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Best Dremel Bit for Cutting Metal – Easily groove, cut, curve root drill the trickiest points

A Dremel is one of the tools that I pull out when tricky conners of my metalworking can only allow small tools. Fixed with the best Dremel bit for cutting metal, this tool penetrates through the thinnest spaces to address a metal cut in an acute corner.With all the above heckle though, you need to carefully choose a Dremel bit model. Be it a Dremel bit for cutting a groove or cutting sheet, you need to go for a super durable and functional model. That’s why today, Old Jack rolls up his sleeves to share the deep experience backed by in-depth research on the ideal models of Dremel bits for cutting metal.You shall get an in-depth guide plus an answeres to some of your key questions. So, what is the best Dremel bit for cutting metal?

Here is my list of the best Dremel Bits for cutting metal on the market

1. Dremel 426 Fiberglass Reinforced Cut-Off Wheels 1- 1/4″ Dia., .045″ Thick

This is a thin cutting disc that easily fixes to your Dremel bit to cut through the hardest metal backed with fiberglass reinforcement. Curve your metal edges, groove and trim the trickiest parts using the Dremel 426 Fiberglass Reinforced cut-off wheels.

Outstanding features

This model is made of a hard abrasive that is reinforced with fiberglass to ensure a reduced wearing speed to serve you longer.It’s a thin model with a diameter of 11/4” this gives you a thin and clean easily guided cut in the hardest to reach points.

This model comes with versions that specialize in special functions and materials. For us, we shall concentrate on the models specially made to eat through hard materials, more especially metals.

The 426 fiberglasses reinforced cut off wheels model comes in handy when you need to cut that stubborn bolt that won’t turn completely or clean rusted bolt threads for easy opening.The 506CU model comes in handy when you need to cut through any type and strength of the metal. It is made to last even longer maintaining its sharpness while not burning up. In case you need to-only functions, the 409-540 models ensure you cut through sheets of metal, bolts and slot bolts for easy removal.


  • Offers space for variety so that you get to choose the best model suited for your metal cutting function.
  • The fiberglass reinforcement ensures that the wheel does not wear out easily to serve you longer.
  • The thin diameter offers an accurate cut with reduced waste.


  • A buyer complained of this model burning up faster, old Jack, however, overlooks that since you expect gradual wear for this accessory and the Dremel 426 Fiberglass Reinforced Cut-Off Wheels offers you that.

Questions and answers for Dremel 426 Fiberglass Reinforced Cut-Off Wheels

  • What is the compatibility stretch for this model?
I have comfortably used this with my WEN 2305 and can confirm it works well. I, however, recommend that you go for a similar model of the rotary machine to avoid incompatibility issues.
  • Can I use this model for other materials like plastic?
Yes, this model can be used to cut thin plywoods and plastic, you an only cot to choose the version specialized for plastic.

2. Dremel 420 Heavy Duty Cut-Off Wheels .040″ thick, 20 Pack

The Dremel model comes in to give you accurate and smooth and precise metal grooving, cutting and trimming. You get to easily cut through hardened steel and other metals since it is made out of hard abrasive.

Outstanding features.

This model only cuts along its edge to come up with perfect grooves and cuttings.Whos is that craftsman who wouldn’t love a multipurpose tool? The Dremel 15/16-Inch Heavy Duty Cut-Off Wheel can also work for cutting wood and plastic cutting also!Comes in a pack of 20 pieces, these ones shall ensure that you run for a long time before it gets time for shopping. That not being all, this model is fully compatible with the Dremel Mandrel #402.With a thickness of 1/2, “ this model shall cut out more of your material compared with the 409 models. If you need thicker cuttings, then this shall work best for you, go for the 409 models if you need thin accurate cuttings.


  • It comes with a super abrasive grit for longer usage periods.
  • Due to the hardness and quality, this model can be perfectly used for heavy projects.
  • Includes 20 pieces for continued use even after the first is worn out.


The cut of this model is slightly thick compared to the 409 models. If you are okay with this, then go for the model.

Questions and answers for Dremel 420 Heavy Duty Cut-Off Wheels .040″ thick, 20 Pack

  • What is the diameter of this model?
The diameter for Dremel 420 Heavy Duty Cut-Off Wheels .040″ thick, 20 Pack is 5/16’
  • What is the perfect mandrel size for this cut-off wheel?
This cut-off wheel model works best with the Dremel mandrel #402.

3. Dremel EZ456 1-1/2-Inch EZ Lock Rotary Tool Cut-Off Wheels for Metal, 5-Pack

This highly durable model towers above the typical fiberglass wheels to give two times stronger cut-off wheels. Cut through metal precisely and perfectly and also take it out when you need to work on PVC or cutting out rusted bolt heads.

Outstanding features

This is the easiest tool-free model to fix. The EZ lock design needs you to just pull, twist then release and you are done.Reinforced to make it stand out by being two times stronger the typical fiber-glass models. This pack comes with five ½ inch cut-off wheels for longer usage.If you prefer an easy-to-use Dremel bit that shall precisely and accurately cut through your metal, the Dremel EZ456 1-1/2-Inch is the best model that adds an advantage of easy and fast installing and changing.


  • Comes with the EZ lock for easy installation and changing
  • Reinforced with fiberglass for sure durability.
  • The model allows for PVC nad plastic functions.
  • The package comes with five pieces of cut off wheels for continued long-time usage.


  • Reported quick wear out, but this should be expected for any bit model.

Questions and answers for Dremel EZ456

  • Do these cut-off wheels come with the attachments?
No, it doesn’t, you shall have to go for your own. However, you are guaranteed a precise accurate cut for metal.
  • What mandrel do these require
These cut-off wheels work best for any high-speed mandrel, they are not tied to the EZ456 mandrel.

4. Dremel EZ541GR EZ Lock Grinding Wheel – Can flush and grind metal surfaces

This is a level cut-off wheel that shall balance and cut through your metal pieces with ease. This wheel gives a consistent and deep cut to give soft précises and quality finishes. This is the model that allows for grinding surfaces, a model you’ve been looking for.

Outstanding features

This model has a dome shape that allows you to easily flush grind metal surfaces for even and clean finishes.With a diameter of ½ inch, this model cuts deep into your metal to ensure the depth you need. Cutting thickness of 0.075 inches gets just the right amount of material out of your metal to achieve a thin clean cut.Make sure the EZ lock innovative feature which allows you to easily install and remove the cut-off wheel doesn’t pass you.


  • EZ innovation gives you the easiest installation.
  • Has ½ inch diameter for deep metal cuts.
  • Comes with 0.075-inch metal cutting thickness


  • The EZ lock system has been reported to fail after a short period of use. Other than this, you can comfortably get the model to grind the surfaces of your metals.

Buying Guide – What are the indicators of the best Dremel bit for cutting metal?


When shopping for the best Dremel bit for cutting metal, you have to consider the material to ensure you choose a long-lasting model. Your intended function shall also determine the material of the bit you go for. A diamond material bit shall give you ease curving of the hardest materials ever.Go for the grit material when you want to cut through hard deep metals such as bolts. The fiberglass-reinforced cut-off wheels such as the Dremel 426 Fiberglass Reinforced Cut-Off Wheels 1- 1/4″ Dia., .045″ Thick shall also last really long, but not like the grit ones.

Determine the shank diameter and the function design

A bit shall work best when used for the purpose it is suited for, Check to ensure you know the purpose your select model is designed to work best for and determine whether it aligns with your intended use.Different rotary collet systems require varying shank diameters for the bit or cut-off wheel to fit perfectly. First, consider the size of your collet and ensure you pick out a bit that shall fit it.

Check out for the thickness or width of your Dremel bit

You know the speed and material that you intend to cut, groove, curve, drill or grind. The thickness of a bit shall determine the amount of material it cuts out while the diameter shall determine the depth to which a bit shall cut into your metal workpiece.A wider diameter shall work for a deeper cut while a thinner cut-off wheel such as the Dremel 426 Fiberglass Reinforced shall make thin accurate cuts compared to a wide one.

Check for the compatibility of the bit

We have been focusing on Dremel bits, this is the best bits that work perfect withy Dremel rotary tools. If you decide to go for a non-Dremel bit, them check out for its compatibility to ensure it works with your rotary tool.

Dremel Bit for Cutting Metal – Frequently Asked Questions

What are Dremel bits for cutting metal?

Dremel bits for cutting metal are either cutter bits or cut-off wheels which are fixed at the end of your Dremel rotary tool to perform metal cutting, curving or drilling functions among others. The small size of the whole kit makes it easy to reach and groove, cut or grind hidden corners and surfaces.

What are some of the types of Dremel bits that are used for cutting metals?

There following are the types of Dremel bits for cutting metals:

1. Cut-off wheels

Cut off wheels are hardcore material made disks that can be attached to the Dremel tool for easy metal cutting, grinding and so more. These disks allow for edge or surface use, others like the Dremel EZ541GR allow for both.

2. Cutter bits

Cutter bits are also used with the Dremel rotary tool to produce accurate grooves, slots, inlays, and tampered holes. This usually works on softer metals compared to the cut-off wheels, however, the ones made from diamond cut through the hardest steel to produce fine precise carvings, cuts, engraves and many other functions. Note: I have written a small guide for Dremel bit for carving wood here.

What are some of the major functions that a Dremel bit shall perform?

There are a number of functions, some of them are:
  • It can be used to curve, groove, cut drill or perform many other functions of both soft and hard metals such as hardened steel.
  • Cut-off wheels come in handy when you’re working with a sheet of metal and need a straight cut made across the surface.
  • The cut-off wheels can also be used to cut off bolts or clean the threads of rusty bolts for easy removal.
  • Due to their small size, the Dremel rotary tool can be used with the best Dremel cutting bit for metal to work or hard to reach metal surfaces like acute conners.
Want to know how to use a Dremel bit, check out here.


A rotary tool with the best bit attached to the front is a highly versatile tool. The above-reviewed bits are the best you can find in the market to cut out heavyweight metals and make grooves, curves drills plus much other creative metalworking. The Dremel EZ541GR EZ Lock Grinding Wheel is the best-recommended pick by old Jack, the reason being its ability to work with flat surface metals and also has its edges work to cut into metal and many other functions. Make sure you consider your needs and budget before choosing one among the above best Dremel bits for cutting metal.