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Best Countersink Bit in America- Reviews 2019

Drilling or making anything held with screws requires that you take care to ensure that the head of the screw flushes with the surface. To achieve this without any hassle, you need to use high-quality countersink bits. Now, this is where the challenge comes. A simple search on the internet about countersink bits will lead you countless brands. Making a decision on which one to pick among the many options you’ll find is not an easy task. Without a guide, you might not find a quality bit for your work. Fortunately, we’ve made work simple for you by detailing a perfect guide to finding the best countersink bit.

In this article, we provide you with the information you need when looking for your next countersink bit. Our goal is to ensure that you are satisfied with your selection and that you also enjoy a good experience while using it. We begin by taking you through the five best candidates that we’ve reviewed. The best overall is Countersink Drill Bit Set 7 Pack ¼” Hex Shank and 90 Degree HSS Flute Drill. If you are working on a budget, your best option is Bosch CST1 ½ In. Titanium Coated Countersink, and finally, the best value is Neiko 10218A Countersink Drill Bit Set. So, without further delay, here is a list of the leading countersink bits in the market.

Here Are Our Top Five Selected Countersink Bits

#1: Greenlee DTAPKIT 6-32 to ¼-20 6-Piece Combination Drill and Tap Set

First on our list is the Greenlee DTAPKIT 6-32 to ¼-20 6-Piece Combination Drill and Tap Set. We chose it for its amazing quality and the fact that it is a multipurpose tool. It is a bit that does it all in one operation. With it, you can drill, tap, and countersink at once meaning that when you have it, you got everything to complete your job. Isn’t it a nice idea to have such a tool that makes work easier for you? Well, we all want to make work easier when drilling or making anything that is held with screws. So if you are looking for a nice countersink bit, then you now have a great option that you must consider.

The Greenlee DTAPKIT 6-32 to ¼-20 6-Piece Combination Drill and Tap Set is made of hardened high-grade steel. It’s such a great construction that makes it usable with up to 10-gauge metal. Also, this set is back-tapered to avoid damage that can occur from over drilling. For ease of change of roles, this great tool has a quick change adapter that is included to make bit switching easy. For these reasons, this set has quickly gained loyalty from users. It is currently enjoying a top-rating in great online shops including Amazon. You can browse to have a look at what users have to say about it. It is, indeed, a must-consider option if you want the best countersink bit.


  • Its great construction of hardened high-speed steel versus carbon steel makes it a highly durable tool
  • It does complete drilling, tapping and countersinking in just one operation
  • It has a strong hex shank for a strong connection to the drill
  • Comes together with a quick change adapter for easy switching or roles


  • You might need to use metal cutting fluid to reduce friction as well as cool the bit
  • You may have to spend a little more but it is no doubt worth the extra cost

#2: Countersink Drill Bit Set 7 Pack ¼” Hex Shank and 90 Degree HSS Flute Drill – Top Pick

Our second in the list is also a great product worth considering especially if you are working on a limited budget. It is a high-quality bit made from high-speed steel. They are also coated with super-hard titanium to enhance durability and offer you the best performance for many years. While the brand behind this product may not be as popular as those that have been there for decades, the fact is that this is a great product. For instance, since its release, it has received great support from buyers who praise it for its great versatility and strength. It is currently among the top-rated countersink bits in the industry.

Ideally, the Countersink Drill Bit Set 7 Pack ¼” Hex Shank works best when used for plywood, wooden planks, soft metal, particleboard, fiberboard, aluminum board, and plastic. If you do drilling work, then undoubtedly, these are the materials you use daily. For reliability and excellent drilling without any hassle, you can use this countersinking bit. It has a great design and it cannot slip in drill chucks. Even more, interestingly, it delivers an automatic spring strike when you press it against any surface. It is also good to note that this product comes as a set of 7 bits. The sizes of these bits range from 6mm to 19mm. You can get it on Amazon.


  • Great countersink bit set with multifunctional uses
  • It is great for sinking 90-degree countersink bit holes
  • It is made from strong material that can last for long when kept well
  • It has a great design and is easy to use


  • Some users say that it is so dull when driven into some materials such as softwood

#3: Irwin Metal Countersink Drill Bit Set, 5-Piece, 1877793

The Irwin Countersink Bit Set features in our list for many great reasons worth knowing as a potential user of this great tool. First, Irwin is a brand that has earned a reputation in the industry for its unique quality products. For instance, its countersink bit sfet has a great construction of industrial-grade steel for enhanced durability. Also, the fact that this product has a special coating assures you that it is something that you can acquire today and use it for long provided you know how to maintain it. Maintenance should not, however, give you a headache since the Irwin Kit comes with its storage case.

Turning to further features and description, the Irwin Metal Countersink Drill Bit Set has a ¼” shank and the set includes five variants of countersink bits. This means that you can use it with a wide array of drills. Even though it is labeled as a metal drill bit set, you are free to use it with other materials including wood. Aside from that, another feature of this bit set is its unique five-flute design that reduces vibration while drilling. You can thus be sure that with this tool, you will always enjoy smooth drilling. For prices, customer reviews, and even warranty details have a look at it on Amazon.


  • It is a highly versatile countersink bit set that fits almost all handheld drills including even those that are stationary
  • Its construction and finish makes gives it an added strength and durability
  • Does the job well and is perfectly suitable for all your drilling needs or any task involving the use of screws


  • There have been reports that it might not be a perfect option if you want it to use it with harder materials like steel
  • It might not also be the best bet for you if you are looking for a countersink bit that’s perfect for your budget

#4: Neiko 10218A Countersink Drill Bit Set – Best Value Counter Sink Bit Set

Our list cannot be complete without mentioning this great tool from Neiko. As you might already be aware, Neiko is one of the leading brands and also popular among the drilling community. Away from that, the Neiko 10218A Countersink Drill Bit Set features a unique five-flute design that helps reduce vibration plus the resultant friction. Also, to help in preventing slipping, this amazing bit has a tri-flat design. This design, besides, allows it to fit well with most of the commonly used handheld presses plus drills. Indeed, this is a great option to include in the list of the best countersink bits out there in the market.

It is also worth noting that this set comes as a group of five ¼” countersink drill bits specially designed with 82-degree angle. With it, you can comfortably and smoothly drill into soft metals, plastic, rubber, wood, and other materials. Provided you know how to use it, you should never be worried about the result as it always does the best. One more thing to note about this countersink bit is the fact that it is easy to store and even carry around. In fact, it comes with a sturdy aluminum case to help you in carrying as well as storage. Price details, warranty, and reviews from past customers are available on Amazon for your perusal. Give it a try, and it might just be what you need to make your work easy.


  • It comes as a set containing all the commonly used drill bits
  • Its unique design helps reduce vibration while using it
  • You can use it on a wide range of materials and surfaces including wood, soft metal, and plastic among many others
  • Always gives a smooth and uniform performance


  • The interior foam material can get stuck to the bit when you first take them out but it does not affect its performance in any way.

#5: Bosch CST1 ½ In. Titanium Coated Countersink – Best Budget

The Bosch CST1 ½ In. Titanium Coated Countersink completes our list of top five countersink bits. It is a great brand that comes from a great manufacturer that is constantly striving to offer its customers innovative products. In fact, the company has been making high-quality tools for the last couple of years. For this reason, it’s Bosch CST1 ½ In. Titanium Coated Countersink is also another great option you should think of acquiring. So far, it enjoys a top rating and many users are continuing to praise it for its top performance compared to other models in the market. Give it a try, and you might be surprised by its super performance.

When it comes to the design, the Bosch CST1 ½ In. Titanium Coated Countersink has a double-balanced flute design. This eliminates any chatter or vibration while using it hence you can rest assured of smooth operation from the start to the end. Also, its unique trailing flute automatically deburrs holes. As a potential user, you should also note that this great tool has a cutting edge that can be re-sharpened for longer life. You now know why this is a great option. It, indeed, works best and it starts self-starts on contact. It is available on Amazon, and you can have a look at what other buyers have to say about this great countersink bit.


  • It works well and can last longer especially when re-sharpened regularly
  • Its great design stops any vibration when using it
  • It is the best for deburring pre-drilled holes


  • Some users have complained that in some instances, the results aren’t as clean as expected

Best Brand For Countersink Bits

Different countersink bits are made by different brands. Some of them have been there for decades, and they have built a reputation over the years. Others are new entrants but they are already winning many in the drilling community because of their quality tools. From our top-five list, the best brands that always do their best to give customers the best and meet their needs are Bosch, Greenlee, Irwin, and Neiko. The first two are relatively new compared to Neiko Company that has been operating for decades. We picked these three as our top brands not only for their top-rated products but also because of their readiness to give customers the best.

You should, however, note that all the brands behind our top five countersink bits are generally leading in the industry. They are all trying their best to bring new stuff to the market and change things for good. You’ll also find that some of them are great when it comes to pricing. A good example is Bosch. Its products including Bosch CST1 ½ In. Titanium Coated Countersink is top-quality but priced relatively lower than others. Such great pricing makes it possible for everyone in the drilling industry to afford them. With the great competition in the market getting such products is good news for the buyer who is constantly faced with the challenge of making a purchase decision.

Things to Consider When Making Your Countersink Bit Purchase Decision.

Even with the reduced list of the top five, you’ll still need to decide on which bit to purchase. Although it won’t be hard at this stage, you need to have a way of finally arriving at one option. We’ve put together the information you need, to help you make a decision easily when you start your search. Here are a couple of things to consider when making your decision on which countersink bit to purchase:

The Design of the Shank

If you don’t know, the shank is the part that gets inside your drill. When it comes to countersink bits, these parts come majorly in two designs. Some are hexagonal while others are flattened. The idea of paying attention to these parts is the fact that they have an impact on the grip in the chuck. So get one that will grip perfectly especially if you are used to doing hard drilling jobs.

Construction of the Bit

What materials were used in the manufacturing of the bits you are considering? Well, as you have noted, some are made of hard materials that enhance their durability. Some brands use hardened steel while others use soft. Also, some bits have a coating while others might not be having it. It is thus vital to consider this when making your purchase decision.

What Type of Materials Will You Deal With?

You must have noted that not all countersink bits we have reviewed on all materials. Some are designed to be used with specific ones. So, if you’ll be dealing with hard materials like hardened steel, stone, concrete or metal, get the right bits. You will no doubt find the best if you know what you intend to use your countersink bit for once you acquire it.

Your Working Budget

Some people work with tight budgets, and it is very vital to do so especially when buying such tools. We’ve already given you an option if you want a countersink bit that is not expensive. However, you should note that these bits are generally not overly expensive, so the budget shouldn’t limit you much. The most important thing to get something that will do a good job and within your budget limits as well.

Wrapping Up

Now you have what you need to make the right decision regarding countersink bits. Indeed, this is a unique guide that makes the whole process simple. Don’t get anything without doing your homework first. You deserve the best and whenever you buy any tool, you should get value for your money. As you have seen, there are great options out there in the market. However, reducing them to one best countersink bit is not an easy task. Make use of what is discussed here and you will not go wrong. All the best as you make an informed decision.