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Cardboard Office

Jack Gordon - May 6, 2018 - 0 comments

Card board office Card board office 2

The task was to convert the 160m² empty industrial space in an operational working space for the 2O employees with an original design able to transmit a young and dynamic image. Budget was restricted to the minimum and timing was only 5 weeks from conception to realization. The client main wish was to create partitions between the different teams. Try to reduce acoustic problems caused by metallic ceiling in an opens space configuration.

The whole design was completed with 4cm thick water resistant honeycomb cardboard. Even if it is a packaging product it is a cheap, green and technical material offering many advantages on traditional building materials. Everything was mounted with a system of folding combined with glue and tape, no additional structures were added. Lightness, compression resistance, easy cutting made the cardboard a solution to build everything in seven days.

To solve the workstations problems and size changing teams, a flexible system of partitions was made. All the angles can be easily moved and reconfigured as needed, this solution offers a modular and functional space for the young firm.
Based on re-use, low tech and indirect use this unusual interior design offers a functional and flexible space, which could be built in a very short time for a competitive price. Mix of soft and poetic umbrellas hanged in the industrial warehouse, association of flat partition with raw apparent honeycomb, contrast between rugged rock wall and fragile cardboard give a unique spirit to the office, conveying the client dynamic image.

The open space is an inevitable solution for businesses looking for a better economy. It should be a factor of interaction between services, reactivity and creativity. The lack of intimacy and confidentiality in the working space increases stress that can be harmful to the workers. Cellulose aims at improving the quality of relationships between workers by creating honest exchanges preserved of external influences. Cellulose enables to increase the collective efficiency by offering a space of temporary retreat away from the bustle and by encouraging privileged moments of confidential exchanges, creativeness and decisions. Cellulose locates itself between furniture and room, it is designed for individual or small group (up to 4 people) work. Visible and accessible by anyone, it belongs to the everyday life of the colleagues. Isolated from noise or visual disturbances, it offers a serene zone out. Removable and easily attainable, Cellulose represents an innovative and play alternative to the classic meeting room.

Cellulose is a 2,40×1,26m honeycomb cardboard space. It can be easily implanted on a space or on an exhibition stand for its minimum size and the possibility of plugging it on wheels. It is sold in an unfolded kit saving up volume and it only necessitates a few minutes of assembling without tools to be quickly operational.
The honeycomb fireproof cardboard offers a great mechanical resistance (300 kg per m2) which lasts many years. The cardboard also represents an incredible economy of material since it is composed of 90% air because of the honeycombs. The material actually used is 30% recycled and can be entirely recycled once passed its age limit. Moreover, it is produced in France lowering its ecological print.


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