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DIY Trends for 2020: What’s Coming Next?

Jack Gordon - December 23, 2019 - 0 comments

Start dressing your home before New Year hits. In this article, I’m going to discuss DIY trends that you do not want to miss out on. Let’s just quickly dive into this!

Texture Mixture

Take some time out as I’m going to share about the mixture of textures. It is all about playing with colorful items. Go on and follow the mix and max approach. Add on colorful sofas, cushions, side lamps, or bedding with white walls. The white color will instantly pop-up every item in the room. I bet you on that! You can also take in a variety of things made of leather, cotton, and woolen materials to decorate your house. Moreover, you can outfit your windows with luxurious fabric. Remember, do not overlook the ceiling! Choose soothing colors so when you lie in bed you can feel relaxed.

Open Cabinets

Well…!! I wish I could dedicate my whole article to this. It seems like this amazing open cabinet idea continues to rise. Open cabinets take less space. They have a welcoming look so you can easily find out your stuff. They tend to increase your storage options and are fairly easy to organize as compared to traditional cabinets. You can look at Pinterest to get some inspiration before setting up your customized cabinet. In case you have minimum space, you can implement any of the cool ideas to create your dream cabinet.

Rubber Materials

In today’s time, rubber products like stoppers, plugs, and many things in between are very prominent. They can be a great house supply for 2020. Some commonly produced rubber stoppers include EPDM, Silicone, Nitrile (NBR), Viton, Hypalon, and natural rubber. These rubber materials work well for the masking process. Rubber plugs are able to resist high temperatures and contaminating chemicals. The tapered plugs can also be used for tightening the seals.


DIY Headboard by Kelly Morgan

DIY Headboard by Kelly Morgan

Minimal Designs

The concept of minimalism is my personal favorite. It is expected to continue into 2020 with a flair of personal touch. This forthcoming trend has got you covered if you don’t like spending time, energy, and money on home decor things. You will be adding a lot of clean and neutral color items. A minimalist person displays things in his home that hold special meaning in life. It can be a small ornament from his family trip.


Innovative Furniture Creations

The modular and flexible furniture can make your life easier. So, the year 2020 is all about multifunctional furniture. These kinds of furniture are becoming popular because of their versatility and perfect placement formats. These pieces help to reduce the number of furniture in the home. They are adapting to the contemporary requirements of users. Adding unique pieces to your home can cut down area spaces by removing unnecessary stuff.

House Plants

Adding greenery and natural plants will never be outdated. It is an easy way to improve visual interest to your place. House plants fit right with almost every design. Whether they are actual or artificial, green plants can straightaway live up your room. These plants do not have to be fancy and expensive. You can go for simple ideas like dried stems or plants poking out of vintage wine bottles.

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