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Our guide to buying the top quality and best brush cutters for small trees for Americans

Brush cutter also called a (brush saw or clearing saw) is a garden or agricultural power tool. The brush cutter is used to trim weeds, small trees and other vegetation in difficult terrain and we are going to go over some of the most popular brands of to find out the best brush cutter for small trees in this article.

Key Features of a Brush Cutter

 1. Engine

Brush cutters are powered by either Gas or Electricity. Both engines can do the work effectively depending on the context. If one wants to do professional gardening gas engine is the best choice. Gas engines are more powerful than electric versions. Secondly, gas engines offer more mobility for a user. Electric engines are easier to maneuver because they are light. Let me give you a thorough comparison below

FeaturesElectric EngineGas Engine
WeightLight (if you have back problemsHefty (you need to be in good physical shape to operate them) they come with a harness to help a user manage the weight.
NoiseVery low making the suitable in urban settings (if you don’t want to become the noisy neighbor).Noisy
PowerAdequately powered but they either use battery packs or a tethered power cord. This limits their use making them not very ideal for working on large areas.Very powerful. That is a why a harness is needed to help control them. Another big plus is that one won’t be tethered to a power source. If gas runs out you just refill and continue.
MaintenanceLower than electricHigh because of many moving parts.
Availability in the marketElectric brush cutters are not as popular as their gas counterparts. This makes them difficult to secure backup parts for them.Gas brush cutters are readily available in the market. They are the most preferred brush cutter. Backup parts are readily available.
Ideal usesDomestic use, people who can’t meet the physical demands of the gas versions and people who don’t want to be exposed to fumes from burnt fuel.Professional uses like companies that have contracts to trim vegetation in roads and other major public spaces.
Fumes and emissionsNo fumes and emissionsUnfortunately all the used up gas needs to go somewhere. Gas powered brush cutters emit greenhouse gases. Regulators in the US and EU have been recently forcing manufacturers to limit emissions to prescribed levels.
Engine types• Mainly available in 20V and 40V. These versions are ideal for relatively small areas.
• 60V and 80V are also available for heavy jobs.

 2. What makes a good brush cutter for cutting small trees

Not all brush cutters have the capacity to cut small trees. You need a well-powered gas brush cutter for the purposes of cutting small trees. Another problem is that many high-powered gas brush cutters have been taken out of production due to emissions. In this article, I will review 3 brush cutters for cutting small trees. I run a gardening company and the tools I will review are the ones I have actually used.

Here are our selections of best brush cutters for small trees

We chose the Blue Max Extreme Duty 42.7cc, the Remington RM2700 Ranchero and the 4 stroke Makita 25.4 cc as the top 3 brush cutters for small trees.

1. Blue Max Extreme Duty 42.7cc (52623)

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The Blue Max Extreme Duty 42.7c is a dual-purpose tool. It saves as a trimmer and brush cutter. It is the most recommended brush cutter for professionals and domestic users for its price and value.


  • 2-stroke engine style: Trimmer and Brush Cutter Combo
  • Anti-vibe handles
  • Straight Shaft
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Easy start with EZ start recoil starting system
  • 21.6 pounds
  • Uses gas/oil mix. Fuel to oil ratio 40:1

Reasons it stands out

The Blue Max 42.6 cc is the best choice when it comes to brushing cutters for small trees.  The tool is robust enough to be used for professional purposes. Features like the Anti-Vibe handle increases stability and comfort during use. I find this very handy during times when I have got a contract to work on clearing vegetation along my state’s highways. My colleagues and I can be on the job for several hours straight with small refueling breaks. The comfort from the Blue Extreme 52623 handles enables us to work with little stress. This is my favorite feature of the tool it provides maximum control and minimum fatigue.  Secondly, the trimmer head is Ultra lightweight style, this clever design reduces heftiness without compromising work output. Some heavy-duty brush trimmers are so heavy that they require a person in great physical shape to operate.

Another feature I like is the engine capacity. For a brush cutter for cutting small trees, power is a necessity. The Blue Max 52623 has a 2 stroke 42.6 cc (1.6HP) engine that has delivered good performance for my team and me for two years now. Sometimes we get to work in rugged terrain and the engine does not disappoint.

As a businessman fuel efficiency is something I consider when buying power tools. My Industry has very low margins. The Blue Max 52623 brush cutters consume comparatively less fuel for the amount of power and performance. This has been a major motivator for my team and I. We can go for long streaks without refueling.

Another positive for me is the backup. Blue Max is reliable their customer service has so far been excellent. This means a lot to us who make a living out of this tool. If their service was poor no matter how robust the actual tool is we would not have chosen Blue Max.

Another positive for me is the reasonable price. I remember my teammate Luke was very skeptical when we placed the order for 5 Blue Max 52623’s to our inventory. After two years on service, he has become an “evangelist” of this power tool. The easy conversion from brush cutter to trimmer has made a lot of difference to us. We can just carry one tool to the jobsite and just change the heads depending on the type of clearing needed.

Areas of concern

The Blue Max 52623 comes with poorly designed harnesses. We ended up buying aftermarket harnesses. Secondly, one has to make sure that they follow the recommended fuel to oil ratio. Messing that up will result in problems with the carburetor and fuel line. One also to make sure that the fuel used is true gasoline, not ethanol. Ethanol will degrade the carburetor and eat up fuel lines.


I recommend this brush cutter for professionals and domestic users alike to cut small trees.

2. Remington RM2700 Ranchero

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The Remington RM2700 Ranchero can serve as a brush cutter and trimmer as well. This versatility makes the RM2700 very desirable.


  • 2-stroke engine style
  • Anti-Vibe handles.
  • Straight Shaft
  • J- handlebar
  • Engine type fuel Unleaded
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 14 oz.
  • Fuel to oil ratio 40:1

Reasons it stands out

My team doesn’t own a Remington RM2700 Ranchero. There are times when we rent tools and my team always insists on renting the RM2700. I hope to be able to buy one at some point in the not so distant future.  There are so many reasons why my team is in love with the tool. Firstly, the straight shaft design is lightweight and easy to handle. This comes in handy when one needs to get under bushes and hard-to-reach places. When one needs to work on rugged terrain the lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver and use. On rugged terrain, the brush cutter has enough engine power.

Another important feature is the J-HANDLE and SHOULDER STRAP this reduces operator fatigue during use. As someone who uses brush cutters on a daily basis, I need as much comfort as possible. The RM2700 does not disappoint me.

The patented Quick Start technology brings extra convenience. It facilitates smooth and easy pull starts. In a professional setting cranking a difficult to start brush cutter is not only annoying but makes you look “amateurish” therefore the Quick Strat technology is highly appreciated. All these make it one of the top brush cutters for small trees.

In terms of investment, the engine contains a full-sized crank that extends the unit’s life. As a businessman, facts like these make me excited.

Even though this article is about brush cutters for small trees I cannot ignore the versatility of RM2700. This is attributed to the Trimmer-Plus is a versatile fixation system that allows connecting different attachments compatible with the system. Buying Remington RM2700, you’ll be able to use the tool as a hedger, leaf blower, edger, tiller and brush cutter.

Areas of concern

My biggest issue with the RM2700 is that the blade is difficult to remove. I find this to be inconvenient when trying to convert it for different gardening purposes.  I also noticed that performance as a brush cutter is not as impressive as its performance as a trimmer.


This can make a decent gardening tool at household level. Professionals can also find it useful to do ad-hoc short jobs the ability to convert into multiple tools will come in handy. Those with limited storage space can also find this tool useful.

3. 4 stroke Makita 25.4 cc (model EM2650UH) – Top Pick

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Makita is a brand that needs no introduction Globally. The 4 stroke Makita 25.4cc brush cutter is a high-end brush cutter.



  • 4-stroke engine style
  • Anti-Vibe handles.
  • Straight Shaft
  • Bike handle bars
  • Engine type Unleaded
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 20.3 oz.
  • No fuel and oil mixing required

Reasons it stands out

This is the ultimate brush cutter for small trees. The model (EM2650UH) is a high-performance brush cutter. There are so many reasons it stands out. Firstly, the 4 stroke engine does not need oil mixing. One needs to just use Unleaded gasoline and they are ready to go. Another advantage of the 4 stroke engine is the multi-position lubrication system. This feature allows the engine to be inclined to any angle for extended periods of time.   Another great feature I like is the mechanical automatic engine decompression for quicker, easier starts.

My team acquired two of these recently as part of our recapitalization program. We use the Makita (EM2650UH) for our toughest jobs. The brush cutter comes with a good shoulder strap so one does need not to buy an aftermarket one.  The shoulder straps are designed so well that one feels “normal” with them. Given our work regime, I find this feature beneficial. Even though this is a heavy-duty tool, the EM2650UH has tolerable levels of vibration. This is attributed to the steel drive shaft which transmits power efficiently. Power is decent at 1.1HP you can effortlessly cut small trees. Another feature I got to appreciate is the captured control wires. They are engineered to prevent snagging for improved durability. These are features one will get to appreciate with time.

During use, another good feature I like is the translucent fuel tank with a large opening. This is another feature one gets to appreciate over time.

Another reason I have grown to like the Makita (EM2650UH) is that it is easy to maintain. For instance, the oil filling port and drain plug are easily accessible with oil level view window for easy checking and replacing of oil. The filter is accessed in a tool-less manner. The engine’s spark plugs are also easily accessible for faster maintenance. These maintenance features make the Makita suitable for use by novices and professionals alike.

Areas of concern

I have only one concern with this brush cutter 1.1 hp is not enough for a brush cutter in its class. The price is also quite steep this can make it uneconomical for those buying for domestic use.

Conclusion – My final pick for bush cutter for small trees

I recommend buying the Makita (EM2650UH) for both domestic users and professionals alike. As a top quality brush cutter, it is excellent for cutting small trees and very easy to maintain, making it a good choice for homeowners as well as professionals.

Updated June 2019: add our Top Choice for brush cutter after test.