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Best construction adhesive – Reviews 2020

Finding the best construction adhesive might not be an easy job even for experienced constructors and workers in the industry. If you never invested in such a product it will be even more challenging to get it right from the first time. But this complex guide will help you understand how to choose the best construction adhesive on the market at the most convenient prices!

Here is our list of best construction adhesives on the market

You will notice that there is a wide range of products on the market when it comes to construction adhesives. And to save yourself from hours of research, here are the best ones that you can consider investing in and why!

Gorilla 102055 Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive, 9 ounce Cartridge, White – Best adhesive for concrete materials

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A great adhesive that you will not regret investing in is this product from Gorilla. You can get it in a pack of 1, 2, 6 and 12 so depending on the type of construction you are involved in. This adhesive is so strong and reliable that it will work on all types of materials.

A great thing about this product is that it is the type of adhesive that you can use it on all types of construction projects. It will give you the best results for indoor constructions and outdoor constructions. It will take on half a minute to get the results you want by using this product. And to make it even more efficient, this adhesive will work on any type of weather conditions as well, regardless of the level of humidity for instance.

You don’t need to mix it with any solvent as this is already prepared to use it right from the box. It is also VOC compliant!


– Thanks to the high quality of this product, it will bind everything in a sturdy way

– You will not have to wait too long to get the result as it is going to work in just 30 seconds.

– This adhesive has no unpleasant odor so you will feel comfortable as you work with it.

– You can use it inside or outside so you don’t have to spend money on two different products.

– It works just as well on any type of weather which makes this adhesive perfect for any construction project.


– It might leak in certain spots, especially at corners, if you don’t use enough of it.

Loctite PL Premium Polyurethane Construction Adhesive

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This adhesive is best for binding concrete to wood

Another product that will come very handy as you are completing your construction projects is this adhesive from Loctite. You can get a 10-ounce bottle or a pack of 6 bottles and even a pack of 12 bottles. This adhesive is based on polyurethane and it is one of the most professional adhesives that you can find on the market at a convenient cost.

You can use it successfully in warm or cold weather and the results will be the same. Also, just like the previous product, you can use it for indoor projects or outdoor projects. A great quality of this product is that it is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about the rain or high level of humidity.

If you are using different materials in your construction projects such as wood, concrete or metal, this one is the best adhesive for you because it will bind all these materials just as easy. You can even use it on lumber, being it humid or dry one.


– This excellent construction adhesive is perfect for a wide range of materials so you will use it every time you have a project

– It can be used outside and inside with the same high-quality results

– It is waterproof so there is no need to worry about rain

– You can successfully paint over it so you can change the color of your walls anytime you want


– You need to apply a thick layer to get the results you want

PC Products 70086 PC-Concrete Two-Part Epoxy Adhesive Paste

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The best choice for your concrete walls

If you need an adhesive that will work perfectly for concrete walls, this one might be the best choice for your construction project. It is very easy to apply and very resistant as well. You can purchase it in different sizes according to the complexity of your construction project.

This adhesive paste will be resistant to moisture as well as other extreme weather conditions that you might have to face while you are working. Just like other adhesives that we selected for this list, this one can be applied indoors and outdoors and you can use it vertically as well since it is thick enough.

The work time needed for this adhesive is 20 minutes and it will completely dry out in 4 hours. Plus, the results you will get will be very professional and they will last a long time!


– A very good adhesive in any weather conditions

– It is perfect for indoors and outdoors construction projects

– It is very easy to apply so if you are a beginner it is a great choice for you

– The results are long-lasting so you will not have to reapply it


– This adhesive might be too thick for some preferences, which makes it hard to apply

E6000 220011 High Viscosity Adhesive

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This adhesive is perfect for all types of jobs

This adhesive is all you need if you are planning to do different construction projects around your home. It is perfect for beginners and you will not have any problems when you apply this on your materials. It is not flammable and it is a lot more resistant than other adhesives so you can rely on it for a long time.

You will not have to worry about chemical exposure because this adhesive is resistant to that as well. It is also waterproof so you will not take any risks by using this adhesive on rainy days or in places with increased humidity. It is also very flexible so you will contribute in the best way possible to the construction project that you work at.

This adhesive can be used on different types of wood, concrete, fiberglass, metal as well as many other materials. Once you get such a product you will be able to use it where ever you want to.


– Waterproof adhesive which is very useful if you happen to be exposed to rain as you are working

– It can be used on any type of material

– Easy to use for beginners as you don’t need any experience

– It is resistant to chemicals so you don’t have to worry about damaging it


– It might not deliver the best results for small areas

How to choose a construction adhesive for your needs

Choosing the best construction adhesive implies a certain level of knowledge in the construction industry. But even if you are a beginner, you can’t go wrong by taking into account the following aspects!

The material you will work with

It is very important to know where you will use your adhesive in order to be able to choose the best one. There are adhesive pastes for concrete, wood, metal or for all these materials and many others. The manufacturer will specify that in the description and you will be able to make the best decision based on this type of information.

The resistance over time

A good adhesive product should last for a long time. Usually, the manufacturer will specify the lifespan of your adhesive as long as you apply it correctly and on the right type of material. So, make sure to choose the one with the longest lifespan.

Special features

You will find adhesives that are waterproof or chemical resistant as well as adhesives that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Depending on the type of construction job that you need to perform, you should choose the adhesive that works best for you and the conditions you need to work in.

Best construction adhesive brands


Gorilla is one of the best brands on the market when it comes to construction products. The company is based in Cincinnati, Ohio and has experience in the industry of over 20 years!


Loctite is a company with offices all over the world that has plenty of construction products to offer. By purchasing what you need from them, you will be able to take care of any type of construction project by yourself!

PC Products

Another brand that you can rely on when it comes to construction adhesives is PC Products. This company was founded in the USA in 1954 and they never disappointed their clients ever since.


At E600 you find plenty of products based on the wide experience of this brand in the industry. They have an adhesive for every situation and they are all very resistant and at budget-friendly prices.


Can I use paint over a layer of adhesive paste?

Yes, you definitely can paint and repaint the surface as many times as you want. There are even adhesives that are paint friendly and you will notice that feature in the description of the products.

What is construction adhesive used for?

You can use such an adhesive paste to stick two different pieces of material together in order to complete your construction project. You can bind two pieces of wood, concrete or even metal and therefor build different objects or buildings. You will find such a product in a tube so you can apply it a lot easier.

Can I make my own adhesive at home?

The range of situations that might require a good adhesive in constructions in very wide. If you choose to create your own glue you risk to obtain mediocre results and waste plenty of money in the process. So, while you might be able to create a certain type of adhesive at home, it is most likely not worth it to do that when you can purchase professional products at convenient costs.


When it comes to using a good construction adhesive, you shouldn’t compromise. If the adhesive paste that you are using is not good enough, you might need to reapply it often and waste time and money in the process. Choose one of the products presented in this guide and you will not have to take such risks because we picked the best construction adhesives for you!