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Decor Trends for 2021: Tips for Styling Your Interiors

Jack Gordon - January 23, 2021 - 0 comments

Many people have gone through difficult times in the past year and are looking forward to a better 2021. One way of relieving stress and anxiety is to decorate our homes with the latest trends. There are plenty of new interior design ideas that can satisfy your needs and taste for your home, and here are some schemes that you may want to consider.

Yellow and Gray Color Scheme

Every year, interior designing involves incorporating color trends. For 2021, shades of yellow and pale gray are leading the home style trend. What’s great about these colors is that they help highlight your decor. According to Pearls Furniture, colors are central to a home’s design aesthetic as it can help the furniture pop out and become a focal point in space. Yellow and gray also represent hope and resilience, which we all need at this time.


Cottagecore is an interior design concept that takes inspiration from agricultural aesthetics. The idea is to decorate the home with simple things that blend well with nature. This may be a romanticized interpretation, but it is needed now as most people would want to reflect care for the environment and people around them. The idea of providing and receiving comfort is very prevalent among home designers and homeowners this year. That’s why this design trend has seen a lot of support from those who plan to remodel their homes.

Rustic Vogue (Modern Rustic)

Rustic Vogue is an interior design style that uses natural materials such as rattan, stone, clay, and wood. Modern Rustic interior design is indistinguishable from the Cottagecore design style, but utilizes neutral colors and more modern components. This design is attractive to many people who desire comfort in their homes but with great character. The rustic vogue design works well with homes with exquisite characteristics like paneled walls, floorboards, or exposed beams that you can incorporate modern ideas with the old design. Wood is the primary material that makes a rustic vogue interior, which features texture and plenty of grain.

Modern Country Vibe

For those who would like to imbibe the country vibe but with a contemporary feel, it would be best to follow the modern country vibe. This trend centers on warm amber hues with a beautiful play on meadow prints and a mixture of natural textures that can make one feel cozy at home. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns with muted colors to achieve that modern country design scheme.


Most people getaway for summer, but with travel restrictions in place, they can resort to decorating their homes to make them feel the tropical vibe they’ve been craving for months. It is no longer unusual to find homes filled with ornamental and tropical plants. The plant craze is worldwide, with some plant collectors complaining about the soaring prices of tropical plants.

The idea is to bring the outdoors into the home. The key is to fill the home with plants that you would typically find in tropical countries. Those whose house cannot accommodate plants, changing the wallpaper and compensating with including floral prints into their home decors.


Most people nowadays feel nostalgic. It can’t be helped with all the things that have happened in the past year. It is understandable if many would want to reminisce. Plus, it is also suitable for their pocket as salvaged and repurposed items can be way cheaper. If you aim to apply this trend, go for muted pieces. Always remember that less is more to ensure that you achieve a cohesive look in your home.

These are just some of the home decor trends that you should expect to explode this year. If you follow any decor trend, stick to one that wouldn’t require considerable investment on your part. Go DIY if possible.

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