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Best Sandpaper for Drywall – Quick Buying Guide

Home renovation is something that anyone must do at some point in time. The good paint on the interior walls can last for many years but not forever. Besides, you may also what to update it with a new color for décor needs. That means you’ll have to remove the old paint first before you apply the new one. The sandpaper can help you do the job, so you apply the new paint without any challenge or mixing it up with the old one.

There’s another challenge, however, that you need to deal with. The market is flooded with so many sandpapers for drywall. In this article, we help you deal with this challenge by giving you a review of the best sandpapers for drywall that you can get for your job. Just in case you simply want the best, our top pick among the three options given is ALI INDUSTRIES 7158 6CT 120 25 CT Grit Drywall Dry Sandpaper.

Our Top Three Best Sandpaper for Drywall

#1: ALI INDUSTRIES 7158 6CT 120 25 CT Grit Drywall Sandpaper – Best Overall

Designed to fit hand sanding tools and Gator drywall pole, this drywall sandpaper is a top-rated product in the market with great features. We picked it as our top overall sandpaper for drywall for its great ability to deliver amazing sanding results. It is mainly used for moderate scuff sanding especially before repainting. Provided you get the right one and you know how to use it, you can rest assured that it will do a good job for you.

The sheets feature a Velcro holding system for a quick or faster replacement of sheets when doing big drywall sanding projects. Also, the sheets are high-quality ones made of silicon carbide to help achieve a smooth finish. The popular uses of these sheets are mainly two. Feathering drywall joint compounds and for light sanding jobs. If these are the tasks you plan to do, then this might just be the perfect sandpaper for drywall that you need for your job.


  • It is highly durable sandpaper and is easy to use as well
  • A perfect one for someone looking for a paper that works well with hand sanding tools
  • Its holding system allows faster change of sheets


  • It works well for light sanding duties but it might not be the best sandpaper for heavy sanding duties

#2: 3M Sanding Sponge, Medium Grit, Drywall Sandpaper – For Low Budget

If you need all-purpose sandpaper for drywall, 3M Sanding Sponge could be your best option. Unlike other sandpapers, it works on dry as well as wet surfaces delivering amazing sanding results in both. It comes as a handy value pack of 6 sponges hence you can purchase it for small as well as relatively big drywall sanding projects. In most cases, this sandpaper is often preferred for moderate stripping to surface leveling tasks before applying a coat. It features conventional abrasives with flexible as well as durable foam.

The block shape design of this product makes it easy to hold and sand flat, irregular and contoured surfaces that would otherwise be difficult to sand with other sandpapers. For the best sanding results, sand while the grain is on the surface then gradually work through the sequence of grits starting with coarse one to very fine. You should, however, make sure that you do not skip more than a single grit between each sanding step that you make. If you do that, rest assured that you’ll achieve a perfect finish on the drywall you are sanding.


  • Works well on flat, irregular and contoured surfaces
  • Made of durable and flexible foam for ease of holding
  • It is available in medium, fine, and extra-fine grits to meet your sanding needs


  • Can wear down fast especially when used on coarse curves or edges without washing before re-using

#3: WEN 6369SP240 Drywall Sander 240-Grit Hook & Loop 9″ Sandpaper – For Material Removal

With its 240-grit abrasive texture, WEN 6369SP240 Drywall Sandpaper provides maximum performance when sanding drywall that has hard to reach areas. It also has a hook and loop backing that makes it easy to do replacements and changes to allow for perfect hole configuration to minimize any clean-up after the job. With this sandpaper, you can sand as many drywalls as possible without having to worry about cleaning up the area later after you are done with the job. Most importantly, the paper is highly effective and will deal with any coarseness that you want to get rid of on the wall.

When it comes to the design, WEN sandpaper has a diameter of 9 inches for ease of handling or fitting into machines used in sanding. It also comes as a set of 10 pieces of sandpaper each with grit if 240 hence perfect for material removal as well as resurfacing of walls. Whether you have a small sanding project or a large one, you can rest assured that this sandpaper will do a perfect job for you. Above all, it will provide that great-looking and smooth finish that many people often strive to achieve before applying paint.


  • Minimal clean up required after sanding
  • Perfect sandpaper when sanding a large area
  • Provides maximum performance on a variety of surfaces


  • Works perfectly on flat surfaces but not a good one on corners

Here’s What You Ought to Know When Buying Sandpaper for Drywall

The market has a wide variety of sandpapers for drywalls each with unique features and applications. To pick the right sandpaper, you have to know a couple of things that will guide you to the best drywall sandpaper that will get your job done. Here are the things you ought to know:


  • Sandpaper Type


Sandpapers can be grouped into different types depending on their primary function. More specifically, there are those designed for wood, for metal, for drywall and other surfaces including plastic. What you need is sandpaper for drywall and that’s exactly what you need to check when buying. You can only achieve a perfect finish on the drywall if you get the right sandpaper for the job.


  • Grit Type


In a nutshell, the grits are the abrasive units in the sandpaper or other words, they are the particles that do the work of sanding. Grits vary for different sandpapers but they all range from the coarse grit to very fine grits. More precisely, coarse grit (40-60), medium (80-120), fine (150-180), very fine (220-240), and superfine (above 240). With this illustration, you can easily pick one that best suits your work based on the kind of finish that you would like to achieve.


  • Recommended Use


Different sandpapers are usually labeled on the recommended use. Some are meant to be used on wet while others on dry surfaces. Besides, some are designed for specific tasks such as final sanding before painting. On the other hand, some are meant to be used on first sanding when the surface is coarse with many unwanted particles. So check this well before picking up one for your project. Consider checking my guide to select the right sandpaper for metal, wood, and cast iron to have a good result for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Pick The Right Grit?

Grits below 100 are perfect for coarse jobs while for super fine surfaces, get those with grits that are above 240

Do I Need a Lubricant When Sanding Drywall?

Yes, but it all depends on the sandpaper you are using and the intensity of sanding that you plan to do. For big projects that can cause overheating, it may be necessary

Are All Sandpapers for Drywalls Washable and Re-usable?

No, there are only specific ones that you can wash and reuse them


As a homeowner, you certainly do not want blemishes on the wall. One way to get rid of them and make it superfine is by getting the best sandpaper for drywall. In this article, we’ve provided you with very vital information that can help you get one among the many brands that you will find in the market. Our list of top features some of the most trusted products that you can find on the market. Most importantly, we hope the guide makes it easy to get what sandpaper suits your project. Make use of this information and you will find the right sandpaper for drywall.