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Best Carpet Protector Spray On The Market

Your carpet gives personality to your home and it can be a great decorative piece as well as a functional one. But it is always an item prone to attract stains like a magnet. You also have to keep in mind that carpets tend to be very difficult to clean. So, the perfect plan to maintain a carpet looking great is to prevent stains and protect your carpet for those types of accidents. In order to protect your carpet, you will need one of the best carpet protector sprays on the market. This guide will show you what products to consider investing in, based on their quality. It will also give you valuable information about the aspects to look for in such a protector spray.

Best carpet protector spray with reviews

Here are the best five carpet protector sprays that you will be very satisfied with! They are all of very good quality and you will love using them on your carpet as often as you need to.

  1. Vectra Furniture, Carpet, Fabric Protector Spray- 2, 12 oz Spray Cans

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One of the best carpet protector sprays you can invest in is this Vectra product. It is one of the best sprays on the market when you need to protect your carpet. This spray will keep your carpet protected against unwanted stains such as the ones that come from spilled wine, oil, coffee, and many others. Are you concerned about chocolate stains? This spray can offer you the right protection for our carpet. This is very efficient against pet stains as well. So, if you have a furry friend, you want to invest n such a product to protect your carpet.


– Easy to spray on the carpet every time you need

– You can use it on other furniture pieces than just your carpet

– Efficient to protect against pet stains

– It will not leave an unpleasant odor

– Protects your carpet against all types of stains


– You might need to spray a double layer of this product to get the protection you need

– It comes in a smaller container than other similar products

  1. TriNova Fabric Protector Spray and Stain Guard

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TriNova is also a great brand to invest in and this spray will not disappoint you at all. With this spray, no spills will turn into hard to clean stains. If you do have accidents like that and ou spill something on your carpet, the will not penetrate the material. It is very easy to use this protector. All you have to do is spray it over your carpet and give it some seconds to get dry enough. You can do that ever morning or every once n a while before a party or an event will take place. There is no need to apply this spray more than once. It will be very efficient for the first time and it will last many hours on your carpet. Another very important aspect of this spray is that it doesn’t have flammable properties. This makes it very safe to use. It is also waterproof and will not leave any unpleasant odor. This carpet protector is made in the USA and it follows the highest standards in the industry.


– Protects against all stains

– You just have to apply it once

– There will be no unpleasant odor

– It is not flammable so you don’t put your safety at risk

– Made only of high-quality ingredients


– It might not work as good on other furniture pieces

– Not one of the budget-friendly products

  1. J. Wheaton Co. Fabric Protector, Stain Repellent & Spill Guard, For Use on Furniture, Carpets or Any Fabric Upholstery

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If you are looking for a great carpet protector, this product from E.J. Wheaton Co. is definitely one of the best choices you have. It will keep your carpet stain-free and a lot easier to clean. You should most likely use this s rooms like your kitchen and bathroom because stains can happen more often in these places. But it will work just as well on any other areas of your house. This carpet protector will keep different stains away such as wine and coffee stains but also grease ones. It will also protect your carpet against pet stains.

Once you apply this spray on the carpet, it will create the right protection that staining substances will not be able to go through. Al it takes s to spray this product once and let t dry. This product is made in the USA and it follows the highest standards in the industry.


– It can be used on different materials

– It just takes one spraying to enjoy its benefits

– Protects against pet stains

– Made in the USA


– It might have an unpleasant scent

– It will only last a few hours

  1. WeatherTech TechCare FloorLiner and FloorMat Cleaner/Protector

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This WeatherTech will be a great option to protect your carpet as well. It is one of the most appreciated carpet protectors that you can invest in. It is a complete kit that will offer you a cleaning solution as well as a protective solution. You can use the cleaner to eliminate all the bacteria from your floor and you can use the protector to keep it clean for a longer time.


You can use this kit on a wood floor but also on the carpet. It will give you great results on all types of materials so you can rely on this product a lot. Both containers come in very easy to use designs. All you have to do is spray them on your surface and forget about any annoying stains. This kt is all you need to clean your floor and carpet and maintain them like that. And it also comes at a budget-friendly price so you will not have to invest more than you are comfortable to.


– Easy to apply and use on all surfaces

– Cleaning and protection kit

– Works on all types of materials

– Perfect for floors and carpets

– Ergonomic containers


– Not everyone might like the smell of these products

– You need to reapply it in a few hours to get the constant protection you need

  1. Spot Shot Professional Carpet Stain Remover

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This carpet protector spray is just what you need to have a clean carpet at all times. When you order this product you can get different sizes and different numbers of packs according to your needs and the surface of your carpet. It comes in a pack of three sprays that you can use to protect your carpet for a long time. You can control unwanted stains on your carpet as soon as you spray this protector.


It will keep pet stains away as well as other difficult stains such as wine, coffee or grease. This protector spray will not only keep new stains away but it will also remove old stains. Once you start using it, you will notice that it is the best solution to protect your carpet and clean t any time you want.


– Easy to apply on any type of carpet

– Efficient n removing old stains

– Will prevent new stains from happening

– It comes n a pack of three sprays


– Might have an unpleasant smell

– Not listed as a flammable free product so use with caution

What to look for when buying a good carpet protector spray

When you are investing in such a protector spray you need to pay attention to certain details. If you never invested in such a product, here is what you should keep an eye on before you pull your credit card out.

  • What type of stains the spray removes. This is very important as you want a protector spray to get rid of most of your stains. Check in the description of the product to see if it covers and removes stains like wine ones, coffee or pet stains if you have a furry friend. You might also need more protection against certain stains rather than others. This is something that you need to take into account as well. Not all sprays work the same for all households and you need to find what works for you.
  • The price it comes at. Another aspect you need to consider is the price of such a product. Most likely you will want to keep investing in a protector spray once you found one that works the best for you. And you should be able to do that without having to break your budget every time you purchase it.
  • The smell it has. The scent of such a spray is also a primary factor. You can’t use a spray that leaves behind an unpleasant scent regardless of how efficient it is. So, make sure to invest in an odorless spray or at least one that has a natural smell that you know it will not bother you.
  • Safety aspects. And last but definitely not the least thing that you should pay attention to is the safety aspect. Some of these protector sprays are highly flammable. In order to make sure that you don’t take such risks check for a spray that is not flammable. The manufacturer will list this feature in the description of the product.

Best brands on the market. Who makes good quality carpet protector spray?

There are many brands that offer carpet protector sprays but not all of them have the best quality products, so, we gathered the most popular brands on the market that you can count on!

  • Vectra. Vectra is one of the best companies on the market that you can invest in. It is in the business for several decades and they have a great variety of products that you can invest in.
  • TriNova. TriNova is also very popular and they offer some of the best protector sprays on the market.they are in the business for a long time and they know just what the market needs. Their products are safe and easy to use and they have a great customer support as well.
  • WeatherTech. If you are looking for a great company, WeatherTech is just what you need. They have a lot of products to invest in besides protector sprays. You will find different car products as well as sprays and solutions for your mats and floor.
  • Spot Shut. SpotShut is also the type of brand that will offer you many products to help you get rid of your stains. They offer a great formula that helps you get rid of unpleasant smells and stains in a heart bit.
  • Wheaton Co. The last but definitely not the less important company that you can trust is this one. EJ. Wheaton Co has a wide history in the industry and they have many faithful clients. You will most likely become one of them as soon as you start using their products.


  • Are carpet protector sprays safe for pets and children?

Yes, but you need to check the label carefully. Not all of them are safe to use around pets but they are mostly safe around children. You need to double-check before you actually spray it just to be sure your furry friends and children are safe.

  • Can you use protector spray on wet carpets?

The effect might not be the same if you decide to use a protector spray on a wet surface. First, because it will not be able to isolate that surface against future stains if it is already6 wet. And second, because it will create a particular smell that might bother you. Most of these sprays are waterproof as well, which helps them keep stains and liquids away. So, if you want to make the most out of a protector spray, you shouldn’t use it on a wet or even humid carpet.

  • Do I need to take any safety measures when using these products?

Yes, at all times. The main safety measure that you should take is using sprays that are not flammable. Many protector sprays tend to be very flammable and that is a very dangerous hazard. Go for a spray that is not going to expose you to the risk of a fire just to stay on the safe side. Also, get one that is safe for your pet and child! Safety aspects should never be neglected so invest the right time in these details to make sure that you are not taking unnecessary risks!

  • Do protector sprays create an unpleasant smell?

Not all of them but some might give you a scent in your house that you don’t like. Check the description of the product in order to make sure that this is not the case. But the bottom line is that,m if you end up with a spray that has a not pleasant odor, you might just have to stop using it. However, there are many protective sprays that will come with no sort of fragrance and they will be safe and efficient to use.

  • Should I reapply the protector spray often?

Such instructions will come with your product as they differ from one spray to another. But, as a general rule, you should be able to allow your spray 24 hours minimum before you might need to reapply it. This is the most common time frame in which most protector sprays are efficient against stains on your carpet. If you feel the need to apply it more often you can do that as long as you keep several hours between these times. If you end up with a low-quality protector spray, applying more of it will not make it more efficient. The exception to this rule are those sprays that are required to be sprayed twice in order to take effect, but if that is the case you should find this advice in the description of the product.


As you can see, finding the right carpet protector spray is a lot easier as long as you have all the information. It depends a lot on the type of carpet you have and where is it exposed. If your carpet is in your hallway where many people will step on it, naturally you will want to use a stronger protector spray. Such aspects should be considered before you invest in one product or another. But all the products presented in this guide come at a very high quality so you don’t take any risks by using them. Also, pay attention to safety aspects and the ingredients in the spray. This product should be safe for everyone in your house and not flammable at all. If you take all these things into account, you can’t go wrong in choosing the best protector spray for your carpet. And this guide will assist you in making sure you make a great investment!

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