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Can you pour concrete over rocks?

Jack Gordon - March 5, 2022 - 0 comments

Concrete over rocks does not sound like anything close to a good idea. However, it is very possible to do it. Yes, you can pour concrete over rocks, however, some rocks would not be good combinations with concrete. Others would perfectly attach to the rocks and make something stronger than cement would have created. The only secret is to set the rock to a level and reinforce the structure with some sand and gravel. The most important part is leveling and ensuring that it is strong enough to hold the concrete. Make sure the rick is brought together and then reinforce it with gravel so that it doesn’t unpack after pouring concrete.

About pouring concrete on rocks

You might have a rocky site and to some extent, you might not want to lose the spoat and the material in the rock. This idea might seem a little crazy but it could be viable enough though it is viable only when done correctly. Otherwise, the rocks might unpack below the concrete causing cracks on the concrete and many other problems that are associated with unstable foundations. So for you to have a solid foundation, you need to structure the plan and make sure you have level ground and that the section of the rocks that you will be pouring the concrete on is well packed and stable.

 This is where some adjustments like adding concrete and framing the section will come in. In case you want to do it on a long strip or larger ground, you might want to place stronger frames and compact gravel in between the rocks before finalizing the process of pouring the concrete. What you would want to guard so much is the ground that would be formed beneath the concrete you want to pour on the rocks. That is why you need to place the rocks and make them close to solid ground to make sure they will not shift underneath the concrete.

How to prepare a rocky ground for concrete pouring


This is the most important part of the process if you are gonna be pouring concrete on rocks. The first thing you need to do is make sure the ground is level. This is mainly achieved by rearranging the rocks to attain a level of the ground. It is important to frame the ground to make traveling ground. For us to be on the safer side, we need to make sure that we have tightly packaged the rocks to give them the level. Some spaces might be left though. We need to fill them up.

Add a lot of gravel to the spaces until they are completely covered. Sometimes, this gravel part messes up the whole structure. You will need to make sure that you package the spaces well. If not with the gravel, you might need to make sure that the concrete is well fed into the spaces. You can be sure that there will be no big shift underneath the concrete and it will be strong enough. Alternatively, you can add sand or fine rocks but with that, you will need to package the concrete really well. After the whole space is packed well, you can now get to the concrete and make sure it is well covered on the ground you formed.

Pouring concrete on rocks

We have already set the space for the concrete and now we are ready to get started with the concrete. We should talk about all this because it is really important in knowing where we can really pour concrete on rocks or it would be useless. The concrete should be a little heavier with the proportions since there are some spaces we are really gonna need to fill and the same strength of the rocks should come from the concrete to hold the whole structure under balance.

After making sure we have the correct concrete we can now get down to pouring it.

Now, with the pouring, we will first need to make several layers. The very first layer should be in contact with the rock even where there are spaces to reinforce. Fill every single space with concrete and compact it heavily to reinforce the base. The rest of the layers can be poured while leveling smoothly until the whole space is well covered. You can do some compacting and then fill out every space left. The structure will be strong enough to support itself within the frames. Now when it comes to drying, we are gonna know whether everything was fine. If it wasn’t there are gonna be cracks and maybe some shifts on the concrete. The whole process just involves having a good bonding between the rocks and the concrete. When done well, it could be the strongest ever.

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  • Can you add rocks on top of concrete?

Concrete with rocks will always interest productively when merged well. It could be the bottom or bottom. However,  putting rocks on top of the concrete will add a handsome level of beauty to the place and make it even suitable for what it is meant to be. The position of the rocks will be determined by how you want them and what you want to use them. However, if they are the largest rocks, you can have them start up the foundation and just pour concrete on top. Smaller sizes can be used to spice up the structure by being put on the concrete.

  • Should concrete be poured directly on rocks?

It is quite agreeable that we need to make a lot of preparations before we can finally get to the stage of pouring concrete on the stones. Without being prepared, the ground will always be uneven and the concrete might not balance out which will obviously cause shifts in the concrete and maybe some cracks. If it is a structure to be constructed might not be as strong when not well done.

  • When should concrete be watered?

Watering the concrete can always start as from the morning all the way to the afternoon. In short, it should be done several times a day. It should always start in the morning since starting it in the afternoon when the sun is hot is bound to make it develop damage due to shock. The whole concrete might be shaken.


We can pour concrete on rocks yes but when and how should we do it to be sure we are doing the right thing? Therefore, what matters is the preparation and how we end up doing it when it comes to the actual concrete pouring. It might end up making a strong structure or a shaky one. So can you pour concrete on rocks? It is simple yes but with some guidelines. That is why we had to talk about the preparation and how it should be done. Including gravel or sand will reinforce the concrete and compacting will make it stronger to handle the weight. That is why we should learn to do it right. All in all, pouring concrete on rocks can be comfortably done.

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