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Build Your Own Outdoor Kitchen

Jack Gordon - June 1, 2020 - 0 comments

Are you planning to stay at home this summer? It looks like a lot of people will be opting for staycations this year for many reasons. If you’re spending your summer in your backyard, make sure to equip it with plenty of commodities, the best one being an outdoor kitchen. Don’t know where to start with your kitchen design? Here’s what you should keep in mind.

Portable or permanent?

If where you live right now is not your forever home, it’s best to choose kitchen appliances and fixtures that can be removed once you decide to move. If you’re set on your home, then you can go all in with built-in features that will permanently become a part of your house.

Consider the size

The size of your outdoor kitchen depends on your property and your friend and family group. No matter the size of your yard, make sure to keep your kitchen relatively close to your house to prevent having to walk to far every time you need to grab something from the house. Also, consider the maximum number of guests you’re planning to welcome. Try to prepare a few of your favorite grilling recipes and see whether your outdoor kitchen can handle it.

Examine your cooking style

Do you love to grill fish or are you more into burgers and hot dogs? What about brick oven pizza? Pick your favorite cooking style and make it the star of your kitchen. Also, think about whether you’re okay with prepping food indoors or whether you want to do everything outside—this will tell you how much counter space and what kind of appliances you need.

Find plenty of reviews 

No matter what kind of kitchen you’re dreaming about, better believe that you can find all products online together with great reviews. If you don’t know much about equipment, search for recommendations and you’ll find what you need to know about grills, outdoor fridges and everything in between. There are even online grill cover ratings that will help you pick the right grill cover for your kitchen and save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Consider your climate

If you live in an area with extreme weather, make sure to place your kitchen under a roof. A cover or a partial patio roof will work well for most kitchens and yards. Microclimate in your yard is also important. It’s best to avoid windy, overly sunny or overly shady areas.

Consider the material

Permanent kitchens look best when they match the house’ exterior (usually concrete or brick). Metal or tile details will make the design pop and add some interest to the space. In reality, the only limit when it comes to your materials is your budget.

Lay it out

Usually, most people opt for an L-shaped design that will create a nice cooking zone in your backyard. This layout allows you to have everything at hand and enough space for all your appliances. Talking about appliances, make sure to be mindful when it comes to their placement. For instance, don’t place your grill right next to your fridge—it will need to work extra hard to keep the content cool.

Light it up

Your outdoor kitchen needs to have good lighting—it allows you to carry out tasks and enjoy pleasant ambiance no matter when you decide to cook. The best thing to do is install some overhead lighting (best if you have a pergola), but lighting mounted behind the work area is also a good idea. Add some fairy lights for ambiance and that’s it!

A brand new outdoor kitchen will allow you to enjoy a plethora of healthy, home-made meals with your family and friends. You won’t even notice you’re stuck at home!

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