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Best Four Drain Cleaners For Grease – Review

Grease can be a difficult thing to clean. If you need to eliminate grease from your drains, pipes or tanks, you will need a very efficient cleaner. This is an essential aspect for the hygiene of your home so you shouldn’t neglect it. And if you are not sure about the best drain cleaners for grease, keep reading. This guide will tell you everything you need to know on these cleaners and help you choose the best one out there!

The best drain cleaners for grease on the market 

Here is my list of top four drain cleaners for grease.

Keep in mind, those are some of the most efficient when it comes to getting rid of grease. You will be able to rely on them at all times and you should always have one cleaner like that handy.

Roebic K-87-Q SGP Soap, Grease And Paper Digester 32-Ounce

This Roebic cleaner is perfect if you want to get rid of grease. Not only that this product comes at a very good price but also at an impeccable quality. You can use this product in any septic system such as your shower or any other drains. And the results will not delay to appear.

This is a safe cleaner for all categories of pipes so you don’t take any risks by using it. It is biodegradable and holds all the certificates to respect the highest standards in the industry. You can use it to degrade grease but also soap and even paper. You don’t have to worry about any side effects and it is very easy to use this product. You will see the grease disappear in a matter of seconds. And this cleaner also protects your drains from getting greasy easily in the future,.


– Efficient in eliminated grease in its most stubborn form

– Protects your drains from getting greasy too fast

– Easy to use even for beginners

– No side effects to worry about

– Works on all types of drains


– You might need to reapply it more often than other products

– Not as efficient when it comes to eliminating other types of waste

Drain Sticks Drain Cleaner and Deodorizer Drain Stix Dissolve Grease Buildup

An interesting product that will help you clean your drains of grease is this one from Hommate. It doesn’t come as a powder or liquid but rather as several sticks which is already different than other cleaners. These sticks can eliminate grease, oils, fat and other types of waste. They can also take away the unpleasant smell.

Your house will be clean and have a pleasant smell every time you use these cleaning sticks. You can use them on several types of drains. They work equally on plastic and metal drain pipes. There are no safety risks attached to using these products and the results will be noticeable very soon. You can use them in your kitchen, bath tub, shower or any other drains. Each stick is around 4 inch in length and very easy to introduce in any pipe you need. The effect of one stick will protect your drain for an entire month. All you have to do is drop it in your pipe or tank and forget about it until the time comes to replace it. One package offers you 48 sticks which is extremely convenient for the price.


– Easy to use as all you have to do is drop them down the drain

– Pleasant and fresh smell

– Efficient in eliminating grease

– You can use them in any type of pipes

– Convenient price


– They might not eliminate rough waste

– You might need to replace them more often than a month if you have solid waste that needs to be removed

CLR Pro Commercial Drain Line and Grease Trap Treatment, 1 Gallon Bottle

A more professional cleaner that is highly efficient when it comes to eliminating grease is this product from CLR. You will not have to worry about your pipes getting clogged at all once you start using this professional cleaner. It might not be the cheapest grease cleaner on the market but it surely is one of the most efficient cleaners you will find!

This grease cleaner will digest and trap all the grease, fats and oils in your pipes. You will enjoy a better functionality of your drains and you will not have to worry about getting them clogged. This cleaner comes in a liquid form and the size of the bottle is one gallon. This should last you for a long time and you will not have to waste any drop of it. It doesn’t take much to see the positive effects of this cleaner. It is a safe choice that will not put your family under any type of danger as you are using it. You should, however, keep it away from your children and your pets to avoid unpleasant accidents.


– Comes in a one gallon bottle that should last you a long time

– It is easy to use. You just have to pour it down the drain and wait for the grease to disappear

– Eliminates grease, fat and oil

– Safe to use for your household

– Takes action fast


– Not everyone might like the scent of this cleaner

– Not safe to keep around children and pets

Grease Gone Grease Trap Cleaner Treatment, Turns Fat, Oil and Grease to Water, Reduces Odors and Pump-Outs

Another product that is just what you need if you have to eliminate grease from your drains is this one from Biomaster. Just like its name says, this is a bio product that you can rely on with no concerns. You will like thew fact that this cleaner comes at a decent price so you don’t have to break the budget to invest in it.

A great thing about this cleaner is that it converts grease into a grey water. You will notice it has the same effect on fat residue and oil. Along with grease, this cleaner also takes away unpleasant odors that could reduce your comfort. It is a safe product that contains no harmful chemicals or poisons. So you can rely on using it with no side effects. This product is made in Australia and it is very concentrated one.


– Transforms greasy waste into water that is easier to drain

– Eliminated scents that come from your waste

– Easy to use

– Concentrated product

– Reduces fat and oily residue as well


– It might not remove all the grease from your pipes from the first time you use it

– You need to reapply it for optimum effect

What to consider when you invest in a grease drain cleaner

Purchasing such a product might seem easy. But with such a wide variety of grease cleaners on the market, you will soon realize that they are not all as efficient. To make sure you end up with a great grease cleaner for your drains take into account the following aspects!

– Does it eliminate the odor too?

Sometimes the odor of the waste is more bothering than the waste itself. And it can also be toxic. So make sure to invest in a greasy cleaner that can get rid of the odor as well so you can enjoy a full cleaning result for your investment.

– What other types of waste it can get rid off

Most cleaners get rid of other types of waste besides greasy one. The more types of waste you can eliminate with one cleaner, the better for you.so see if your grease4 cleaner can eliminate fat, oily waste or even solid waste.

– Is it toxic?

Your safety should always come first. A toxic cleaner might get the job done but it might put your health at risk. Check the list of ingredients in order to be sure that you don’t use harmful chemicals and even poison. There are plenty of non toxic grease cleaners to choose from so you have no reasons to take such risks.


Can you get rid of other types of waste with these cleaners besides grease?

Yes, most good grease drain cleaners will eliminate fat and oil residue as well. But in order to be completely sure you should read the description of the product. Not all of them eliminate all types of waste. So, it is better to invest in the type of cleaner that will help your situation.

How often should you clean the pipes?

Cleaning the pipes in your household is crucial for your hygiene. It will also help your pipes be more functional. In order to have clean drains at all times use a proper cleaner at least once a month. Check the description of the product for more precise instructions.

Are grease cleaners eliminating the bad odor too?

The best grease drain cleaners will take away the smell of the waste as well. But this is not the general rule so you have to check for each product before you invest in it. Above you will find products that take away both the grease and the odor that comes from it so take a look and see which one is best for you!


A good grease drain cleaner will help you get rid of the most difficult type of waste. You should have such a product often in your house in order to maintain your pipes clean and working properly. If you want a budget-friendly cleaner that will take away the grease you should find one in the list above. Chances are that you will not have to deal with clogged or dirty drains any time soon once you use the best cleaner for you!

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