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Best Tenoning Jig – Reviews

With the right tools, it is easier and faster to get any project done. Tenoning jigs not only accommodate for joints with angles and miters but also produce an accurate cut and also helps save time between cuts. The best tenoning jig can be used for making custom furniture such as desks, cabinets and also hairdressers. There are jigs for both expert quality use and those preferred for home DIY.

A tenon is a projecting piece of wood that can be inserted into a mortise cut and both connect two pieces of wood at 90-degree angle. A tenoning jig is a device that holds the piece of wood and helps to guide the saw to ensure maximum precision in the tenoning process. You will require a good tenon jig to ensure that you can make the most precise cuts as possible when making tenon cuts. Below are some of the best tenoning jigs on the market.

Reviews of the best Tenoning Jig in 2019

Grizzly H7583 Tenoning Jig – Best Tenoning Jig overall

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This jig is heavy duty and fully adjustable and provides for both the left and right tilting table saws. As it is the best tenoning jig, it is equipped with an adjustable guide bar to offer accurate and satisfactory results by removing any loose play. It is fitted with both 90-75° adjustable bevel angle and 90°-45° adjustable backstop. Two large grip handles ensure that you have smooth control of the equipment. Moreover, it features also a T-shaped miter slot and 3/8 by ¾ inches right and left tilting table saws since it is a fully adjustable tenoning jig. The multi-position control levers and the extra-large clamping hand wheel ensure precise and repeatable results while saving time also. An additional assembly is required for left tilting saws.

Alignment and assembly of the jig is quite simple. It is important to consider that equipment can handle large workpieces smoothly. However, for left tilting saws, an extra assembly is required.


  • Ensures accurate and repetitive results.
  • Has both adjustable bevel angle and backstop.
  • Well-built and solid design jig.
  • Easy to assemble and align the jig.


  • Requires an additional assembly for left tilting saws.
  • Does not square to the table saw.

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware Heavy-Duty Tenoning Jig- Most value

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This jig is designed to fit any table saw with a ¾’’ by 3/8” miter grove. This piece of equipment is made of heavy-duty steel and cast iron for durability. This jig is also equipped with an adjustable backstop that supports stock from 0-45 degrees and has a fine-threaded adjustment knob crucial for controlling the width of cut.

The ¾’’ bar running through the track on the table saw doesn’t fit tightly. And the allen screw underneath the knob that tightens the horizontal travel gets loose easily and scores the surface of your table saw. These issues can be remedied with a little effort, otherwise, the jig is great.


  • Safe, repeatability and accurate to use.
  • Well-made and robust jig for heavy-duty.


  • Quite heavy.
  • The instructions manual has much to be desired.
  • Miter guide bar is not square to the base.

Powermatic PM-TJ Tenoning Jig- best for the money

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The jig configures set up using your chisel to rid off the need to transfer measurements. The clamp and an adjustable work stop provide a secure and safer method of holding the workpiece. It has extruded handles that are suitably positioned away from the blade. It is equipped with a guide bar fitted with set screws to fit to table saw miter slot. Can hold thick stock well placed extruded handles the point of a tenoning jig to be able to safely hold a workpiece vertically and be able to do different angles too. This tenoning jig is offered by Powermatic brand and as you will also discover, it is a well-designed tool. It provides an effortless and quick way of cutting tenons. It is made of great quality and its set up is easy. It is great for lightweight construction preferences and better precision performance.

It has a nice wide working surface for different size workpieces. It has a micro-adjust system to aid in modifying the size of the tenons. A large and adaptable clamp slides in the T-track effortlessly at the top of the fence. This jig makes use of low profiling riving knives. The jig can fit precisely to your table saw miter slot by the help of the adjustable guide bar.


  • No need to transfer measurements.
  • Compact and adjustable clamp fit for any size of workpiece.
  • Lightweight making it easy to move on and off the table saw.
  • Micro-adjustable system to customize your tenon.
  • Easy to assemble and set up.
  • A magnified angle indicator featured in the work stop.
  • One-year warranty.


  • Quite a heavy.
  • The clamp is over-engineered to be versatile but to a point awkwardness.
  • Expensive jig but worth it.

Woodtek 116738 Tenoning Jig

This jig comes with different accessories, table saws, and tenoning jig. It can be adjusted to perform both straight and angled tasks. It is also quick and easy to assemble the jig. It has a one-year part and workmanship warranty. The adjustment knob is threaded to allow a controlled cut width. Clamping of up to 3-1/4 inches thick of stock is made easy and quick by the presence of the crank handle. The large handles assure you of improved operating control and user safety.

The equipment is manufactured solely from iron and steel giving it a robust structure. It weighs 20lbs and has dimensions of 9-1/4 x 10-1/2 x 20 inches. The 90° positive stop will help you produce repetitive cuts. The 90-45° backstop which holds the adjustable 90° positive stop comes in handy when working on angular stock. The Woodtek 116738 gives you the ability to produce a wide range of cuts because of the finer adjustment knob. This jig is built for heavy-duty and fits both the right and left tilting table saws with miter grooves of 3/8” x ¾”


  • One-year warranty
  • User safety guaranteed.
  • Durable


  • Requires some assembly
  • Not cheap

¾’’ Power Tenon Cutter– Budget pick

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The Veritas aluminum-body tenon cutters are best for anyone building rustic furniture. They are perfect for smooth cuts and produce radiused tenons. The cutters are designed to operate vibration-free while driven by a drill and can yield the same accurate results when used with a hand brace. The anodized body is well balanced to eliminate vibrations and an integral level vial increase the precision of in-line cutting.

The back end of the blade is contoured to increase safety, and avoid anything extending beyond the revolving body. The in-built honing guide makes it easy to sharpen the blades on a drill-press mounted drum sander. The blade can be adjusted to cut the exact size of tenon in both green and dry wood.

The cutters are available in 8 cutting diameters. The 5/8” to 1” cut 2-3/4” long tenons used for most rustic furniture. For larger tenons such as those for structural connections use size 1 ¼’’ – 2’’. All sizes have hex shanks.


  • Cheaper compared to other jigs
  • Time saver.


  • Cannot produce square tenons.
  • Difficult when aligning the tenon parallel with the center of the piece.


When deciding which sort of tenoning jig you should buy, consider your budget and the features that best suit your wood workmanship. For those on a low budget, the ¾ power tenon cutter will work just fine for you.

There are many types of jigs used to create mortise and tenon joints. The accuracy and reputability of the Powermatic Tenoning jig make it the best for the money. This jig takes out the guesswork and uncertainty of tenon cutting process. On Amazon, it is one of the most popular Tenoning Jig if not the most. The best tenoning jig overall is the Grizzly H7583 Tenoning Jig.

It is a great idea to go for a jig with better adjustment and stability capabilities, especially if your hands aren’t as steady as they used to be. Consider safety and precision before making a purchase.

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