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Best Downspout Extension – Reviews

As a homeowner, you know how important it is to maintain the integrity of the foundation of your home. If water is left to pour out of the downspout, you might end up seeing your home slowly disintegrate and turn into ruins before your own eyes. It happens to many homeowners, and if you have ever faced such a situation before, then you know, indeed, that is the worst feeling that no one would ever want to experience.

One way to avoid losing your home to excess water during the rainy season is to establish a good drainage system that takes water away from the foundation. However, drainpipes and downspout alone may not do a good job. There is one more thing that you need if you want to enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home’s integrity is okay. A downspout extension is what makes a great difference. You must, therefore, get one and make sure that you get the best that will work for you.

In a hurry? I have picked the Genova 19581 Universal Splashblock as the best downspout extension.

In this article, we review the best downspout extensions products for your home from reputable brands. Our areas of focus are those extensions that are top-rated in the market and are known to help in saving homes from major damages caused by excess water. Take a look, and you will find the best for your home.

Our Top Four Best Downspout Extensions

Here are our selections for the best downspout extensions on the market.

#1: Genova 19581 Downspout Extension Universal Splashblock – Best Overall

If you want an extension that can be used with any type of downspout, then the Genova 19581 Universal Splashblock might be what you have been looking for. This extension can be connected to any downspout and it will always work well. With it, you won’t think about water damaging your foundation. Most importantly, it is weather-resistant and provided it is unclogged as often as possible, it will offer you many years of excellent performance.

This being a sturdy tool is perfect for any property owner looking for a great extension that nicely completes their home. Genova extensions have a unique leaf design that compliments outdoor landscaping. Even more interesting is the fact that these extensions come in four colors namely Brown, Green, Gray, and Slate. You simply need to get good ones from reputable sellers, and you are sure that no rainwater will compromise the integrity of your home.

One way to test it before admitting it to fully join your drainage system is to get one and place under your home’s drain spout. It serves the purpose well, and you will be persuaded to get a couple of all your downspouts that need extensions. You should also note that based on the features they have, these extensions are priced reasonably.

Dimensions: 21.5 x 9.8 x 2 inches

Weight: 1.65 pounds


  • Lightweight and can easily blend with grass especially if you get the green type
  • Good size, highly durable and can also be used with any type of downspout


  • Strong winds and heavy water flows can easily damage them

#2: Lake Lite HG-31110 Downspout Extension Diamond Rain – Run Downspout Splashblock – Best Durable

If you have decorative landscaping and would like to keep it from being damaged by rainwater, then this is the extension you can consider. It is perfect in channeling water away to the right place. You can thus acquire a couple of them to help you protect your foundation, gardens, and lawns from runoff water.

Unlike other extensions of splash-blocking accessories, the Lake Lite types are made of rugged molded plastic. This means that if you choose to install them underground, you will not worry about decomposition. They also resist cracks caused by temperature extremes. It thus means that when you acquire them, you will enjoy the durability and removal of any excess and unwanted water away from your compound.

One other great feature worth noting about this product is the fact that it is easy to move or even reposition if you feel it is necessary to do so. Besides, if you are used to doing simple plumbing tasks alone, then this is something that you can also easily do it alone. Aside from that, if you ensure that it is free from debris that causes clogging, then you are sure to enjoy many years of hassle-free removal of excess rainwater away from your property.

Dimensions: 23 x 11.2 x 2 inches

Weight: 1.85 Pounds


  • It won’t crack even when there are great temperature fluctuations
  • Blends with a wide array of home exteriors


  • Might not withstand heavy rains especially if it is not installed properly

#3: Flex Drain 85010 Downspout Extension – Best Budget

Although it has been out in the market for long, this downspout extension remains one of the top-rated options on Amazon and other online giants. Its popularity is not, however, a mere coincidence but it is due to its outstanding features. For instance, it is a rustproof extension that you can use for many years without having to worry about wear and tear. It is also a sturdy option hence perfect for any homeowner looking for an extension that will add beauty to their foundation or drainage system.

When it comes to set up, Flex Drain extensions are easy to connect and use. You can connect to traditional downspouts and they will work well. Furthermore, their great construction and durability make them usable either underground or above it depending on how your drainage system is made. The other great thing about these extensions is the fact that they are light and have a rugged construction meaning that you can easily stretch them to whatever size you want, provided that you do not overdo it.

Since they are simple to connect, you do not need to seek the help of experts or plumbers, at least, if you understand a few things about the piping system and extensions. It only takes a minute to set up, and you’ll be assured that no water from your gutter system will damage your property’s foundation.

Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 25.5 inches

Weight: 13 ounces


  • It can be connected both underground and above without any additional requirement or special installation
  • Lightweight extension that can easily stretch to longer sizes
  • Sturdy, rustproof and can last for many years if it is properly maintained


  • It requires screws to connect and it does not come with them hence you might have to buy elsewhere

#4: Amerimax Downspout Extension – Best Value

This is also one of the top-rated downspout extensions that you can get to help you keep your home free from rainwater. It is made of aluminum and if installed well and constantly maintained to get rid of any unwanted materials, it can last for many years. It has been there in the market for many years and users have confirmed that it is, indeed, a weather-resistant extension. Taking a look at its features and the pricing reveals that this is no doubt the best value option.

If you have traditional downspouts and you have been looking for extensions that can attach and match them, then this is something to consider. One thing that makes it stand out from other extensions is the fact that its strength enables it to withstand pressure and hence is unlikely to crack or break even when the movements are strong. Also, since these extensions are made of metal, they are not easy to tear apart as is the case with other extensions that are made of other materials.

It is, however, good to note that there are problems you are likely to face with this extension. For instance, just like any other extension, debris and undesirable gunk can easily collect in the extension especially if there is no filter sieve. If that happens, it won’t work well, and you are likely to have a water drainage system if the problem is not addressed early enough. It is, therefore, good to get one and always check especially after heavy rains if any materials are blocking your extension. Aside from that, all other features of the Amerimax Downspout Extension are great.

Dimensions: 15 x 3.1 x 2.1 inches

Weight: 3.2 ounces


  • Rust-free aluminum increases its weather resistance and durability
  • Attaches easily to gutters and downspouts


  • White color might not be a good option for many

Buying Guide: how to pick the right Downspout Extension for your home

When you start searching online or even hit the road to the nearby shopping center, all you want is the best downspout extension. You do not need any extension but one that will serve the intended purpose and last for long. Getting such an extension, however, is not an easy task. There is a lot to take into account if you truly want the best among all the available options. That, therefore, means that apart from going through the reviews, you ought to also have a buying guide to help you make the right choice.

To find the best that will protect your home, you need to have a checklist that will help you narrow down the list you have to just a few and finally one. Although this might look to be a pretty easy exercise, not everyone gets it right. Some only check a few things leaving out other important details. If you want to finally arrive at the best downspout extension, here are the most important things to consider:

a) Surface or Underground Installation

Downspouts usually come in two types. Some can be installed underground and others are installed on the surface. Depending on where you want to drain water to, you can choose any of these types. You should, therefore, be sure of what type you want. But how do you know that a particular type should be installed on the surface or underground? It is usually indicated on the package. Although they are rare, some can be put anywhere and that too is printed on the packaging. You should, therefore, check it carefully.

b) Set Up and Connection Procedures

Although extensions are not usually hard to set up and connect them to downspouts, you need to check if the screws and other accessories required are all there. If the extension you acquired does not need any accessory, then you have nothing to worry about. But if there are procedures to be followed especially as is the case with some extensions, then you need to make sure that nothing is missing. In some instances, however, you may need to seek the help of a professional downspout extension installer.

c) Type of Downspout Extension

Downspout extensions come in different types. While they all serve the same purpose of draining away rainwater away from your home’s foundation, you need to be specific on the type you want. The common types are flexible and flipper extensions.

       i. Flexible Type

As the name suggests, the flexible downspout extensions are bendy since they have a corrugated design. Moreover, they are made of plastic and are usually priced a bit lower compared to the flipper type. They are a popular option and if you get the right type, you are most likely to enjoy many years of use without any hassle.

     ii. Flipper Type

Unlike the previous type, these are exclusively made of metal and they tend to look sturdy. They also have hinges and screws for use in setting the up or connecting to the downspout. Besides, they are also durable and for this reason, they are priced a bit higher than other flexible types.

If you’ve used extensions before, you must have realized that there are many brands out there but they all fall into these two types. Based on the features of each, you should pick one that will help you keep your home from being damaged by excess rain waters.

d) Size of the Extension

Although most extensions are standard sized, it does not mean that all of them are of the same size. There are instances when you can find one that cannot connect to a standard sized pipe. You should, therefore, make sure that before you open your wallet to pay for an extension, the size you are taking is the right one. If you are not sure, always ask a pro to avoid buying something that will fail to connect well to your downspout.

e) Customer Reviews and Rating

Many people tend to ignore this yet it is one of the most important things to check when buying a downspout extension. If you are getting an extension for your very first time, then you do not know how some of them behave sometimes. Some buyers have bought some brands only to realize later that they were not good. Instead of waiting to learn from such an experience, you need to learn from others. Read what customers have to say about the extensions you are about to purchase.

All these five factors are very vital and you can only get the best downspout extension if you keep them in mind when shopping. You, of course, want something that will take care of your home by keeping all rainwater away from damaging the foundation of your property. Downspout extensions are good but you will only feel good if you get the best among all available options in the market.

Benefits of Getting a good Downspout Extension

Well, let’s face it, having a little water to drench your house and the lawn as well is without any doubt a great thing. The grass will grow nicely and your compound will also look clean since dirt and dust are carried away. However, excess water around your house is more likely to cause more harm than good. That’s where downspout extension comes in and here are the benefits of getting the best for your home:

Prevents Cracks from Developing In Your Home

Rainwater is said to be among the leading causes of cracks in foundations. If you do not find a way of channeling the excess water to a storage tank, sewer system or away from home, you’ll soon have another problem. Cracks will start developing that will in no time start compromising the integrity of your home’s foundation. Fortunately, if you get the best downspout extension, you can drain the water to the right place and prevent unnecessary cracks from developing in your home’s foundation.

Prevents Growth of Molds

Damp, humid or excessively wet conditions created by the presence of excess water often encourage the growth of molds. If you have never faced such a problem before, then you need to know that molds can be a bit difficult to deal with. They spread faster from walls even to the ceilings. To get rid of them, you will need to use special chemicals which apart from causing allergies will also make you incur unnecessary costs. Don’t forget that you may also have to repaint walls especially if the damage is extensive. It is, therefore, good to get downspout extensions and get rid of excess water, so you avoid the whole thing.

Keeps Your Home’s Basement from Flooding

Flooding can easily convert your home’s basement into a swimming pool if you do not take corrective measures early enough. One easiest way to avoid all this from happening is to get downspout extensions to help you complete your drainage system and have all excess water given away to their rightful place.

Prevent Erosion of Flowerbeds

You cannot struggle to raise a nice flowerbed and make your home’s exterior look good then allow your efforts to be swept away by rainwater. Without a working and complete drainage system, your flowerbeds will, of course, get flooded and eventually be swept away. You should, therefore, make sure that you get the best downspout extensions to help you take rainwater to where they should finally stay.

Collection of Excess Water

While the major work that downspout extensions do is to get rid of excess water, you can also use them to collect the water by placing barrels at the end of the extensions. What many people do not know is that such water is very useful and can still be used for lots of other things. For instance, you can use it to feed plants and even veggies in your garden. Besides, you can also preserve it for use later.

Indeed, without good downpour extensions, there are lots of problems that you are likely to encounter. Furthermore, the damage caused by excess water can take time to fix let alone the high cost that comes with it. You should, therefore, find ways of making sure that no rainwater collects near your home’s foundation as it spells disaster as already shown.

Useful Tips to Help You Maintain and Prolong the Lifespan of Your Extension

Acquiring the best downspout extension is not the end of your problems with excess rainwater. You have to constantly check them to ensure that they are working and helping your drain the water away from the foundation. One sure way to keep the extensions working is by cleaning and maintaining them regularly.

Extension maintenance is a do-it-yourself stuff but if you cannot do it or maybe you lack time, then you can seek the help of your plumber. If you want to do the maintenance yourself and it is recommended, then you have to learn or keep a few things in mind. Here are useful quick tips to help you:

  • Clean the extension to remove slime, dead leaves, and debris as often as possible
  • Put mesh above the gutters to collect debris and help keep your extension from clogging
  • Once in a while, blast a garden horse at high pressure through the extension to remove any unwanted gunk that might be in it
  • Get a splash blocker to help you stop water from the extension from washing away soil near it
  • Replace the extensions once they are completely worn out and not working well anymore

As you have seen, these maintenance activities are simple things that you can do alone and you do not need to even seek help from a plumber. If you observe them, you will enjoy many years of hassle-free collection and delivery of water away from your property’s foundation. Do not just buy the extensions, and let that be the end of your efforts. You ought to make sure that they are in good working condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can My Downspout Extension Fall off When Water Flow is Strong?

Let’s say that you have the right downspout extension and the installation the installation was done correctly, then you do not have to worry about your extension falling off. But if it does fall, simply get a downspout cincher to help you hold the extension to the wall and keep it from falling off when there is a lot of water.

What Should I Do When My Extension Develops a Puncture?

You can simply seal the punctures with a waterproof material even it is only one or a few that can be repaired. However, if there are many and the extension has generally worn out, then you might have to consider replacing it. You can prevent such punctures though cleaning and maintenance regularly.

How Can I Keep My Downspout Extension from Clogging After Heavy Rains?

Clogging is a common problem that often occurs when there are heavy rains. Many extensions come with filters that tend to clog if the water going through it has large debris. It happens that it is sometimes a bit difficult to fix the problem. The solution, therefore, is to manually remove any debris heaped up in the filters and your extension will be unclogged.

After How Long Should I Replace My Extensions?

It depends on many factors, including the quality of your extensions, how you maintain them and the amount of water that flows through them. One thing that’s for sure is that you will easily notice when the extensions are completely worn out and there is a need to find new ones. That is the right time to get replacement extensions.

Wrap Up – Final Advice Before Getting Your Downspout Extension

Like any other property owner, you without any doubt want to make sure that the extension you get will serve the intended purpose. That’s, however, not the only thing that you need to check. It should work well and for many years. You cannot keep buying now and then yet it is possible to find a perfect fix that will effectively direct all excess rainwater to the right place. It is only a good quality extension that can offer you such performance. If you read the article keenly, finding a high-quality extension is now simple.

Just before you pick one, consider the factors highlighted here including type, size and most importantly, what other users have to say about each extension you are considering. Take anything said seriously, and do not wait to learn from your own mistakes when those of others can help you avoid problems. Even after acquiring the best extension, do not forget that there are other things to do. You need to carry out maintenance regularly. Keep it in good condition and rainwater will never threaten the integrity of your home’s foundation.