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Jack Gordon - May 5, 2018 - 0 comments


Sustainable cup from an orange

“The Cradle to Cradle philosophy states that ‘Products that are not particularly for human and ecological health are unintelligent, inelegant’ (Cradle to Cradle, ‘Re-making the way we make things’, 2008).
‘APeel’ covers both human and ecological health issues; it has derived from the idea of re-using the rind from hespiridium fruits to transform it into sustainable materials and or products. The solid waste peel, which is a by-product of juice and fruit salad manufacturing, has become a major environmental problem. It has a rich mixture of peel, segment membranes and seeds most of which is used for livestock feed and can be toxic to farm animals.
I have been engaged in the research and development of this waste raw material with aims to achieve a fully biodegradable sustainable material. It is shown that the waste peel, if processed in a particular way, can be transformed into sustainable material and products with desirable flexibility and strength that could replace conventional non-sustainable ones.”


English Graduate Alkesh Parmar presents a project that aims to achieve a fully biodegradable and sustainable material from oranges. I posted a series of various try-outs he presents at the show.
Alkesh told me today that he first began developing a new use for orange peels about six years ago. Back then he pressed them together in order to construct a ’sheet of oranges’.
This year he came up with the idea to pick up on his previous research and make a new project with it. He gave it the title ‘APeel’ which runs under the idea of ‘cradle to cradle’, the idea to create waste-free systems.
The recent Graduate focuses his work on materials that are normally destined to become waste products.
At the RCA, he shows also a chandelier called ‘celebration chandelier’ made of champagne corks and two other projects that deal with light called ‘angle poise’ and ’stillness light’.
‘APeel’ not just feel nice but also smells nicely of oranges. I wonder if the cup can be actually used or if the material dissolves or starts to get mouldy.
There is a patent pending on ‘APeel’. I spotted a banana peel in Alkesh’s box (below). I guess ‘APeel’ can be used also with other fruit peels. Maybe the banana might be a next victim.

+ via matandme

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