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Best Crown Molding Jig – Reviews

Various minute details have to be taken care of when it comes to redecorating a house. The overall look of the room depends on how well the corners are fitted and creating a crown molding gives the house an elegant look. Molding is a general term for any trim in the house while crown molding refers to the molding done on ceilings especially the point where the wall and ceiling intersect. It trims the shape of the intersection and can be added to corners of cabinets and doors. Installing a wooden crown molding not only fills the gap between the ceiling and wall but also improves the quality of the house interior. This article comes from a request of our long-time reader, Anthony Drubo as he would like to know more about the best crown molding jig to buy. (Thanks for the kind words, Tony, by the way)

Crown Molding Benefits

  1. Crown molding helps frame the room.
  2. It adds an aesthetic appeal and the unique intricacies of the ceiling makes the room look lavish.
  3. The prime function of crown molding is to cover the gap between the wall and ceiling. Edges of the room would remain imperfect if left without crown molding

Crown molding jigs are designed to facilitate cutting of wood intricately. There are different types of crown molding jigs ranging in price depending on the brand. A jig is chosen according to the type of crown molding design desired.

Here is our list of the best crown molding jigs in 2019 with reviews

Kreg KMA2800 Pro Crown Molding Tool – The Best Crown Molding Jig Overall

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This jig is easy to use for both inside and outside corners. It performs well and safely with crown molding up-to 5 ½ -inch wide, that is about 140mm when using its extension arms. This tool holds your trim at the right angle required and eliminates the need for compound cuts and difficult coping of joints as well.

The jig has a compact and curved design to help fit a wide range of spring angles and the design is also suitable for most miter saws. It also features an adjustable angle finder for accurate crown cutting by showing the exact angles of inside and outside corners. The angle finder can also be used to check the spring angle of your crown molding. Eight non-slip rubber feet are included to provide strong support to the jig.

The base can be locked in any spring angle between 30-60 degrees. This piece of equipment also comes with an instruction guide in case you get stuck and help get the right cut. It is the most popular crown molding jig on Amazon.

The Kreg pro crown –focus on the most frustrating steps of crown molding ensuring you make fewer mistakes and complete the task faster. It is uniquely designed to hold your trim at the exact angle that eradicating the need for unconventional compound miter cuts and tough coping. This is definitely the best crown molding jig of them all.


  • No compound cuts necessary.
  • Coping of joints is eliminated.
  • Easy to use.
  • Compact design that works for most miter saws.


  • Difficult to keep the tool on the saw, need clamping.
  • Too much time spent in assembling the jig.
  • Expensive for all plastic material tool.

General Tools 881 E-Z Pro Crown King Molding Jig- Best for the Money

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The crown king makes accurate and precise cuttings of crown molding eliminating trial and error and saving both time and money. With this jig, crown molding is easily accomplished and affordable, whether dressing up adjoining walls and ceilings, adding decorations on cabinets and furniture to impact an artistic flair to the designs. The crown king requires no assembly unlike most jigs out there, and its design ensures that it is easy to use.

This jig can be used by both DIYers and professional woodworkers go produce exterior and interior corner joints using three most common crown molding spring angles of 38, 45 and 52 degrees. The equipment is made of two parts, the jig itself and a versatile and adjustable adapter/insert. The jig is positioned for cutting 45 degrees spring molding angles without the adapter. Including the adapter in the set-up, the jig is readily reconfigured to allow 38- and 52-degrees spring angles. The tool combines with a miter saw to produce precise joining angles repeatably. Complicated compound miter angle calculations have also been eliminated. This jig takes it way further by also eliminating coping of joints, back-cuts, auxiliary fences, compound angle-cutting and complicated upside-down miter box positioning to simplify creation of crown moldings.


  • Eliminates trial and error saving time and money.
  • Produces professional-grade joints.
  • Multiple spring angles for crown molding.
  • No assembly required.


  • Not useful for polystyrene and foam moldings.
  • The manual takes time to understand.

Bench Dog 10-027 Crown Molding Cutting Jig – Most value

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Bench Dog is among the most popular crown molding jigs in the market. It is also the safest and easiest to use. The jig is made from durable polymer. It functions accurately and eliminates compound cuts and tedious trial and error. It holds the molding at its intended angle while it is cut. This equipment fits all 10” and larger miter saws both regular and sliding. It features set up guides mounted to the tool for free error operation. The jig comes with an instruction manual to guide you in cutting operations.

The molding is loaded upside down to help visualize the miter saw table as ceiling and the miter saw fence as the wall. This jig eliminates the difficulties of cutting crown and cove molding, producing perfect miters with ease. The crown-cut makes four basics cuts: inside corners 90 degrees, outside corners at 90 degrees, leftover right splice joints and right over left splice joints. The jig eliminates the need to be attached to miter saws since it is completely portable. The fence risers are adjustable to fit crown and cove molding up to 6 inches wide. The integral set up guide averts costly mistakes of miss-cuts. It comes with a life-long warranty when buying on Amazon.


  • Completely portable.
  • Safest and easiest to cut crown moldings.
  • Durable and well made.
  • Saves time.


  • It is difficult to figure out at first.
  • Not ideal for small crown molding.

Milescraft 1405 Crown Molding Jig for Miter Saws

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The Milescraft jig brings an innovative orientation that eliminates the upside-down cutting and allows you to cut the way you perceive it and install on the wall. Novice and professionals alike can save both time and money by cutting the stock accurately.

This jig completely changes the way crown molding is done. It features an included angle finder to determine the spring angle of molding. An indented cutting surface allows for special dentil styled crown moldings and collapsible design to allow for compact storage.


  • Innovative right side up cutting orientation.
  • Adjustable angle setting.
  • Wide cutting surface handles all crown molding of 2-5 ½ -inches.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Easy to store due to its collapsible design.
  • Durable, made from aluminum.
  • Time saver.


  • Requires some skill to operate perfectly.
  • Not a rigid jig, the base tends to warp.

Dewalt DW7084 Crown Stops for DW708, DW703, DW706, DW712, DW715, DW717, DW718­-budget pick

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The DW7084 accurately positions crown molding vertically against the saw fence at exactly the same angle for every cut. It has two stops, one for each side of the blade. It sells for a very good discounted price and comes with a 1-year full warranty. It is made of steel for strength and durability. It has dimensions of 6 ½ x 4 ½ inches.



  • Robust construction of steel.
  • Simple to use.


  • The stops are of substantial standard.
  • Doesn’t deliver 5-inch crown molding cuts


Any crown molding that is installed carefully and with a good finish is a sight to see. The type and quality of wood play a crucial role but the crowning molding jig makes perfection of this operation. Our best crown molding jig will help you cut intricate designs on the wood. With the above list, the choice is yours, as long as your budget allows. We’ve listed from the best of the best to the budget pick. The Kreg KMA2800 however, tops them all, featuring an angle finder and a curved design that matches virtually all spring angles. This jig takes out all guesswork, saving time and material.

Whatever model you buy, remember to follow safe woodworking practices.

Our buying guide for Jigs: