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Brelli umbrella

Jack Gordon - May 5, 2018 - 0 comments

brelli umbrella

brelli umbrella

product description:
It’s chic, supremely functional, and, of course, environmentally responsible.
The biodegradable BRELLI is sustainably made from bamboo, a renewable resource, and features a unique, patented, biodegradable PVC clear canopy. This canopy offers vision, superior protection from the elements, and is a bright and brilliant evolutionary leap forward from the dark and damp alternative. Unlike conventional umbrellas it withstands heavy downpours and high winds because of its unique wind-vent system; even better, it is beautiful and durable. It is the ultimate high-fashion accessory that is still green.
A Lighter Footprint
We designed and built the BRELLI so that even in landfill environments, a discarded BRELLI will completely biodegrade in less than five years… this is a tiny fraction of the time it takes for a conventional umbrella to biodegrade. We don’t have formal data on conventional umbrellas since contemporary umbrellas have not yet biodegraded (and perhaps never will). But we didn’t stop there. We worked diligently to use materials that, during their biodegradation process, release only harmless gases. The gas released by each discarded BRELLI in a conditional landfill can be harvested to generate enough electricity to recoup more than 90% of the energy that was used to create it.
The BRELLI is available in three sizes: a petite 35″ “extra small” diameter version, a beautiful 37″ diameter “small” version, and a lavish 52″diameter “large” version.


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