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About Us

Toildrop was created with our love of nature along with people’s ability to create extraordinary products. Most of the products on our websites were made of woods, bamboo, paper and leaves. You will find creators’ contacts and what they have in minds for their products. We appreciate very much if you would go to creators’ websites to see their galleries, check out their ideas and perhaps buy a product from them if you like what you see.

Our blog is where you can find helpful articles for tools and how to maximize your investment. You can also find some of the most elegant designs and creative ideas, we are sure that you will find those enjoyable. The portfolio and blog articles are updated daily by Kamille, our soon-to-be mother.

Woodworking is our hobby and our lifestyle. Jack has been a carpenter for his whole life and knowing his expertise, we want to bring his knowledge to you in order to help you choose the best tools for your work.

Some’s Jack’s products:

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