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Best Drill Bits for Glass – Reviews

If you are like me, you must have noted that glass is one material that can be hard to drill. It cracks and shatters easily. However, this shouldn’t stop us as there are many things that we can do with waste glass bottles. Fortunately, there are drill bits for glass out there that make drilling an easy job.

This article provides a review of the top four drill bits for glass that you can use to drill holes in any glass material you have without breaking it. It explains their features, materials, sizes and how to use them. You will find one that will make your work easily.

If you simply want the best among our four options, pick BLENDX Diamond Drill Bits as it is our best overall among the four brands reviewed. It is the best option if you want to enjoy the best performance and many years of hassle-free use.

Our Top Three Drill Bits for Glass

Here is our list for the best drill bits for glass on the market.

#1: BLENDX Diamond Glass Drill Bits – Best Overall

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When you buy a drill bit, you possibly want something that offers you good performance and a long life as well. That’s exactly what BLENDX Diamond Drill Bits offer you. It tops our list for all the right reasons you can imagine about a good drill bit for glass. For instance, it makes clean and accurate holes in glass and tile.

The total length of this bit is about 5.5cm but, of course, with various outside diameters. Also, the material used to make it is steel. If you use low pressure and consistently lubricate it with water whenever you are using it, you’ll most likely extend its life span while making your work easier as well. Most importantly, always start drilling your holes diagonally, so you make a round trace before holding it straight.

Customers love these bits set for its great versatility. Although it is called glass drill bits set, it can be used to drill other materials. You can use them to drill holes into marble, ceramic tile, light stone, porcelain, granite and slate among others.


  • Durable material and excellent drilling especially when used with an electric drill
  • They are smooth processed and emery plating gives them a nice appearance
  • Great for grafts and can easily cut through glass


  • They are not good for use in drilling bits that go beyond 1/2 inch
  • Can easily get damaged if you do not lubricate with water when drilling

#2: Drilax 10 Pieces Diamond Coated Glass Drill Bit Set – Best Value

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With ten different sizes, this glass drill bit set brings great features that make cutting/drilling glass a simple job. The sizes range from 5/32inch to 1 inch to meet the different needs of users. With it, you do not need a center pilot drill. You only need such when drilling wood or metal but not with glass. Its guide is, therefore, enough to take you through what you need to get the results you want with this bit.

To enhance performance as well as durability, the Drilax drill bit has a diamond particle coating. Aside from using it to drill glass materials, you can also use this bit to drill other materials including marble, fish tanks, porcelain and granite among others. Acquiring it, therefore, helps you drill glass and any other material you may want to drill later. This saves you other costs you would otherwise incur buying other bits.

Provided, you use protective gear and do not allow the drill bit to run dry, you are assured long life and accurate drills every time. Amazingly, you do not need a special lubricant to keep the drill bit cool. Simply spray it with water or use running water, and your drill will remain cool throughout the process.


  • Great glass drill bit set with ten different bits with different sizes
  • Its diamond coating enhances its performance as well as lifespan


  • The diamond coating can easily wear off if the drill gets too hot

#3: Diamond Drill Bit Set, DRILLPRO 10Pcs Glass Hole Saw for Tile Glass – Best Cheap

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With different sizes to meet your needs, this drill bit set comes with amazing features for excellent performance and accurate drilling. Its diamond dust coating increases its cutting strength and extended life span. This bit also has small incision resistance for quick speed as well as easy removal of the chip while drilling.

This drill bit for glass also has great versatility, and it can drill a wide array of materials effortlessly. For instance, it drills accurate and clean holes into glass, ceramic, granite, marble, and tile just to mention a few. If you consistently use a lubricant and low drill pressure, you can be sure that you’ll get a smooth and perfect size whether you want small or large ones.

Being a new product and with great features, this drill bit can be used with a standard electric drill. It is, however, not included in it, so you’ll have to acquire it differently. Indeed, this is a bit that can give you a wonderful drilling experience. It’s also user-friendly, and you can use it to easily drill bigger holes, smaller ones and anything in between considering the many size options in the set.


  • Relatively new in the market and brings new features for clean and accurate drilling
  • Comes as a set including larger as well as smaller size bits to meet different needs of users


  • The diamond coat can easily burn if you drill at high speeds and without any lubricant to cool the bit down.
  • You cannot drill it when you want holes that go beyond the depth of more than half an inch

Things You Should Check When Buying Drill Bits for Glass

To get the right drill bit for glass, you steel need to check a few things before you make your final decision. Even when you can easily get your best drill bit from the reviews, there are a few more things that matter a lot. Here’s what you need to consider:

Bit’s Material

High-speed steel and diamond are the most commonly used materials for glass drill bits. Other materials are also good but all you need to ensure is that what you choose should be strong enough to resist heat and wear. Most importantly, go for those that have a coating as they are more likely to last in comparison to the others.

Bit’s Size

Different glass drilling tasks require different bit sizes depending on what you are doing. You, therefore, ought to keep the task you have in mind when making a decision on which size of bit you want to buy. Usually, bits run from as small as 1mm to 10mm in thickness. You may want a hole that’s 5mm or 6mm so going for 1mm won’t help. Fortunately, most drill bits come in various sizes, so check before making up your mind.

Number of Bits in a Set

Drill bits for glass are not usually sold individually but they come as a set. Some, for instance, comes as a set of 10, others 15 and even others 20. All the bits included in the set usually have varying sizes. If you want to make your work easier, go for a bit set that has the widest range of bit sizes included in the set. It will help you do many jobs without having to keep buying a bit each time you want to drill glass.

Frequently Asked Questions about Drill Bits for Glass

Why Would I Want to Drill Glass at Home?

You may want to turn waste glass bottles into other useful containers. Drilling can help you convert it to the shape and nature you want.

Is Water Necessary When Drilling Glass?

Drill bits tend to overheat when drilling glass. Water, therefore, acts as a coolant as well as a lubricant when drilling.

What Safety Precautions Should I Take When Drilling Glass?

Protect your eyes, ears, and drill at a slower speed for safety.

Wrapping It Up for final prick for a top drill bit set for glass

I chose the BLENDX Diamond Drill Bits set as my top pick since this one is not only good drilling glass but also for porcelain tile. I originally bought it for my porcelain tile(it is also my top pick to drill porcelain tile) but as it turns out, drilling glass with this set is even easier.

I understand that getting a good drill bit for glass to help you drill perfectly round holes without damaging your glass can be a difficult task. Moreover, some bits are a bit difficult to use while others tend to overheat and easily wear off. Hopefully, our list of top 4 drill bits for glass can help you get the best bit that will do your work perfectly. Simply pick one, and you’ll enjoy the great performance as well as durability.

For professional carpenters, investing in good drill bit sets for certain materials is recommended. See our guide for choosing drill bits for wood, metal, hardened steel and stainless steel to make your work easier. For when you drill bit got broken, use one of the recommend left hand drill bit set here.