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Best Drill Bits for Wood – Reviews 2020

Hey, Jack here again and this time we are going to talk about how to choose the right drill bits for wood, which is my favorite topic. If you like working with wood or perhaps you have a project to do that includes making holes into the wood then you need to read this piece carefully. Drilling wood can be an uphill task if you do not have the right tools at hand. Moreover, getting those tools is also a challenge since there are lots of them in the market. If you simply purchase what is available, the chances are that you’ll not get something to help you accomplish your tasks. Fortunately, we’ve put together very useful information for you. You will without any doubt find this article useful especially if it is your first time to look for woodworking tools including wood drill bits.

Drill bits are undoubtedly must-have tools for any woodworker out there. Whether you are working with soft or hardwood, you need good drill bits to make your work easier. Most importantly, you not only need one or two but the right drill bit so you can enjoy your work. Picking a good drill bit is, however, not an easy task. To help you make it simple, we’ve reviewed the best drill bits for wood for your perusal.

From our list of top five, the best overall drill bit is WORKPRO 10-Piece Pro Spade Drill Bit Set. On the other hand, the best for the budget is DEWALT DW 1589 12-Inch Extension for DEWALT Spade Drill Bits. For value, our best pick from the list is AUTOTOOLHOME Combination Drill and Tap Bit. Without further ado, here we go:

Here Are Our Top 5 Drill Bits for Wood

Our list of best drill bits for wood starts with my favorite spade drill bit set, the Workpro 10-piece.

#1: WORKPRO 10-Piece Pro Spade Drill Bit Set – Top Pick

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The WORKPRO 10-Piece Pro Spade Drill Bit Set opens our list top five excellent drill bits for wood due to its excellent features and ease of use. It is a high-quality drill bit constructed from carbon steel with a special black coating that is heat-treated. This is done not only for it to look polished but also to give it a long life. If you want a strong, efficient and highly reliable drill bit then this is a great option to consider. It has a quick change hex shank for making quick changes without any fear of falling off or slipping during the process. For this reason, it is regarded as a safe drill bit compared to many other models that you’ll find in the market.

Being a top model in the market, the WORKPRO 10-Piece comes as a set of 10 high-performance drill bits that can help you with any drilling task especially those that include wood. Also, this being a set, it comes with a portable roll bag for ease of carrying and keeping your tools. It is thus an ideal option if your woodwork involves movement from one place to another. With this drill bit set, you are not only assured of a wonderful job but also convenient movement. It is also very important to note that the WORKPRO 10-Piece Pro Spade Drill Bit Set is currently among top-rated models in leading platforms including Amazon. You can have a look at it to get further details including warranty, and what other buyers have to say about it.


  • It is a high-quality set constructed from durable carbon steel treated against any breaking
  • Its patent-pending design allows efficient and hassle-free chip removal
  • It comes as a complete set of high-performance drill bits


  • Some users have complained that the part of the bit that drills the pilot hole tends to bend

#2: ORXPLUS TOOLS Deburring External Chamfer Tool, Deburring Drill Bit

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If you are someone who does a wide range of wood drilling jobs, then this is what you need to use if you want to make your work easy and enjoyable as well. The ORXPLUS TOOLS Deburring Drill Bit is an easy-to-use tool with wide application. You can use to drill wood, hard plastic, mild steel, hardened steel, brass, and fiberglass. For improved performance, you should use lubricating oil, especially when dealing with tough materials such as hardened steel. It is also recommended that while using it, you start at low speed and gradually increase but not so much. Doing so helps in reducing any accidents such as burns, cut hands and sparks.

The ORXPLUS TOOLS Deburring Drill Bit is made of high-speed steel that has cutter ability. Also, its external deburring chamfer works by a way of the unique shearing metal layer by layer. But you should note that when using this tool for chamfering, you should use it in a clockwise direction. It might not work if you do not use it that way. Other than that, this is a great tool you need for all the right reasons. It is one of the top-rated drill bits for wood in leading online platforms including Amazon. Indeed, the ORXPLUS TOOLS Deburring Drill Bit is a highly reliable tool that works great. Give it a try if you are looking for one, and you’ll no doubt be surprised with the kind of work it does compare to others.


  • It has a great design and material for great performance as well as durability
  • It has a wide range of application including in drilling wood and other materials
  • It is easy to use and lasts long


  • Some users have complained that it doesn’t leave a clean tip

#3: Wood Auger Drill Bit 6.0 x 200mm by DEWALT 

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If you want a drill bit that will increase your efficiency, then this should be your choice. Made of high-speed steel, the Wood Auger Drill Bit comes as an easy-to-use drilling tool. It digs straight into the wood and other materials including solid clay. It saves time and your effort because it is more effective compared with many other models out there. Although it uses your ordinary cordless drill, it is highly reliable and will always do a good job provided it is used well. Also, it is worth noting that this drill is a perfect choice and ideal if you want to drill large and deep holes in thick wooden boards, dry timber, clay, and others. For this reason, the Wood Auger Drill Bit by DEWALT is a highly versatile option.

When it comes to size, this bit is 6.0 x 200mm. More specifically, the dimensions are 8.3 x 1.9 x 0.3 inches. Besides, the fact that the Hex Shaft is has a non-slip design makes this tool usable with any cordless as well as an electric drill. It is, however, recommended that you do not operate it at high speed while using it as it is dangerous. You should also avoid loose clothing if you want to carry on with your task safely and get amazing drilling results. Although this drill is relatively new, those who have used it have reported good drilling results with it. It sells on Amazon and there is amazing feedback to ready there about it.


  • It is made of highly durable high-speed steel for enhanced durability
  • It is an easy-to-use option as it makes use of ordinary cordless drill and drills nicely
  • It is easy to clean and store after use


  • It can cause serious injuries if it is operated at high speed

#4: DEWALT DW 1589 12-Inch Extension for DEWALT Spade Drill Bits For Wood– Best Budget

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DEWALT is an industry giant with an amazing reputation for constant production of high-quality drilling tools. For this reason, our list of top five cannot be complete without a mention of one drill bit for wood from this industry giant. The DEWALT DW 1589 12-Inch Extension for DEWALT Spade Drill Bits is a great option to consider if you want something reliable for your drilling work. It has been out there in the market for a few years, and is still a favorite for many in the woodworking community. With such a great tool, your work not only becomes easy but you also get to save a lot of time.

When making a decision, you need information on the design as well as other features. For, the DEWALT DW 1589 12-Inch Extension for DEWALT Spade Drill Bits, there is a lot you need to know. First, this is a durable drill bit for wood because it has a heavy-duty shank for superior durability than many others out there. Secondly, it has a ¼” ball groove shank for easy and quick-change applications. Moreover, it comes with an extreme speed channel for fast chip removal. If you have used drill bits for long, you must be aware that not all these features are always found in one tool. You should thus give this great drill bit from DEWALT great consideration if you want an excellent tool.


  • Good quality and very useful for multiple projects
  • Works great and is highly durable when used properly
  • Does even the most difficult wood drilling jobs in the shortest time possible


  • It might not work well if you intend to connect it to a large spade

#5: AUTOTOOLHOME Combination Drill and Tap Bit 6-32nc 8-32nc 10-32nc 10-24nc 12-24nc 1/4-20nc Set of 6 – Best Value

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If you do not want to have lots of tools, for use in just one operation, then this is an option to consider. The AUTOTOOLHOME Combination Drill does drilling, deburring, tapping as well as countersinking in one operation. That means when you have it, you’ve got everything you need to complete your work without having to use lots of tools. It, therefore, saves your time as well as labor. Even more interestingly, this drill saves you a lot of money as it is not expensive like similar models that operate in the same way. For this reason, many woodworkers prefer it over other good drill bits for wood in the market.

When it comes to the design and construction, the AUTOTOOLHOME and Tap Bits Combination Drill is designed specially to tap up to 10-gauge metal. Besides, the drill is back-tapered beyond tap to prevent thread damage that often results from over-drilling. It is also worth noting that for longer life, this drill is made from hardened high-speed steel versus carbon steel. This thus assures you that once you buy it, you will no longer have to worry about acquiring another soon. Currently, the AUTOTOOLHOME Combination Drill and Tap Bit set is top-rated on Amazon, and there are amazing reviews worth reading. Give it a try, and it might just be the drill bit you have always wanted to acquire.


  • It completes everything in one operation hence saves you time
  • It is highly durable as it is made of high-speed steel, carbon steel, and metal
  • It comes as a set complete with six items with varying dimensions to meet the different needs if drillers


  • You might need to be extra careful not to torque these bits since they can easily break off if used carelessly

Drill Bit for Wood Manufacturer Brand

A huge number of brands exist these days with all claiming to be manufacturing the best drill bits for wood. However, a close look at the features of the products they manufacture reveals a great difference. Moreover, the way their brands work calls for scrutiny before making a decision. We recommend that you always pick products from top brands. Such brands are those that are always ready to offer what you need by timely responding to your needs. If you’ve been buying drill bits, then you know that such brands are few and hard to find. Fortunately, we’ve made work easier for you.

Top brands for making drill bits are DEWALT, WORKPRO, and ORXPLUS TOOLS. They produce the best tools, use innovative technology, and are always after meeting the needs of customers. Each of them is trying to something new that will make wood drilling easy for the woodworking community. This includes adding new features to their tools, enhancing their durability through strong construction. We, therefore, recommend them based on this and many other things. So, if you want a tool from an established brand, then you now know which ones to buy among the many options in the market.

Drill Bits for Wood Buying Guide

As a woodworker, having the right drill bit makes a great difference. It changes completely the way you work. If you get the right one, your work will be easy. On the other hand, if you just get anything out there in the market then you might have problems doing your work. You, of course, do not want to face that. It is thus very vital to know how to get the right drill bits.

To make your work easier, we’ve put together a useful buying guide for you. Here is what you should consider when making your drill bits for wood purchase decision:

  • Material

Drill bits are made from various materials. For instance, there are carbide-tipped drill bits, high-speed steel drill bits, cobalt bits, and titanium-coated bits. Most of the drill bits we’ve reviewed here are made of high-speed steel. If you want to enjoy great durability, then pick one of such bits. You’ll use it for long provided you keep it well.

  • Style

When it comes to the styles of drill bits for wood, there are spade bits like DEWALT DW 1589 12-Inch Extension for DEWALT Spade Drill Bits, twist bits, brad-point bits and auger bits such as Auger Drill Bit. Some styles here such as spade bit and brad point are good for drilling wood. You should, for this reason, consider this when weighing between different options out there. Get the right style depending on the material you drill. Spade bits are preferred over forstner bits because of cheaper price though I like to work with spade bits when we have to deal with a huge amount of work piece, the rapid speed of spade bit can be useful for some projects. You can find some of the best forstner bits here to make clean, flat-bottomed holes.

  • Budget

How much are you willing to spend to acquire a good drill bit for wood? This is also a very vital aspect to consider. Some of the bits explored here go for as low as $6 while others go for as high as $30. So always bear this in mind as you go out there to look for your best drill bits for wood. A great quality drill bits set for wood is not cheap, but not so expensive either. It matters a lot as it determines lots of things including the quality of the bit you buy.

  • Drill Bit Shank

Drill bit shanks come in different types. For your information and general knowledge, shank format is determined by the drill chuck used. Common types of shanks include Hex shanks, Straight shanks, and SDS shanks. Hex shanks are common in electric screwdrivers while straight shanks are common in keyed as well as keyless chucks. Also, in most cases, SDS shanks are commonly used for SDS Max Chucks.

If you keep all these in mind when making your purchase decision, you will without any hassle get the best drill bit for wood. Don’t buy anything labeled as best for wood without doing your homework first. It is easy to get a raw deal if you don’t go about the process carefully.

Tip for drilling thru wood

  • Keep in mind that when we need to make larger diameter holes in wood, it is recommended to use spade bits. Use a backerboard when drilling holes in hardwood and finish plywood or any time you want to prevent blemishes. A backerboard placed on the bottom of the workpiece prevents splintering as the bit breaks through.
  • For general hole boring, I prefer to use twist bits. With material like hardwood, I will drill a pilot hole first. This extra step will prevent binding and splintering as the larger bit cuts through the wood.


In conclusion, when it is time to get a great drill bit for wood, remember to take the time to get the right one. But with the many brands out there, doing so can be a tricky job. We hope our guide can help you to narrow down the many options to just a few. We’ve made it easy for you with this guide, it is now time for you to get your dream drill bit for wood. Make use of it, and you’ll no doubt get value for your money. Most importantly, you’ll make your woodwork project easy.

For specific woodworking projects and material, you might need to “drill” deeper and get woodworking tools such as router bits for woods.

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