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Can you fill an air mattress with water?

Jack Gordon - March 5, 2022 - 0 comments

As you well know, air mattresses, also referred to as inflatable beds, are manufactured from plastics and then air is filled in. Most of the people that purchase air mattresses tend to wonder and ask the question, can you fill an air mattress with water? Yes, you can fill an air mattress with water by use of a hose pipe. Provided that there is no hole in the air mattress then you are good to go. Theoretically, you are able to fill up the air mattress with water, however, it is recommended and suggested that you do not fill an air mattress with water. There are several things that do not go hand in hand with the above concept. Water is heavier as opposed to air. Because of this reason, the air mattress seams are not able to handle water as it handles air.

 What can occur if you fill the air mattress with water?

In case you decide to fill your air mattress with water, all may not go down well. The seams in the air mattress might break and burst, hence causing a huge disaster. You should also know that the chemicals and materials that are normally used in the manufacture of the air mattress, should not be used to store water as they are not suitable and meant for water storage.

In case you decide to fill your air mattress with water and it bursts in the process, it will be very difficult for you to drain out all the water in the air mattress after it has already deflated. This increases the risk of mold growing on the air mattress if no proper drainage has been done and the air mattress has not been properly taken care of. For those asking the question, can you fill an air mattress with water? Yes, it is very possible but this will cause damages to the air mattress hence making it unusable. As we have already discussed above, filling the air mattress with water, causes the seams in the mattress to rupture causing water leakage. If you put a lot of water in the air mattress, it will most definitely spill out, creating a huge water pool.

 Waterproof air mattresses

Whenever it comes down to different people, they tend to differentiate on the comfortability ranges of the air mattresses. Air mattresses often allow people to adjust from one mattress to another depending on their comfort status. In order for an air mattress to properly function, the air is needed for inflation. The air mattresses also have ridges that assist them in holding pressure and weight. Some of the air mattresses are not able to contain water, as the seams and ridges present in the air mattress are designed to hold the required air amount, and filling the mattress with water will only increase the weight and eventually cause the bursting of the air mattress. The modern air mattresses are although waterproof and highly advanced.

The materials that are used in the production of air mattresses include textile plastics, rubbers, or polyvinyl chloride. Perfect seam and good-quality air mattresses tend to be very comfortable and durable for the user. Durable and waterproof air mattresses are readily available everywhere around the world. The air mattresses tend to have their seams made up of vinyl and the sides of the mattress are indented. This shows that their structure generally is sturdy and firm.

How you can clean your air mattress

  • By use of a vacuum cleaner. Visible dirt on the air mattress has to be cleaned and removed by the vacuum cleaner. In case your air mattress is very dirty, you are supposed to plug in the vacuum cleaner and clean the air mattress. Gently using the vacuum cleaner, remove visible dust, dirt or debris. You must be very careful when cleaning your mattress with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Dusting regularly. It is effective that you maintain your air mattress by cleaning and dusting the air mattress after using it. The cleaning has to be done regularly. Deep cleaning will be very easy if you clean the mattress regularly. Ensure that you use a light and soft duster, for the best and accurate results.
  • Use of clothes. You can use a cloth piece in cleaning the air mattress. If there is any stain or mark, endure that you use alcohol or something similar to clean it off. You can wipe the air mattress thoroughly by use of a soft and light cloth.
  • Ensure that you use the mattress sheets. You shy to be in a good position to use sheets for your air mattress, as this can keep the mattress clean over a long period. Hence the job of deep cleaning the air mattress will be very easy.
  • Drying the mattress in sunlight. As we have already discussed above the question, can you fill an air mattress with water? Yes, it is possible. But in case it bursts, you will have to hang the wet sir mattress in sunlight and ensure all the water is out. Sunlight on the other hand also frees the mattress from sagginess and germs.
  • Deep cleaning. You can offer deep cleaning services to your air mattress by use of water and soap or rather perform dry cleaning through a professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can one dry the air mattress?

For those asking the question, can you fill an air mattress with water? Yes. It’s possible.  In case you fill the air mattress with water and it bursts in the process, you will have to dry the mattress in order to fix it. The best method and the easiest is to dry the mattress off in the sunlight. If that is not an option, you can opt to use a blow dryer, stand fan, or a dry vacuum to dry the air mattress. This although is a very tiresome task and we do not recommend it.

Can you wash the air mattress by use of the washing machine?

 It is not possible to wash the air mattress using the washing machine. It will most definitely rapture the seams and damage the mattress. Air mattresses tend to be seamed delicately and the manufacturing material is not porous. Clothes tend to scramble together with detergent and water, something that would destroy the air mattress, in case it is inserted in the washing machine.

Can you use helium to fill the air mattress?

You can use helium to fill the air mattress, as it is a gaseous substance. The same way you use air to fill the air mattress is in the same way helium gas can be used to fill the air mattress. Helium gas, as you are well aware, has the required properties that allow the mattress to bounce. In case you fill the air mattress by use of helium gas, it will definitely not float in the air, however, the mattress will be light-weighted hence it will bounce.

Are the air mattresses very noisy?

 The air mattresses over the years have been a good alternative to the expensive beds. When you use your air bed excessively, they tend to get noisy over some lengthy period. Some of the reasons that explain why they tend to get noisy include air bubbles, friction happening between the floor and the air bed, and leaks.


As of now you already know the answer to the question, can you fill an air mattress with water?. Yes, it is very possible but it is not recommended. Water is heavier as opposed to air, henceforth air mattresses are not designed to withstand the extra weight that exceeds that of air, and water most definitely weighs more than air.

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