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Best Step Drill Bit – Reviews

People drill holes for different purposes. Some want clean holes while others just want to create spaces for fitting their stuff. If you want to drill clean holes as fast as possible, step drill bits are the tools you need. Since they are relatively short in length, these beats can easily be twisted and maneuvered to produce the desired drilling results. That means that with step drill bits, you do not necessarily have to get multiple sizes of bits as is the case with the other types of bits.

Away from what step drill bits can do, there is also another thing that is worth knowing if you plan to acquire them. You should understand the exact piece that you want for your job. Besides, you cannot re-sharpen them easily as you can with other types. That means that when you buy, you must be sure that what you are purchasing is the right thing. In this article, we review the best step drill bit products to help you narrow down the many options you will find in the market. Our best overall is the Klein Tools KTSB14 Step Drill Bit, and without further ado, here we go:

Our Top Step Drill Bits with Reviews

Here is our list of the best step drill bits on the market.

#1: Knoweasy 3pcs Hex Hank Step Drill Bit – Best Budget

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With a two-fluted design, the Knoweasy step drill bits are a perfect option if you want faster and smooth drilling. You only need to apply little pressure, and you’ll in no time have your hole drilled smoothly and faster. Also, for safety and ease of use, the design of these bits make them self-centering and cannot walk while you are using them as it is the case with some other bits. Simply hold them to the surface you are drilling and do not push them too much. Also, as a precaution, do not hold with hand once you start drilling as they tend to heat and can burn. Protective gloves, mask and goggles are also recommended.

Regarding construction, these bits are made of high-speed steel, hence they can last longer especially if you maintain and use them for the right purpose. Based on their construction and features, the Knoweasy bits are best for light jobs. You can, for instance, use them to drill copper, iron sheet, aluminum, and other sheet metals. Injecting coolant oil while using them can help increase efficiency and also extend the lifespan of your drill bits.


  • They are coated with Titanium to prevent overheating and reduce friction while drilling
  • Highly durable, faster, smoother and also accurate in cutting


  • They are not good for drilling steel and other hard materials

#2: HYCLAT 5pcs Titanium Step Drill Bit – Best Value

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Want to drill several bore diameters? HYCLAT 5pcs Titanium Step Drill Bits can help you make work easier. Made of high-speed steel and coated with Titanium, these bits have a proven capability and durability when it comes to drilling holes into different metals, wood, and plastic. They have double-cutting blades and a three-sided shank for faster and smoother cutting.

Unlike other step drill bits, the HYCLAT bits are highly versatile and can be used for different tasks. For instance, apart from drilling, you can use them to bur, enlarge holes, and chamfer as well. In all these tasks, these bits work faster compared to conventional bits. Their fast speed is attributable to the split point tip at 135 degrees which allows you to cut faster irrespective of the material you are dealing with or any other task.


  • Have double cutting blades for fast and smooth cutting
  • Have an x-type opening design that facilitates faster removal of cutting waste
  • Minimal shocks and cannot easily snap compared to other types of bits


  • Coating tends to wear off faster especially when used to drill multiple holes

#3: Klein Tools KTSB14 Step Drill Bit – Best Overall

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With 12 different sizes, these bits are also another great option worth checking or trying because of its amazing features. It has two flutes and cuts faster hence increasing efficiency. They are also fast-starting, and they do not walk if you use them correctly and preferably at lower speeds. With their thick hex shank, these bits cannot easily round out in the drill chuck hence they have a better grip compared to other step drill bits.

Their step markings are easy to read hence you can save time while drilling since the silver targets for primary hole sizes are visible. It is also worth noting that Klein Tools, the manufacturer of these bits has for many decades kept its reputation by consistently producing high-quality tools. It is popular in America for its high-performing tools. So if you want a step drill bit from a top brand, then this is a great option to consider.


  • It has easy to read markings and targets to help you save time and enjoy a high level of precision unlike when you can’t read the markings
  • The two flutes increase the cutting speed as well as keep the tool cool


  • Some users argue that these bits get dull after drilling 4-6 holes

#4: DEWALT Step Drill Bit Set – Best Durable

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Everyone wants speedy drilling but it can be sometimes hard to speed if you do not have the right bit. The DEWALT Step Drill bits have a splint point tip that contributes to their speedy drilling compared to other brands. It also drills cleanly and chip removal is enhanced by their dual flute spiral design. These are the features that make it a favorite option among commercial users.

When it comes to durability, these bits are made of Titanium which gives them a long life as well as strength. You can, therefore, conveniently drill steel beams and other materials using these bits. For accuracy, these bits have numbers on the laser hence you can exactly tell where you are at any given stage. One more thing worth knowing is that these are top-rated bits made by a renowned manufacturer in the market.


  • Sturdy and highly durable owing to its unique titanium construction
  • Its spiral design makes it a little bit faster compared to other bits


  • Some users complain that it walks especially when used on round surfaces

Your Best Step Drill Bit Buying Guide

The essence of having a buying guide is to help you choose the best among the many available options. Remember that even with a few, picking one among them can still be a challenge especially for first-time buyers. You should have a way of eliminating some until you remain with one. Here are things you can check to help you narrow down the options to just a few:

Bit Construction

Different bits are constructed using different materials. Some also have a coating that helps reduce friction while increasing their durability. Flatter points are also part of the construction. If you want to make work easy, get those with 135 degrees angles as they are good especially when dealing with hard materials. These are things you should thus check if you want to reduce from a few bits to a single one.


If you have different tasks or projects to do, then getting a versatile drill bit can save you the cost that you would incur if you were to get a bit for each task. A versatile type is one that can drill different materials and also produce holes of different sizes. Based on this feature, bits that come with more than ten sizes are the best.

Flute Design

Our reviews talked about this important feature. Well, it determines a lot and you should consider it when buying bits. Simply go for those that have double flute designs, and you’ll never complain about bit performance and related stuff. They help keep your workplace clean by effectively removing chips.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Step Drill Bits Generally Used For?

Step drill bits are generally used for cutting/drilling through metallic surfaces and even plastic materials. If your works involved drilling metal or hardened steel, check out these articles for my recommendation for metal drill bit, aluminum and hardened steel drill bit.

What Should I Do To Increase the Efficiency of My Step Drill Bits?

Apply oil on the surface especially if you are drilling hard metals and always remember to apply low pressure.

How Should a Step Drill Bit Turn When Drilling?

A right functioning drill bit should turn clockwise while drilling. Any attempt to turn it in any other direction can easily cause damage.

What Should I do When My Bit Gets Dull?

Use a bench grinder to sharpen your drill bit and you’ll again enjoy smooth and easy cutting. You should, however, learn how to do it correctly first or seek the help of a pro if you are not sure of how you should sharpen it.

Conclusion – Final Pick

My top pick for good step drill bit is obviously the Klein Tools KTSB14 set due to its versatility. I hope with the reviews provided in this article plus the small buying guide, picking one that will meet your needs is now an easy task. Any model that you pick from the top four picks here will no doubt help you drill accurate and smooth holes. The most important thing is to get one that will do the work you have and is also a great value for your money. Don’t pick any but pick the best among many options.