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Advantages of Installing Gas Fireplaces in Your Home

Jack Gordon - March 15, 2021 - 0 comments

Sitting by a fireplace while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea is a sure way to stay warm during the winter months. The picture that comes to mind is some wood logs burning out, right? Well, that is not the type of fireplace we will discuss today.

Many people now prefer the gas fireplace. Not everyone likes the idea of spending wood, a natural resource; some of us are green champions. So, if you are yet to make that switch or are planning to install a fireplace on your property, we will give you reasons to install gas fireplaces.

1. Continuous Heat Supply

They supply steady heat because you do not need to tend them. If you were using wood logs, you would always check if they were burning out, else the fire would die. But a gas type uses a thermostat that is fixed to the wall.

It helps you to control the size of the flame and maintain a particular temperature in the room. You can read this article to know how the appliance works.

2. Less Maintenance

Because they do not use firewood, there will be no need to always sweep up wood remains or ashes. But a wood fireplace requires regular maintenance, including the chimney to prevent the accumulation of creosote.

Additionally, since gas fireplaces do not require logs to continue glowing, it means you will have less work to do. There will be no need to buy logs, chop, or stack.

3. Saves You More Money

A gas fireplace allows you to heat only the places you spend more time in. And by doing so, you will save money because you won’t be heating the rooms you are not using. If you were using a heater that is connected to the entire property, you will not benefit from this.

Also, you can save on the costs of heating during periods when the weather becomes unpredictable and you want more warmth. A central heater cannot produce more heat than it already does because it is serving the whole building. But a gas fireplace is specific to the room you occupy, so you are guaranteed more heat when you want. It is even cheaper to fix than the wooden type.

4. Easy to Operate

You can easily turn the appliance on and turn it off using a switch. It is not like the wooden type that requires a lot of time to set up. We already mentioned that you won’t need to chop, stack, or store wood.

Some appliances have remote controls, which makes them more convenient. As a result, any member of your household can easily operate the appliance. Also, some models have timers that allow you to set the time to turn them off if you forget to do so.

In this case, you do not need to build a chimney. Therefore, you can install the appliance in any part of the property like the basement, patio, or bedroom.

5. Adds Value to the Property

The appliances come in different styles and designs, which adds value to the property. You can choose one that looks like the traditional fireplace with logs that appear to be real.

6. Friendly to the Environment

We already know that we won’t use wood here; therefore, the appliance will not release a lot of fume into the atmosphere. You can use gas without harming nature, which makes it a sound alternative for people who are considering their carbon footprint on the environment. You can visit https://www.nytimes.com/guides/year-of-living-better/how-to-reduce-your-carbon-footprint to know how to reduce your carbon footprint.

7. More Warmth

Some models are built with blowers that help to circulate enough warm air around the building, not just the room you installed them. Also, they convert about 75% to 99% of their energy to heat whereas the wooden type converts only 10% to 30%.

8. Friendly to Pets and Kids

They are a safe option for homes where there are kids and pets because they do not produce toxic fumes, open flames, and sparks that fly away. At least you are sure your kids or pets won’t catch fire while playing around the house.

Also, there will be no room for spiders and snakes to live inside your home since you won’t pile up logs. Moreover, no one wants to go outdoors to fetch wood during winter.


A gas fireplace is convenient as we can see from the benefits discussed in this article. With a single click on the switch, you can turn it off or on. It is also good for homes where there are children or pets. And the value of your property can increase when you install a gas fireplace.

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