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Choosing the Right Self Storage Facility

Jack Gordon - January 28, 2021 - 0 comments

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You may have too much clutter inside your home or decide to relocate to another place, and you can’t carry all your furniture with you. Some people who are relocating because of job demands may choose to store some of their cabinets and beds because they don’t want to carry all their stuff to the new place.

If you need a temporary place for all your furniture, upholstery, papers, and other essential belongings, you may want to consider self-storage for them. You can get a Storage Plus facility to rent for a short time before figuring out where the other things would go. You can store your documents, excess supplies, office papers, and household belongings in these highly-secured rooms.

However, there are so many storage units available that it can be challenging to figure out which one is right for you. They vary in locations, sizes, features, and amenities, and you don’t want to end up with something that’s too cramped or too big for all of your belongings. Here then are some tips to help you find the one that’s right for you.

How to Look for Self-Storage Units

1. Declutter Everything

The first step is to declutter your belongings and throw away what you don’t need. You can decide that some of your clothes can be donated to charity and most of the newspapers may not be worth keeping. Sort through the things that you must keep in a storage facility. Everything that you don’t want should be tossed out, sold, or donated.

Pack your belongings inside boxes and tape them. Mark them clearly, especially the fragile ones. List the packages and ensure that you’ve included everything on them, so you won’t have to search for something that’s missing later on. Once you have an idea of the things that should go into the facility, you’ll have a better idea of the square footage or the actual size to save some fees and costs in the process.

2. Know the Purpose Behind the Storage

Knowing why you need to store your items will help you figure out the size to work in the best way for your needs. You may be traveling abroad for a few months, and you don’t need access to everything in a while. In this case, you can cram the rooms as much as you want, and you’ll need a smaller area for them all. You can know more about the purpose when you click here.

The smaller rooms can save you a lot since you can stack the items freely. You won’t need to move around them, and you can optimize every inch of space available. With these kinds of units, you can rest assured that your things are safe even if you are gone for a few months. However, when you want to move around a lot because the rooms are used as a warehouse of the products and goods that you sell, you may want to invest in a larger unit to prevent damages.

3. Leave Some Space for Moving Around

If you need to walk around to look for things often, then it’s best to free up some space for walkways so you can move around freely. This is ideal if you are a shop owner with seasonal items like Christmas trees to store and you’re waiting for December to restock them again.

Opting for a larger warehouse will help you access the stocks whenever you need them the most. This will make life easier for you in general as you can just come and go whenever you want. On the other hand, Cramped areas are not ideal for shop owners since they may need to remove some items from their places to look for something.

The result can be a cluttered room, that it will take more effort and time to rearrange the stocks into their original places. Just grabbing something and going out can be a time saver for everyone, and this is a must when looking for the right storage unit.

4. Essential Items should be At the Front

Arranging the things that you need at the front part of your unit will make you spot them easily when you need them. Ensure that larger sofas and cabinets do not hide important documents and small accessories. With this kind of arrangement, you’ll just need to shimmy your way through and grab the stuff that you want without looking for them.

5. Measurements of your Furniture and Things

These facilities may range from small to large sizes, and you can choose the best one that suits you. Ensure that they have enough space or are not positioned in a cramped manner to prevent scratches and damage. Also, it makes no sense to pay for a room that you won’t need, so it’s better to know the right measurements for bulky appliances or furniture. Read more about the size here: https://www.thespruce.com/what-size-storage-unit-2436613.

6. Should Have Adequate Security

The security of the facility is critical. It should have high-quality locks and CCTV cameras. There should be security at the gates to discourage loiterers. If you need to stop by and pick something at midnight, you’ll have a sense of safety that everything will be fine.

Many people even store their trucks, cars, and boats because they are going away for a long time. If this is the case with you, look for a facility with a larger warehouse to accommodate your things to prevent others from stealing them. The right company can give you indoor or outdoor solutions whenever you need them.

7. Location is Important

The location is important, and choose somewhere nearby, especially if you will store a lot of items and furniture. You need to access them, and it’s easier if you can drive and get to it when you need some documents or supplies.

Other people may choose long-distance facilities because it discourages them from driving to the area and actively use the unit. As everyone knows, paying more money for those things that you don’t need to store may not make sense in the long run. Get the amenities that you need as well and ensure that your items are safe.

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