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The Best Cabinet Hardware Jigs for your accuracy

A jig is a custom-made tool for the purpose of controlling the location as well as motion of parts or other tools acting as a tool guide. It provides interchangeability, repeatability, and accuracy during assembly or manufacturing process. A jig is different from a fixture in that, a fixture only holds the work part in place.  As we know, there are many types of jigs, each with a specific function. Examples include;

  • Drill jig used when drilling repetitive holes on interchangeable work parts by guiding the drilling bit into the exact location of the intended hole center.
  • Printed circuit board (PCB) jigs have a dump board inside. They are commonly used when testing printed circuit boards.
  • Jewelry jig
  • Cabinet hardware jig. We are going to go over some of the best cabinet hardware jigs in this article as some of my reader requested via emails (shout out to Mac for inspiring me to write this small guide)

Now, if you are in a hurry, our top pick for the best cabinet hardware jig is the True Position TP-1935 and the Kreg Cabinet Jig is the best jig for the money.

What you need to look for to get a good cabinet hardware jig

1. Toughness

You should bear in mind that you will be using the kit a lot when you are looking around for jigs. Hence, they need to be strong for them to last the distance and time. They also need to have measures in-built for them to take the abuse they will get through use. You should look for well-reinforced hole templates. Go for steel-reinforced which is better and lasts longer than aluminum. It is better to look for jigs with steel liners and bushings.

2. Ease of use

The jig should save you more time compared to a less expensive one. Most low-priced jigs work just fine; however, you end up spending a lot of time measuring and setting up to get decent results. Thus, it’s advisable you go through all available information so as not to be seduced by the price. A low cost is great to get only if you can afford it. Nonetheless, it doesn’t seem sensible to for the cheap one if it beats the purpose of purchasing one in the beginning. A good jig should help you find the center more easily rather than having to carefully measure the center every time you set up.

3. What is the box

You should know that not every cabinet hardware jig package is the same. Pay close attention to what equipment is included in the box and pick one which best suits your purpose; whether it’s doing shelf holes or help you find centers easily as well as fit cabinet handles, the choice is yours.

There are times you’ll get just a basic set that will make you have to purchase additional parts for different tasks. You should not assume that you’ll get everything for the basic price neither should you dismiss packages that will need you to buy additional parts. This is advantageous and can save you cash if you only require the jig to install a certain type of hardware. This means that you won’t be buying the equipment to sit in the workshop collecting dust for decades.

Here are our Best Cabinet Hardware Jigs with Reviews

A cabinet hardware jig is used by a professional cabinet maker and install, or when you are just doing a DIY job of renovating or refurbishing your own kitchen. A good cabinet hardware jig saves you a lot of effort and time as well as making the job more accurate. Seven best cabinet hardware jigs for quick and accurate installation are listed as follows;

  1. True position TP-1935
  2. True position TP-1934
  3. Kreg Cabinet jig
  4. Kreg combo jig
  5. Ascendons jig
  6. Tourace Cabinet Hardware jig Measuring tool
  7. YIZIRO Cabinet Hardware Jig

1. True Position TP-1935 – The Best Cabinet Hardware Jig

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The True Position TP 1935 jig is exceptionally well made and manufactured with the precision of an aircraft part. Everything is solid with no unnecessary play in any of the movable parts and a has a great hold.

Furthermore, the jig has the ability to do almost everything. It does shelf holes and minimizes the time needed to find hole centers frequently. You only need to set it up and do as many drawers as you need to. It can also be used to do long runs of shelf holes for taller cabinets. Remarkable, isn’t it? This jig has more in it, you can in fact quickly fit handles up to 960mm long.

If you need to get a whole bunch of work done and save an incredible amount of time while you are at it, then the True Position TP-1935 is the cabinet jig for you. It will make hardware installation easy for you with super accuracy. And considering its make, this jig is here to stay and will last for a long time. Though it is a bit expensive, it is well worth every penny as it is the best cabinet hardware jig on the market for its features.

The jig includes TP-ERA (extended ruler attachment) for quicker hardware installation on wide drawers, large handles and tall doors and eliminates the need to center your cabinet hardware jig on every drawer thus speeding up the installation process. The TP-1935 also doubles as a portable line boring unit in installed or unassembled cabinets. The 5mm bushings with 32mm pattern allow for swift and precise shelf pins on any depth of cabinet panel.

This jig also comes with a complete cabinet hardware drilling solution. The designed cabinet mounting template tool is adaptable by professional builders, homeowner and anyone who wants to install hardware.


  • Allows installation of up to 960mm cabinet handles.
  • The included TP-ERA provides a stop for drawer fonts up to 42’’ wide.
  • It is easy to use with high accuracy and drilling mistakes are eliminated.
  • The rigid plastic case with steel clasps and handle for easy transport.
  • Robust to proficient standards
  • Long-lasting


  • It is a bit expensive
  • It does not do handles wider than 960mm

Personally, I find the TP-1935 a bit expensive to my liking as the TP-1934 is already an excellent jig, in my opinion. I am currently testing this jig and going to update this article once I am done with it.

2. Kreg Cabinet Jig- Best for The Money

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This hardware jig is one of the best at installing cabinet knobs and pulls. It has a movable edge guide and measuring units to aid in positioning the knob accurately. The adjustable drill guides guarantee straight holes for seamless positions of the knob and pull this ensures precise and constant positioning of every cabinet hardware. The Kreg cabinet hardware jig has mobile steel drill guides that align with similar hole spacing dimensions for cabinet knobs and pulls hence gives accurately placed and straight drilled holes. This saves time too.

It is important to note that you cannot do the range of tasks with this jig that you can do with the first two mentioned jigs. It is relatively cheap and best for use if you are an amateur doing their own kitchen refurb. This jig could save you some precious time. The jig is designed to be innate for novices to use but robust enough for pros. The jig is made of durable polymer which makes it tough at the same time light as well.

However, if you are pro and you do cabinet installation more frequently, then this jig isn’t for you. You’d probably be way more quicker using a ruler and a tape measure and save the money for future use.


  • Adjustable guides for precise hole positioning.
  • In-built measuring scale for repetitive results.
  • Versatile when mounting one or multi-hole knobs.
  • Has an adjustable guide for easy positioning.
  • Tough and light material for easy handling.
  • Durable drill guides made of hardened-steel


  • It is not wide enough to do larger double depth drawers.
  • Not the most accurate option.
  • Limited use; not for handles nor shelves.
  • It does not come with a clamp, so you will have to buy it separately if you need one.

3. Kreg Combo Jig

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This equipment also comes from Kreg; manufacturers with a good reputation for the production of professional equipment for carpentry. However, for this kit, they definitely missed a mark or two. The equipment isn’t exactly professional as claimed and it is likely to be considered to be inferior to other cabinet hardware jigs in the market.

The jig is equipped with features to fit drawer runners, install pulls and handles and with it comes a forstner bit kit. The Kreg combo is as versatile has it can get. The best thing about this kit is that for the price of the whole jig, you get also a forstner bit kit inclusive. The forstner kit can be very expensive and furthermore, it’s a great additional tool to the hardware jig kit.

The hidden hinge capabilities of the jig are an attractive addition to all kit, incase somebody just wanted the kit for the specific reason and thus, saving himself a lot of cash with this kit. The concealed hinge jig allows you to drill holes for concealed cabinet door hinges using just a drill. The jig has a carbide-tipped bit which positions and offsets the drill to the precise depth guided the depth stop collar.

My take on the Kreg Cabinet hardware jig? It does hit the nail spot on, only for a one-time user or a person who wants to save money and do a self-refurbish on cabinets. It has a minimal outlay which can get the tasks completed. Professional cabinet installers will, however, dismiss it without a second glance.


  • Fits concealed hinged soundly.
  • Accurate hinge positioning with in-built indexing tabs.
  • Adjustable cams ensure proper hinge offset.
  • Durable carbide-tipped drill bit included.
  • Simple to use with any drill, no special tools needed.
  • Very sensible price.
  • Forstner bit included is a great advantage.
  • Reliable drilling with bit guide and a stop collar.


  • Limited uses.
  • Does not quite fit professional standards.

4. Ascendons Cabinet Hardware Jig

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This cabinet hardware jig is the cheapest version of the True Position hardware jig, TP1934. It is a mixed bag because there is a reason as to why it’s cheap. It is good for a one-time task and for occasional use but great care should be taken, or otherwise. This jig value will be down to how skilled you are and the tolerance you possess and how to use it. The equipment aids with fitting handles, drawer handles and at the end of the day gets the job done.

The main center of attraction with this cabinet hardware jig is simply its low cost. However, you wouldn’t be getting a well-made jig. Certainly, you are not also getting a strong tough jig and it won’t last that long. It has plastic drill guides, weakly guides not attractive not in shape or form. You might have acquired this jig for a lower price but you’ll absolutely pay for the plastic parts of the jig I the future.

The crucial answer on whether to buy this jig or not will be a no. Unless you are on an extremely tight budget and you are going to use it for a one-time gig. It comes with 3 extra drill guides, stop thumb bolts and an allen wrench. There are so many reviews on the Ascendons cabinet hardware jig. I would advise to be careful when purchasing one, there has been an improvement on the material from plastic to steel and aluminum alloy, making it premium and durable.


  • Very cheap
  • Gets the job done if handled with great care.
  • Been improvements with the making material.


  • The guides are made of plastic which is weak.
  • Does not last that long. Not durable.
  • Slightly more difficult to use than other jigs and may take some time adjusting.

The True Position cabinet hardware jig is undisputedly the best overall of them all. If you are that person into occasional projects and cabinet refurbishment, the True Position jig is the best option.

5. Tourace Cabinet Hardware jig Measuring tool

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With this jig, there is no need to make wood templates and comes with standard metric measurement.



  • It is reversible, allowing quick drilling
  • Has a stop collar setting block that makes set up easy.
  • Comes with a front-mounted clamp for better clamping.


  • Limited use to size of cabinet.
  • Less durable

6. YIZIRO Cabinet Hardware Jig

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It is a great quick-release drill guide that saves time by eliminating unnecessary templates.



  • It is detachable and portable.
  • Cheap and reliable.
  • It is reversible, flippable
  • Designed for both beginners and professionals alike.


  • Not durable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Trying to find the right hinge?

Hinges can be very tricky since many manufacturers have been known to modify their hinges over time by changing screw patterns or thickness. This makes it very difficult to find the perfect match. If you are unsure of what size, style or model of hinge, I recommend that you contact a local contractor or cabinet maker to have them assist with the selection of your hinges.

What is the maximum length between drill holes on cabinet doors?

This length really depends on how far down on the door you are positioning the pulls. Without the optional extension, the guide just gives 12’’CC

Does the TP1934 jig work for recessed or reverse flat panel drawer fronts?

Yes, it does. The drill blocks will not set on the recessed panel, but with the bushings in the drill blocks, it will keep the drill bit straight.

Which template should I purchase to space the holes?

I recommend you start off the original set and add on the extended ruler attachment. The TP-1934 can set the spacing for your holes up to 12” center to center. If your handles are bigger than this, I recommend the kit with extension bars (TP-1935) that allows you to install hardware up to 38” center to center.

Can the True position jig be used for hinge installation?

The True Position jig is not for hinges rather for drilling knobs and pulls on doors and drawers that are already installed on the cabinets. I recommend you try the Kreg Hinge hardware jig.


Having given you a brief overview of the topmost advisable cabinet hardware jigs, the decision left is yours to make. The decision to purchase to best cabinet hardware jig will depend on your preferences which include cost, portability, durability, and how skilled you are. Remember cheap tools lead to expensive mistakes.

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