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Carpet One Pros Have Some Quick Tips for Your Flooring in Spartanburg

Jack Gordon - August 15, 2020 - 0 comments

Flooring space is one of the most important elements of any building’s interiors and exteriors, be it residential or commercial, the importance is the same. When getting your floors redone or just done for the first time, there are a few things to keep in mind that will help you get the most out of the building space and make it look exquisite, if the right kind of surface is chosen.

If you’re not sure where to start, not to worry, as we have put this article together to help out when choosing the right kind of flooring you can choose for your humble abode or office space to make sure it stands out from the crowd and gives it a unique edge.

In the 21st century, especially, many builders and homeowners have gone outside of their comfort zones to add new and modernist options in their homes. Gone are the days of full-tiled or full-carpeting, but the trend taking over is a mix of different flooring from the minute you enter the front door to the back garden and then some. Learn more about it here.

There is nothing wrong with being adventurous, and we have just the tips for you and your place, once you’re done with them you will be the envy of your neighborhood. Hence, if you’re looking for some stylish flooring ideas that are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but also practical, or perhaps a more durable option, we have all the information you need right here.

If it’s carpet inspiration you need or new ways that tiles can be laid out on the bathroom or kitchen floors, keep reading as this handy guide will get you there in as quickest time as possible. Shall we dive in?


First, Let’s Look at Your Options

Concrete Flooring Material

Perfect for a contemporary look, and unique and striking to use in any area of the house. Having this material laid out in your bedroom with a carpet thrown on top of it makes for the perfect picturesque room with polished floors.

Cork and Bamboo

These two have recently become popular as well and fit for any child’s room. There are many ways to use this one option which turns any room into a warm and cozy attractive floor with natural colors and green design. Bringing together functionality, comfort, and modern design all in one.

Carpeting Material

This may have been the most popular amongst the masses years ago, and in some places it still is. With the added modernist touch, you can turn a room into a haven for relaxing using just the right rug or soft carpet with a striking color. Plus, if you live in a country where winters are frequent, you can warm up any room with this.

Ceramic and Stone Options

A lot of newly built houses come with tiled floors in their bathrooms and sometimes even in the bedrooms. Ceramic tiles on a floor can make for a beautiful place to walk on, its smooth, has a nice feel under your feet, and it’s easy to clean as well.

Wood Flooring

Again, another favorite or the majority population. Having a wooden floor such as a Karndean luxury vinyl can be warmer than using hardwood or stone at times. wood is a versatile and all-round option that fits in all rooms including the lounge and outside patio areas. However, only a few are recommended for bathrooms.

Eco-Friendly Types

One of the other trending choices is for eco-friendly flooring. This is made from recycled materials and can either be made into a carpet, a wooden floor or tiles, pretty much nothing is left out in this category, you choose the material and it can do using recycled products. Green-living has become a trend and is here to stay.

Second, The Trends You Can Choose From

As promised, we have some great ideas for your living space and the space you walk on. Below are a few amazing ideas you can choose to partake in for some brilliant ideas for your new home or refurbishment of your existing home floors.

Who wants Oak wood floors? This is the perfect addition to any bathroom. When treated and fumed, they can last a lifetime.

If you’re in a building that has several bathrooms including the main bathroom, herringbone tiles can be arranged in a pattern to form stripes, you can alternate between three different colors such as black, white, and blue or green, black, and yellow. Adding some pizazz to space.

Marble is good, but black marble is even better. Get yourself some black marble or even French limestone to display on the bottom of any apartment floor, the look of lavish will never be the same again. You can get more ideas here https://www.pinterest.ph/elcostone/marble-on-floor/.

Polished concrete for kitchen floors is a must-have in any home or cottage in the countryside. Compliment this look by adding some rustic furniture to the mix.

One can also use concrete tiles to achieve this look and turn it into a modern cottage with a contemporary feel to it. Cement floor tiles come in all shapes and sizes.

Similarly, you can add two-tone flooring as well, using two different colors of tiling places in a zig-zag manner especially in the bathroom this can look striking. Who says tiles are meant to be placed all in a straight line?

If you can create patchwork on your sleeping blanket, why not do the same to the base you will be walking on every day? by using the same colored tiles but with different patterns, you can create an exceptionally playful, yet elegant look to any floor in your patio, kitchen, or even corridors. Choose black and white or red and blue to add some hues to the area. The kitchen especially loves patchwork.

If your furniture is dark, strike a contract with lighter colored flooring and vice versa. The blue cabinet looks exquisite contrasted with gray stone surfaces.

Take a page from the previous eras of decorating ideas. Let’s consider for example the 50s and 60s looking accommodations, with their playful atmospheres and lively spaces. Try dark wooden flooring coupled with a vinyl material taken from Carpet One Karndean flooring price catalog, and juxtapose it with some deep or electric blue carpets and rugs will make everything stand out more and look lavish.

Ever wondered how they get those checkered floor designs at 5-star hotels? Or perhaps you don’t care about that but just want it in yours too? This can be done too. Black and white checkered tiles or coverings look beautiful especially in bathrooms and corridors or outside verandas, where you can sit and enjoy the sunrise. Don’t forget the walls too, when paired with deep bright colors like wine red or charcoal grey, this can look stunning.

These are just a few of the many ideas we have for you. We hope you enjoy them all.

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