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Best Drill Bit for Aluminum – Reviews by Jack and Will

Aluminum is a very useful material used in many products; kitchen utensils, foils, cans, and window frames among many others. What this means is that, at some time, you might have to drill through this material. While it is a soft metal, not any drill bit can get through it. Only those meant for the purpose can help drill holes into it. So how do you get the right drill bit for aluminum? A guide is without any doubt essential.

This article takes you through what you need to know to make the right choice of drill bits for aluminum. We’ve reviewed four best drill bits, their features, pros and cons as well. We’ve also provided a useful guide to make your choice process simpler. With such a detailed review, getting the best drill bit for aluminum amidst the many options out there becomes a simple exercise for you.

Our Selected Top Drill Bits for Aluminum

Here is our list of the four best drill bits for aluminum on the market.

#1: SOLEDI Step Drill Bits Set – Best Overall

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The SOLEDI Step Drill Bits Set is a great bit set worth considering for your drilling needs. It is an easy to use type. Having it is like having a dozen bits. Why? Well, with this brand, you don’t need other bits. One is enough to do the work. Even if you are drilling many holes, there is no need to keep changing the bits.


Compared to the others, this bit set is the best value for amazing reasons. For instance, when you get it, you can use it for many applications including elliptic hole enlargement, chamfering and deburring. This drill bit can do all these functions without twisting. Getting it thus means that you have something that will meet all your drilling needs.

When it comes to the design, the SOLEDI Step Drill Bits Set has a unique one. Its construction ensures that you get perfectly round holes in metal sheet surfaces. In fact, with it, you do need to have a center punch or position holes since it doesn’t shake. Even more important is the fact that it is very strong and not easy to break.


  • Highly durable because of its high-speed steel.
  • Its titanium alloy surface makes it resistant to acid or any alkali corrosion.


  • It needs an effective cooling system to extend its drilling life.

#2: DEWALT Titanium Drill Bit Set – Best Brand

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If you want a drill bit from a renowned brand then the DEWALT Titanium Drill Bit Set is what you need. Although it has been around for long and many new products have come, this drill bit set remains among the top in the market. It is one of the top-rated sets in leading online platforms including Amazon.


Among the features that make this bit the best is its durability that’s made possible by the tapered web. It, however, not only makes it durable but it also prevents it from breaking while in use. Besides, it comes in a set that includes sizes from 1/6 inch to 1/2 inch all kept in a tough plastic case for easy carrying and storage as well.

Whether you’ll use it for residential or commercial applications, the DEWALT Titanium Drill Bit Set can do a good job if you use it well. It can drill through materials including aluminum, wood, and plastic. Finally, these bits produce cleaner holes since they start drilling on contact. It resists corrosion and wears/tear since it has a titanium coating.


  • Its coating makes it strong and resistant when drilling non-ferrous materials.
  • It produces cleaner holes and is quicker than others.


  • You may need cutting fluid, especially when drilling metal.

#3: Neiko 10193A Titanium Step Drill Bit Set – Best Value

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Our third drill bit for aluminum is a reliable and versatile option. It has a proven capability of drilling through many materials. Common ones are aluminum, plastic, stainless steel, and copper among other materials or sheet metals. It is also a highly durable option made of high-speed steel. Furthermore, it is coated with titanium for increased strength/resistance to corrosion.

For convenience and ease of use, the Neiko 10193A Titanium Step Drill Bit Set has a 135-degree split point. This feature increases its drilling speed while keeping it from walking. Also, its two-flute design clears chips faster hence particles produced escape faster. The fact that it has no shank means that you can drill faster.

It is worth noting that the Neiko 10193A Titanium Step Drill Bit Set has ten different widths printed on the side. The widths enhance the convenience and make it easy for the user to determine how deep to penetrate easily. Indeed, this is a great option and if used well, it can deliver amazing results.


  • Made of durable material and coated with titanium to last long and give you reliable performance.
  • It has up to ten width options.
  • Its two-flute design allows it to remove chips relatively faster compared to other designs.


  • Unlike other bits, the Neiko 10193A Titanium Step Drill Bits are sold individually.
  • Some users have complained that the sides are sometimes not sharp hence hard to penetrate.
  • You may have to make your carrying case

#4: Bosch CO2143 ¼ In. By 4 In. Cobalt Drill Bit – Best Cheap

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If you want to penetrate easily through an abrasive aluminum material, then this drill bit could be what you need for your job. This tool can go through such materials easily owing to its hardened surface. The tool can also withstand high temperatures of up to a whopping 1100 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s thus a perfect one for tough jobs or those that take longer.

About the design, Bosch CO2143 has a thick web design that makes it stable. It also makes it the best drill bit for tough applications. For instance, apart from drilling aluminum, it can help you penetrate a couple of other materials. With it, you can drill stainless steel, titanium, alloy steel, light-gauge metal and high carbon steel among other materials.

Being a top-rated tool from a leading brand, this drill bit is available in jobber length, full shank. Such a shank helps hold the drill in place making it easy to concentrate on the intended area only. You won’t, therefore, need a center punch to help keep the drill bit from skating or walking away from the specific spot.


  • Can last four times more than the life of a standard metal drill bits.
  • Withstands extended use including high-temperature applications.
  • Penetrates through abrasive materials with a lot of ease.


  • It may not last long if used for tough applications but it works best with light work

Choosing the Best Drill Bit for Aluminum

Choosing the best drill bit for aluminum might not be an easy task as you would expect as a buyer. This is the case since there are a couple of important characteristics to choose from. Even more challenging these days is the fact that there are many brands out there. Weighing between them requires a clear approach that will narrow down the options to just a few. Here are the characteristics you can use to arrive at the best option:

Materials and Finishes

The performance of the drill bit you get depends to some extent on the material it is manufactured from as well as the finishing applied. Here are the common materials for drill bits and their features:


  • Cobalt drill bits – very hard and often used to drill aluminum and tough metals.
  • High-speed steel drill bits – best for aluminum and soft metal drilling.


  • Carbide tipped drill bits – durable and best for drilling masonry and tiles.
  • Titanium coated high-speed steel drill bits – tough and highly durable. They are the best for drilling metal, fiberglass, and wood.
  • Black-oxide coated high-speed steel drill bits – durable and works best for a variety of surfaces. It can drill metal, fiberglass, softwood, and hardwood.

Shank Size and Shape

When it comes to size, anything between 1/16 inches to 1/2 inches would be ideal for household applications. On the other hand, common shapes are the round and hexagonal shapes. The hexagonal types are usually convenient and can help prevent the drill from moving while in use. But if you want something easier to fit and fasten inside a keyed chuck, the round shape would be the best for you.

Drill Point Lengths

Generally, drill bits with shorter lengths are good since they are more accurate and do not break. Moreover, they are the best for use in tight and confined areas. It is, thus, good to always go for those with shorter lengths. If they can’t do the work, then you can go for other options with longer drill point lengths.

Drill Point Angle

When it comes to this feature, there are two options to choose from. There is the standard one which is 118 degrees and the self-centering 135-degree type. If you want to do the work faster, then the self-centering option is the best. It works well and can prevent the drill from walking.


As is the case when buying any other stuff whether for drilling or other works, the budget also plays a very vital role. If you want a durable drill bit for aluminum that will last, then be ready to spare a few more on your budget. While good ones are not more expensive than the others, you might spend a little more than you would with the other options.

With these key factors in mind, getting a good drill bit for aluminum won’t be a hassle. Most importantly, the many options in the market will not confuse you anymore. Work becomes easy only when you have the right tool at hand.

Frequently Asked Questions about Drill Bits for Aluminum

What is the best drill bit for aluminum?

Generally, drill bits made of high-speed steel and have a 135-degree point angle are the best for aluminum.

How do I choose the right drill bit for aluminum?

Select a drill bit that is shorter in length, larger than the size of the hole you want to drill on aluminum, and is strong enough to get the job done.

Do I need Cutting Fluid When Drilling Aluminum?

Yes, cutting fluid lubricates and also extends the life of your drill bit.


What drill bit do I own for aluminum? I just gotten a new drill bit set DEWALT Titanium Drill Bit Set from Kamille as a gift and I loved how versatile it is, it is good for drilling aluminum as well as hardened steel and other metal. A small note: I feel like using specific drill bits for certain material is the best practice. For example, I always use cobalt drill bits for hardened steel and I also have the SOLEDI Step Drill Bits Set for aluminum. It makes my work much easier and enjoyable, you also would have to worry about damaging your drill bits.

My thought is that getting the right drill bit for the task is the most important part of any project. It helps you improve productivity while boosting your accuracy, especially when drilling aluminum (and other materials such as wood, hardened steel, stainless steel, metal, concrete). It is, thus, the best for jobs that need high levels of precision. Whether drilling/masonry is your daily job or you are just a do-it-yourself guy, you have all the right reasons to get the right drill bit. It makes work easier for you and does a perfect job.

With this guide, you no doubt have an option already in the mind based on the information provided. Get one from a reputable store or brand and enjoy using it for your drilling needs.