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BEST ROUTER EDGE GUIDE – For pro routing functions

Previously, we discussed the best routers for router tables, router table fence, and router tabletop. However, I feel that some devoted woodworkers were left out, especially those without router tables. Does it mean that without a table, a woodworker cannot produce impressive woodworks? That’s not the case, the best router edge guide can perform great routing functions in the absence of a router table.

With a router edge guide, you can get to work and cut outstanding grooves, dodos, and joints. The only challenge you got left is choosing the quality router edge guide among the pool of substandard models in the market. Like an experienced woodworker, you’ve visited Jack’s place here to find the best router edge guide pick that shall work for your budget and needs. After the review, I shall equip you with a detailed buying guide and answer some of your questions about router edge guides. Let’s set to work.

Four Best Router Edge Guide – In-depth Buying Guide

Here is my list of the top four router edge guide on the market.

1.BOSCH DELUXE ROUTER EDGE GUIDE (RA1054) – Our best highly versatile pick with wide router compatibility.

If you are looking for a highly versatile router edge guide model, then the Bosch RA1054 is the best pick for you. This guide shall have its smooth gliding fence slide along the edge of your workpiece routing up to an 8″ depth. When you’ve glided to the corner of your workpiece and need that precise pro curve, this model converts into a circle guide for this purpose. With the model, you can guide up to 32″ diameter circles and fine arts.

A clean workplace is the need of every top woodworker. This model caters for all the dust using its dust extraction hood that allows for connecting with a vacuum with its 11/4″, 11/2″, and 35mm hose adapter. You do not have to worry about router fixing since the guide comes with a private plate. Worry not since this model’s manufacturers give you a 1-year warranty.

A final word on Bosch RA1054

This is an edge guide that meets all the quality needs. The model offers a rigid and intuitive user experience to ensure you produce remarkable dados, grooves, edge profiles plus curves and circular cuts. Though some buyers complained of too much plastic use, it affects nothing and is used for the right parts. I join all the buyers to highly recommend this model.


Easily converted to cut curves and up to 32″ diameter circles. Provides for easy and fine adjustments The fence is smooth to allow for easy sliding along the edge of your workpiece. Includes a dust extraction hood Allows for edge forming using non-piloted bits.


A buyer complained of the manufacturer using too much plastic. This should not worry you since the plastics are used on non-wearing parts and works for the comfort of your hands during handling.

2. Festool 495 182 Parallel edge Guide

This is the beast I have in my workshop. The Festool 495 182 works with the MFK 700 Multifunction router to give a result of precise masterpiece woodworks that has defined my woodworking business for years. Its fence fixes perfectly to the edges of your workpiece letting you craft edges parallel to the surface of the workpiece.

Most at a time when I have mortise and tenon works that cannot work with my router table, the Festool comes to my aid with its 1/10mm fine adjustment features. This feature gives a result of ultra-precise routing. This is what keeps my woodwork’s fine professional look. You also need to reduce your workload by cutting out router waste cleaning, thanks to the efficient dust extraction hood this model comes with.

I have used this guide for the past 1 year and can comfortably say it’s still intact and full of life. The plastic thumbscrews might seem weak until you realize the fiber reinforcement that makes them last for a very long time. The remaining material is made out of durable cast aluminum. With this model, you have easy installation time due to the included thumbscrews plus two steel rods with a diameter of 8mm (5/16″) with an 84mm (3-5/16″) center to center spacing. A handsome 3-Year limited warranty is what finally gives me comfort as I start my second covered year of this tool’s use.

A final word on Festool 495 182 Router Edge Guide.

For those MFK 700 multifunction router users who need complete precise routing results, this model shall work best for you. I have and shall be using it for as long as I find no other model that meets its quality. Very clean work environment as long as you fix it to a vacuum.


Includes a dust extraction hood for a clean workshop Comes with thumbscrews and two steel rods Has a 1/10mm Fine adjustment control Made of durable cast aluminum plastic thumbscrews that are reinforced with fiber.


This model is slightly costly compared to the others but out of my experience with it, it is worth that extra buck!

3. Ryobi 6090080 Router Straight Edge Guide

For Ryobi router owners, the manufacturer is good enough to cater to your guide needs. Unfortunately, Ryobi 6090080 is only meant for Ryobi routers and cannot work for different model routers. This versatile guide shall work perfectly for both grooved and straight cuts.

This quality metal guide shall work best for R160, R161, R165, R170VS, R175, R180, RE180PL, RE1802M Ryobirouter models. This model allows for more routing functions with the included 3 1/4″ apart rods that allow for smooth but firm sliding along the edge of a workpiece. The model presents an easy installation with the included attachment knobs.

A final word on Ryobi 6090080 Router Straight Edge Guide

For Ryobi router owners, especially the ones mentioned above, look no further, this is the model for you. The guide is cheap and fully effective to give you precise amazing pro routing results.


Perfect for Ryobi router models. Includes attachment knobs for easy installation A highly versatile model Works for both straight and grooved cuts.


This model is limited to Ryobi routers only.

Buying Guide – What do you look for in the best router edge guide?

Safety of the router edge guide

When working with the best router edge guide, your safety should come as the prime priority. Choose a router edge guide with blunt edges to avoid injuries when routing. Plastic or plastic headed thumbscrews should be your priority for easy secure fixing.

The compatibility, size, and dimensions

Routers are tricky when it comes to compatibility with different router models. Most router guides such as the Ryobi 6090080 are made to fit their respective models. However, there are universal models that can be mounted to most of the available router models. I would strongly recommend that you go for a model matching your manufacturer’s router, and still check out the compatibility information to ascertain that it fits your router.

Material & Warranty

You need the best router edge guide that shall last long like the Festool 495 182. Most models are meant from durable aluminum, steel also works well. Most of the models have plastic parts, check to ensure that the plastics are reinforced with fiber.

Best router edge guide – Frequently asked questions FAQ’s

Question: What is a router edge guide

Answer: A router edge guide, usually referred to as a template guide is a v-shaped tool that is mounted to the base of a plunge router. This tool is meant to give you control when working with a handheld router to guide the way along which you want to route. It can be used to perform an array of routing functions ranging from dados, groove, profile making, among many others.

Question: How do I avoid end grain chipping when using the router edge guide

Answer: A quality router edge guide like the Bosch RA1054 shall allow you to get chip-free route results as long as you follow this. Make sure that you route the ends first before advancing to the sides. This is because, in case of any end grain chipping, you shall have the chance to perfect then adjust the sides with the ends.

Question: How do I route narrow wood pieces?

Answer: This can be challenging at times. I usually hold the narrow strips in place using two wood pieces. Place your stock so that it slightly overhangs from your working table. Now find a piece of similar height with your stock and fix it firmly on the table to support the side of your stock. Fix another in front, this shall let you handle the tricky small piece perfectly.

Question: Can I use a router guide to make narrow profiles

Answer: Sometimes, you might be lacking a router table but need to make narrow profiles, this is how you do it; Find a broad stock then rout out the profile at the edge. Now, I know you have a table saw which you shall use to cut out the profile from the broader piece. For this, you can give it a few furnishing to get your perfect profile!


Routing isn’t complete with a router table, whether it is a cheap router table or a professional one, router tables just make our lives easier. Some tricky routing functions necessitate that you unlock your router from below the table and attach it to the best router edge guide. With this, you are guaranteed to enjoy working on all your router needs, from groove making to rabbets and profiles. The Bosch RA1054 shall make a perfect router edge guide for pro woodworkers, amazingly, its price is very low for the features it presents you. The Festool stands out for Festool router owners and the Ryobi for similar router owners. Make sure you go for the best router guide that shall work for you rathér than work you out. Have a great routing experience!


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