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Simple Woodworking Tools to Make Your Backyard Look Beautiful

Simple Woodworking Tools to Make Your Backyard Look Beautiful

We often see houses with breathtaking backyards and often wish those houses were ours. Even with having space in our backyard, the thought of beautifying it sounds…

Jack Gordon November 1, 2019

Best Woodworking Magazines You Must Have

If you are a carpenter or if you are aiming for such a career, studying a woodworking magazine can be very useful. These magazines can be a great source of information…

Jack Gordon October 25, 2019

Best Forstner Bit Set - Reviews

Sometimes when I want to make flat bottomed holes, I like to drill with Forstner bits. I don’t use them as often as other tools but I like to get picky with my…

Jack Gordon October 21, 2019

How to make a rabbet cut with a router table

A rabbet is one of the most basic of cuts. commonly used in a corner joint or to accommodate the back of a cabinet. Few tools do the job better or more quickly than…

Jack Gordon June 17, 2019

How to adjust bandsaw blade tension

Finding the correct blade tension always seems to be something of a mystery among woodworkers. There are all kinds of methods out there, such as plucking the blade…

Jack Gordon June 15, 2019

How to weld bandsaw blades by yourself

When you have some free time, desire and a bit of experience, you would like to save your money and weld your own bandsaw blades from coil stock, or you can learn…

Jack Gordon June 14, 2019

Making raised panel doors on a router table

A raised panel floats in the grooves along the stiles and rails. The purpose of this construction is to allow for expansion and contraction across the width of the…

Jack Gordon June 11, 2019

Making molding on router table

One common use of the router table is in the making of all types of molding, both for furniture and for architectural use. Not only does the router table do this…

Jack Gordon June 11, 2019

Feed Direction and Speed on a Router Table

Router table feed direction and technique Feed direction is important to consider when you are setting up for a cut, particularly with large-size bits. With the…

Jack Gordon June 11, 2019

Top Router table safety tips when using a router table

When using a router table, apart from setting up your router table correctly, you should take some general precautions to protect your vision, hearing and respiratory…

Jack Gordon June 10, 2019