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New Updated Information To Get The Best Cobalt Drill Bits

Drilling metals or other materials such as wood, plastic, and concrete among others require the use of special drilling tools. These tools are many and readily available but choosing the best among the many options out there in the market is the biggest challenge. It is very easy to get a poor-quality drill bit especially if you are a first-time buyer. To avoid that, you need to know the various brands out there. Most importantly, you should have a procedure for finding the best.

In this review, we explore the best cobalt drill bits. More specifically, we take you through top-rated, high-quality cobalt drill bits. We also provide a buying guide and answer a few commonly asked questions. With this vital information, making a choice is going to be pretty simple for you. You’ll just pick the best from our list depending on the specific features you want.

Here Are Our Selected Top Cobalt Drill Bits

#1: Bosch CO2148 Cobalt Drill Bit – The Best Overall

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In all honesty, Bosch is a great manufacturer and a world market leader in the production of power tools and accessories. Its determination to offer customers the best is what has set it different from the others. Want to have a taste of its goodness? Have a look at its top-rated Bosch CO2148 Cobalt Drill Bit. It will completely change your drilling experience.

One great feature that makes the Bosch CO2148 Cobalt Drill Bit unique in the market is its ability to withstand prolonged use. If you are a professional driller, you understand what drilling for long means for your tool. It can get overheated. That’s what Bosch wants to solve. With its power tools, you can drill without worrying about your tool overheating before you are even halfway done with the job.

If you also drill abrasive materials then the Bosch CO2148 Cobalt Drill Bit can be your best option. It can easily penetrate through such materials without any hassle. More specifically, it can drill into stainless steel, high carbon steel, alloy steel, titanium, and aluminum. Precisely, this is the drill bit you should consider especially for tough drilling applications.

Generally, the Bosch CO2148 Cobalt Drill Bit has the best features (Strength and ability to withstand high temperatures). For this reason, we picked it as our best. Once more, remember that Bosch is an industry giant.


  • It’s rigid, thick web design makes it stable especially in tough applications. It also enhances its durability.
  • It is pretty easy to use and saves you tons of labor especially when doing a lot of drill works.


  • It can be a little hard to find size but it is available in jobber length, full shank

#2: IRWIN Left Hand Drill Bit Set – Best Value Cobalt Drill Bit

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Sometimes you may want to drill tough and abrasive metals but the drill bit you have lets you down. You can only get through such materials if you have a drilling tool that is resistant to abrasive materials. One such great drilling tool is the IRWIN Left Hand Drill Bit Set.

With a heavy-duty spiral flute design, the IRWIN Left Hand Drill Bit Set brings a new drilling style that solves a couple of common problems. For instance, it produces superfast chip ejection, a trait that makes work easy for the driller. Besides, it also enhances its balance on the surface while drilling.

Another key feature of the IRWIN Left Hand Drill Bit Set is its unique construction with high-speed steel. The material not only gives it the strength it needs to go through hard surfaces but it also makes it durable. It is, therefore, that best value drill bit that you can offer you many years of super performance always delivering great drilling results.


  • It drills at a very fast speed and is highly resistant to scratch
  • Its 135-degree split point makes work easy for the operator especially when drilling for a long time
  • It does not produce heat even when used to drill several tough metals


  • Bits can break if you do not lubricate them as often as possible

#3: Drill Hog USA 13 Pc Cobalt Drill Bit Set – Best Brand

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 Being probably the newest cobalt drill bit set in our list, the Drill Hog USA 13 Pc Cobalt Drill Bit Set might probably be what you have always wanted to use. It brings the newest drilling technology to the market. Just to illustrate this, this amazing bit has a melting point of 2, 723 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning that it won’t overheat, no matter how hard you drill your surfaces.

The Drill Hog USA 13 Pc Cobalt Drill Bit Set is also easy to carry as it weighs 1.81 pounds only. Also, its unique construction made of Solid Cobalt M42 Steel makes it a highly durable tool that you can use for a considerable length of time. Like the previous drill bit, its split point is 135 degrees which means that you can freely use it without worrying about unnecessary movements or “walking” in the drilling language.

In a nutshell, if you want a cobalt drill bit that brings new technology to your work, then this could be what you have been looking for. It is a great product manufactured by a great manufacturer – Drill Hog USA. This amazing brand gives you a lifetime warranty if you register your bit on its site. This bit is our best brand – Made in America.


  • Extremely sharp and can drill through metal with a lot of ease without trying to move away from the center
  • Its solid cobalt steel enhances durability


  • You may have to use a good cutting fluid if you want good drilling results

#4: Drill America 5/32 Inches x 6 inches Cobalt Aircraft Extension Drill Bit, GLBCO Series – The Best Budget Drill Bit

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The Drill America Cobalt Drill Bit is another newest brand in the market that brings in a new way of drilling as well. If you want to drill through materials such as Inconel, titanium and stainless steel, then this drill bit can help you a lot. Besides, you can use it for a wide range of drilling tasks as its features make it versatile.

Being a well-designed drilling tool, Drill Hog USA 13 Pc Cobalt Drill Bit Set makes work easier for the user and does a nice job. For instance, with this driller, you do not need to do any pilot hole first before doing the real task since it has a self-focusing split point that prevents it from “dancing” while drilling. You are thus sure to produce smooth and clean holes in many materials including tough metals.

Generally, we can say that this is a great addition to the brands already existing in the market. This is because it brings awesome features that have been lacking in a couple of leading brands out there. You can give it a try and who knows? It might be what you have always wanted to have for your drilling tasks.


  • Comes with extra lengths of between 6 and 12 inches to help in case you want extra reach when drilling.
  • Versatile and tough hence can easily get through hard metals without overheating or getting blunt, unlike other similar tools.
  • Excellent for wood pilot holes.


  • None as of 2019.

The Most Useful Buying Guide you’ll Ever Need to Get the Best Cobalt Drill Bits

With plenty of cobalt drill bits available in the market, any buyer who wants to get the best must have a way of making a choice. You can’t just purchase something since it is labeled as the best unless you have used a similar one and you just need a replacement or an additional one.

To make the right selection, you need to you must first understand a couple of things. Drill bits are designed differently to drill different materials mainly wood, metal, porcelain tile, aluminum, steel, hardened steel, and masonry. Besides, drill bits are of different qualities and have distinct features as well. That means for you to get the best cobalt drill bit, you have to consider a couple of things. Here the most essential factors to consider:

The Brand

A drill bit is as good as the brand that makes it. So even before delving into the technical features of the product, consider the brand first. When it comes to drilling bits and related accessories, the big names in the industry include Drill America, Drill Hog USA, DEWALT and IRWIN among others. Many people often prefer those based in the US for their consistency in quality.


The material used is also another great factor that should influence your selection of cobalt drill bit. The best materials are those that are strong and can resist heat when used to drill continuously. One such material is cobalt high-speed steel. So check this before picking the drill bit you prefer.

Style of the Tip Point

Primarily, drill bits are used to penetrate surfaces or materials for masonry or other reasons. You, therefore, need to be careful to pick something that will penetrate easily. Tip point style is what determines the penetration capacity of a drill bit. Tip styles include brand point, tapered point, fish point, V-point, and 135-degree split point style. The best style is the 135-degree style since it allows you to drill without moving away from the area of focus. Most drill bits reviewed here are the 135-degree type.


When it comes to the size, the rule of thumb is to get a variety. The essence is that with such options, you can do many drilling jobs without having to change the bit every time. Get small as well as big ones as some jobs might need an extra reach.


Your budget also plays a very vital role in your choice of the best cobalt drills bits. If you want a good one, set a good amount for high-quality drill bits. While drill bits are not very expensive, good ones usually sell a little bit higher than others.

In a nutshell, these five factors play a pivotal role in your search for the best cobalt drill bit in the market. They are the specifications you need to master before you begin the search process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why Should I Buy Cobalt Drill Bits?

Cobalt drill bits are strong and can easily drill through a couple of materials and surfaces including the very tough ones. They are also resistant and can last long if you use it well.

Q2: Do I Need Cutting Oil for My Cobalt Drill Bit?

Yes, cutting oil plays a very important role when drilling using cobalt drill bits. It lubricates the drill bit and also makes it easy to penetrate the material you are drilling.

Q3: How Do I maximize the life of My Drill Bit?

Follow user instructions and always clean/lubricate after use. Most importantly, use it for the right purpose by using it to drill the recommended surfaces or materials only.


Any task that involves drilling can be a daunting one if you do not have the right tool. Besides, a small mistake can end up spoiling the material or surface you want to drill. You surely do not want any of that. With any of the four good quality cobalt drill bits reviewed in this article, you can avoid such mistakes and be sure to drill a clean, smooth hole into any material or surface. My choice is the Bosch CO2148 Cobalt Drill Bit for my workshop and it has served me just right, drilling through hard material could not be easier.

What do you think? Do you want the best? Your choice process is without any doubt easy with this guide. However, should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach me via [email protected] as I am always available for you.