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We pick the top 4 best soft close cabinet hinges

Hey! We are talking about the safety of your household’s fragile fingers and the irking sound of a slamming cabinet door. To save you the push-pull hassle your traditional cabinet door hinges call for, experienced woodworker Jimmy brings you the 4 best soft close cabinet hinges.Why soft close hinges? Of course to save your ass from the earlier mentioned tricky situations. But how? Soft-close hinges use the tension in an included spring to automatically shut or open your cabinet door, perfectly and silently with just a light finger press, this point deserves a heckle, doesn’t it?After fixing an ideal soft close hinge like the overlay soft close face frame 105° compact cabinet hinge, you might encounter troubles such as Too slow or fast closing, uncomplete closing among many others. Do not worry about these issues since there is a perfect solution for each later on but first, let us focus on our top four soft close cabinet hinges that shall work perfectly well for you.

Here is my selected list of four best soft close cabinet hinges

BLUM (10pack)OVERLAY SOFT CLOSE HINGE 38N355B – Best for clean perfect finish results

This is the best soft close hinge that shall leave your fix looking clean and perfect, thanks to the included cover caps. After you are done with the accurate fixing of the screws to fit this hinge in place, all you have to do is fix the caps to give an error-free sparkling look.Need hinges that shall protect your cabinet as you watch them age gracefully with you? Then the Blum soft close hinges fulfill your desires with their included standard polyurethane cabinet bumpers. This ensures a silent final click of your cabinet doors to prevent them from the wear experienced from slamming cabinet doors.This bundle discourages further accessories shopping as it comes with all needed add ons included. This is a set of all the needed screws and the caps at absolutely no extra cost. Buyers for this product testified like I’m doing, about the easy fixing and adjusting this soft close hinges model presents.

My final word on this model

Upon holding the Blum soft-lock hinge model, I felt a heavy hinge and observed how strong and perfect fitting its constituent parts were. These facts promise durability with an outstanding finish ensured by the cover caps, this clean model is worth going for.


-The model includes bumpers that prevent your cabinet door and frame meeting area from wearing.-It comes as an all in one package of all the accessories you shall need other than the tools. This saves you from spending extra bucks as in other models.-It includes finishing caps that ensure a clean perfect finish compared to other models that look messy with exposed bolts and parts after the finish.-Slowly and silently opens to 150° which provides enough space for your operations before light facilitation to watch it close safely to finally click into place firmly without any sound.-It comes in a package of ten hinges which are enough for up to 5 door hinges if you fix two per door. If you have more cabinet doors to fix, then you shall have to add an additional package(s).


-If you have not handled any light screwing before, the screwing shall present a slight challenge before you get used to it.


This popular hinge is the real deal for the popular face frame hinge style.We Americans love the exact use of specialized accessories. Decobasics solves this in the part of soft close hinges with this 1-4/4″ size model which they tailored specially for the face frame hinge style. I know most of our modern cabinets, including mine use the face frame hinge style which gives you a reason to continue reading.Are you fed up with slamming doors every time you operate your cabinet? Here is the perfect answer for your wearing out cabinet door. These hinges come with built-in dumpers that protect your cabinet from wear and tear and of course, give it a long time serving you. Just a quiet, soft click into position with assured safety of your cabinet door, not to forget your lovely household’s fingers! Isn’t this just you need?It is expensive and really tedious to go back shopping for other accessories to fix your hinges. This model saves you this hassle as it comes with a full package with other accessories inclusive. Expect an easy job fixing your cabinet doors given the matching screws this model comes with. I can confirm the easy installation of this hinges, even with little experience, due to the three levels of adjustments it comes with. This also makes it work across doors of different sizes, all you have to do is adjusting the size the fits your cabinet.

A final word on this model

This is a model specially designed for our famous face frame cabinet hinge style. Great chances are that they are the perfect hinge upgrade solution. With the slow and safe closing feature, this door shall save you from the annoying sound that results from slamming. It opens to an angle of 150° giving you full access to the bank of your cabinet. Though higher in price than other models, you get 40 pieces in this package plus the amazing features to finish 20 of your cabinet hinges upgrading the DIY project. This is a top soft close hinge, worth its price and lives to its backing promises.


-It comes in a package of four pieces which is enough for up to 20 cabinet doors.-It is specialized to work perfectly for face to frame hinge style designed cabinet doors.-Comes designed with three levels of adjustments, this gives you easy installation.-Designed with dumpers that slow and silence’s automatic closing process.


-This model is a bit higher in price, but given its features and the package, it ends up saving you the extra bucks you could have spent buying single soft close hinge pieces.


This soft close hing is best for Euro-style frameless cabinets.What if you have a European style frameless cabinet, are you left out on the soft close features? Absolutely no! The giant manufacturer in the soft close hinges sector got you with the Blum Clip Top soft-close frameless hinges which are specially designed to be inset for frameless doors. This model shall open or close slowly to perfectly fit into place without any locks, thanks to the included Blumition soft close feature. With this model, you do away with slamming and at the same time protect your cabinet doors from wear caused by slamming. To add to this, the model discourages further after purchase shopping since it comes with mounting plates and screws. All you need is to pick that screwdriver and set it to work. Easy installation of this frameless hinges comes from their 3-dimensional adjustments which allow you to move the hinge up, down or deeper to achieve the perfect result.

My final word on Blum Clip Top Blumotion soft close hinges.

This is the best European style frameless cabinet soft close hinge. It is designed to be inset, thereby maintaining the design while upgrading to a soft silent automatic opening and closing.


-Has the soft closing feature.-Specially designed for inset fixing which makes it perfect for frameless cabinets.-It comes in a complete package of matching screws and mounting plates.-Presents you with easy installation due to their 3 dimensions of adjustment.


-Most buyers complained of incomplete package contents. You shall have to order an extra package which you shall return after confirming your needed threshold is complete.


Looking for the most affordable quality soft close cabinet hinges? Well, look no further for the Goldenwarm soft close cabinet hinges got you. This five star rated face frame style door hinges work perfectly at an affordable price. The included quality dumper makes this model open and closes in a smooth and silent manner. Here you get to save your ears from the annoying slamming sound and still prevent wear and tear. With this multilayered electroplated soft close hinges, you are assured of very smooth, damp proof and corrosion-resistant hinges that perfectly fit your kitchen and washroom operations. In the purchased package, you get matching screws and dowels at no extra cost, just roll up your sleeves and get to work. Let us talk about the 3D adjustment options that let you adjust your cabinet door up and down, left and right or in and out, with this you can make countless adjustments to attain the perfect fix.A final word on the Goldenwarm soft close cabinet hinges – SCH12SNB Do not let your budget push you to buy non-standard soft close hinges. This affordable soft close hinges model present you with a less expensive but quality hinges that shall see your cabinet age gracefully with you.


-Offer 3D adjustment options for a perfect fit.-Employ multilayer electroplating treatment to avoid rusting and work smart in the expected dump conditions.-The package contains ten pieces that makeup 5 pairs for a light hinge replacement DIY project.-These soft close hinges are affordable.


-This model comes with ten pieces in the package, if you have more cabinet doors to do, you shall have to order additional packages.

Our buying guide for choosing the right soft close cabinet hinges

What features distinguish the best soft close hinge from the crowded market?

You should consider a number of factors when choosing an ideal soft close cabinet hinge. The primary factors being the type of cabinet, its door, and the hinge design.

Type of cabinet

There are two types of cabinets, those with a face frame, and those without. Face frames are 3/4″ thick by 11/2 wide pieces of wood which are attached to the front edge of a cabinet so that they extend a little bit into the cabinet opening. A model such as overlay soft close face frame 105° compact cabinet hinges work best for cabinets with this design.On the other hand, frameless cabinets are those without any extra additional frame at the edges of the opening of the cabinet. This requires models such as the blum clip top blumotion soft close hinges, 110°, self-closing frameless with mounting plates that work perfectly for this purpose.

Inset and overlay hinges

Inset or overlay hinges can be found on both frameless and face frame cabinet designs.If your door aligns with the face frame, or the frontage of a cabinet fully, then you have an inset hinge design cabinet. But if the door of your cabinet sits on the face frame or the edge of your cabinet’s sideboards, then your cabinet hinge design is an overlay. Overlay hinge designs can be either partial overlay (when they cover part of the whole face of your cabinet) or full when they cover the whole face of your cabinet.An ideal overlay hinge can help you overlay your door on your cabinet front from around 1/4″ – 11/2″On the other hand inset doors that fit into the face frame fit at a general space of about 1/9″ – 1/5″ from the face frame or the cabinet’s front edge. This space is called a reveal, averagely, a uniform reveal of about 1/9″ does well. The intended hinge should be uniform with the reveal in order to fit perfectly. This type of doors is a bit challenging to fix compared to the overlay hinge designed ones.Find more distinguishing information between frameless and face frame cabinets here


Buying a soft close hinge to upgrade your door hinges is one thing, fixing them is another. For easy adjusting even after driving in the screws, an ideal model needs to be adjustable in size. A good pick such as the overlay soft close face frame 105° compact cabinet hinge shall give you space for three levels of adjustments, (1-1/4″).

The price

Your budget and needs take tall on this factor. The more the hinges and features you need, the more the price. Make sure not to compromise your needed features or number of hinges at the expense of your budget, it might turn out to be expensive in the long run due to the many repair needs that shall arise out of the imperfections.

Soft-close cabinet hinges – frequently asked questions (faqs)

Questions: What are soft-close hinges?

Solution: Soft close hinges are modern more mechanized automatic closing and opening hinges. These hinges perform similar to the ones connecting the seat of a toilet and its lead. They are made in such a way that tension produced by the included spring, automatically closes the door while soft plastic friction washers make the door close slowly to finally click into place tightly and silently. Cabinet doors are additionally fixed with soft plastic pads at the point where the door fixes with the frame. Models differ in design but the idea remains the same. Understand more on soft close hinges here.

Question: My soft-close hinges make my door close too slow or fast ending up with an unwanted slamming, what is the solution for this?

Solution: As we said earlier, do not worry much about this. What makes your door slum too fast resulting in a slum is loose tension of the included spring. Just carefully access the included spring tension adjuster which comes with most models, and tighten up the tension while checking out for the optimum tension that shall work perfectly for your door. If it makes the door open up too fast, then you need to loosen up the spring tension to the desired automatic opening performance. This way you shall achieve the soft and slow perfect closing feature that makes the soft close hinges a great deal in this modern world. Find more on how to adjust your soft close hinge spring tension here or on Quora

Question: How many hinges are needed to achieve a stable door.

Answer: This shall vary with the door size. The larger the door, the more (about three) the hinges. Smaller doors usually work fine. Pro tip: Do not save on the budget to use single hinges on your cabinet doors, they lead to unstable closure and early loosing of balance. Go for two and above.

Question: Can I upgrade my cabinet doors for myself?

Answer: Fixing of soft close cabinet doors is an easy task as long as you can use a screwdriver. Just make sure you go for an adjustable hinge model since they are easy to install and adjust or that with your cabinet’s specific size. All you need to do is mark the points to fix your soft-close hinges along the edge of the door and frame. After that, you shall need to screw up the hinge and do some adjustments for perfect closure before tightening up the screws. Next, fix the bumpers in place and watch your door close slowly to perfectly fit into place.


Your cabinet hinge upgrade DIY project calls for the best soft close cabinet hinges. Finding this is no longer a challenging factor, all you got to do is pick, one among the top 4 soft close cabinet hinges. Make sure you choose a model that suits your cabinet style, budget, and personal preferences. By the way, having a cabinet hardware jig will make your work easier.Do you have a question or a better pick for the right soft close cabinet hinges? Let’s have your take or let me know via Jack.Toildrop@gmail.com