before using it. Those homeowners who cannot manage to operate a power washer should unquestionably hire professionals to do the job.

Using no safety equipment

Another usual mistake people make while power washing is using no safety equipment. Believe it or not, narrow water streams are so powerful they can cut through human flesh. Therefore, you should wear clothes that cover your legs and arms to prevent skin lacerations.

In addition, many people make the mistake of wearing sandals during the summer period, risking hurting their feet with the powerful spray directed towards them. Consequently, you are advised to wear closed-toe shoes, which prevent such injuries. Also, make sure to wear eyewear instead of sunglasses.

Not using the right nozzle

Homeowners usually make the mistake of choosing the wrong pressure washer nozzle tip, which reduces efficiency and safety. Nozzles are responsible for changing the spread and angle of the spray, which determines the PSI.  The wider the angle, the lower the pressure.


Give your best to avoid these mistakes.

The results might surprise you!

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