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The best fabric protectors on the market

Protecting your fabric is a great way to save money in the long run. Your precious upholstery can get ruined with just one stain. And in some cases, it can be even impossible to clean. If you spill coffee or other types of substances on your fabric, you can say your goodbyes to it. But what if you can avoid such accidents and enjoy your upholstery looking like new for many years to come? There is away to do that and you will be very glad you tried it.

In this guide, we will go through the best fabric protector products that you can invest in. We will also discuss the basics and how to choose such products in order to make the most out of it. So, keep reading and make sure your furniture looks like new as long as you own it.

Here is our list of the best fabric protectors with reviews

There are many fabric protectors on the market but not all of them are as efficient as you would expect them to be. To save you precious time researching, we gathered the top five fabric protector products that you can count on.

  1. Scotchgard Fabric and Upholstery Protective Spray – Top Pick

This Scotchgard Fabric is one of the best protectors you can find on the market. With this spray, your upholstery will be safe even if you spill staining substances on it. If such accidents do happen, it will be so much easier for you to clean up the fabric. Yo can use this product on your couch, mattress, different upholstery, and even your pillows. All it takes is to spray it once and your fabric is well protected. If you want you can use this spray on your clothes as well. Even if you have a silk fabric that yo want to protect, this spray will do a great job. You can spray this protector with no fear of having to deal with an unpleasant smell


– It protects against all types of stains

– You only need to spray it once to have an effect

– Easy to use on all types of fabric

– It doesn’t leave any smell

– Helps yo clean the fabric easier


– It might be hard to get in touch with customer service

– It might get off the fabric in some hours

  1. Waterproofing Spray Fabric Protector

This spray from Better Boat is another great solution that helps you protect your fabric. You will love the fact that this spray is waterproof. All you have to do is spray a layer of this product and watch your fabric repel water and other liquid substances. This is a great solution to reinforce your umbrellas, jackets and even to protect your upholstery. This spray will keep stains away every time you use it. It will help you keep your fabric clean for a longer time with minimum effort. You can use this product on cushions, sofas, mattresses and any other type of fabric. This product is made in the USA and it comes at an impeccable quality. It is tested a lot by experts in the matter in order to make sure that it will protect all types of fabric and vinyl. Also, this spray comes in a safe and very easy to use container.


– Waterproof spray so you can use it as a rain protection too

– Keeps stains away from all your materials

– Perfect for all types of fabric

– Easy to apply in a matter of seconds

– Highly tested in order to be safe and efficient


– It might leave an odor

– Not going to last for days

  1. Guardian Fabric Protector – 8 oz

Another fabric protector that you will want to have with you at all times. Because this product is water-based, you can safely apply it on any type of fabric and upholstery that you would wash in water as well. You can use this product to repel stains, water and even oil from your fabrics. It will even repel alcohol and the stains that come from it. This will allow you to save money on the long run and keep your sofa, clothes or mattresses cleaner in an easier way. If you want to keep dust away or to keep your fabric from fading, this is a great way to use this spray as well. And it comes at a budget-friendly price as well. This will become your favorite fabric protector spray and you will love the effects it has on your materials.


– Repels the most common stains like alcohol, oil, coffee

– This spray will delay the faking of the material

– It is easy to apply

– You will not have to deal with any uncomfortable smell

– Helps you save money and keep your upholstery looking like new for a long time


– It might not work the same on all types of materials

  1. Vectra Trio Pack- 1-32oz Bottle Vectra Carpet and Fabric Protector Spray

Vectra Trip Pack is the best fabric protector kit that yo can find on the market and it comes at a very budget-friendly price. You can use it to get rid of the most difficult stains even if your fabric is a sensitive one. This protector product will not damage your fabric and upholstery so you don’t have to entertain such concerns. You should use this spray to pre-treat both your fabric and clothes in order to prevent any types of stains. This product will keep away the worst type of stains such as the wine or grease ones. Simply spray it over all your materials and don’t worry about any stains. This product also tops our list of the best carpet protector spray here.


– The kit contains three pieces and it will last you for a long time

– Perfect protection against all types of stains

– You can use it on your fabric and clothes safely

– It doesn’t have an odor

– It is easy to apply thanks to the ergonomic container


– It might not repel all the stains, especially the coffee ones

– You might need to reapply it for better effects

  1. Scotchgard 41066 Fabric Protector, Can, 6 oz

The last but definitely not the least is this fabric protector from Scotchgard. Just like the first product we introduced from the same company, this spray is going to turn out being very efficient. This spray will repel all types of liquids that might get on your fabric. It will also keep stains away so you can have a clean and good looking upholstery for a longer time. A great aspect about this spray is that your materials will remain breathable after you apply this spray. It will not add any odor or any type of color to your upholstery. No one will know that you used this spray and why your fabrics don’t get dirty as easy.


– Odorless fabric protector spray

– It will protect against most stains and liquids

– You can use it on all types of materials including your clothes

– The fabric will remain breathable after you apply this spray


– It might not be as efficient when you need protection against dirt

What to look for when buying a good fabric protector

When you want to invest in a fabric protector, there are certain aspects that you need to keep an eye on. Not all fabric protectors are as efficient as you would expect them to be. But in order to get the best one, you should make sure the product you want to purchase has the following features.

  • It protects your fabric against the most common stains. You should evaluate what are you most likely to stain your fabric with and check if the spray offers protection against that substance. For instance, if you drink a lot of coffee, you might want to get a spray that protects against coffee stains among other types of stains.
  • The odor it leaves. You want a spray that is odorless or that is not leaving an unpleasant smell behind. Some protector sprays will leave a smell that is not ideal for the user so make sure you check that before investing in such a product. However, there are also fabric protectors that are scented which could be a great option if you want to give a nice scent to your home.
  • The price of the product is very important as well. You will most likely want to keep investing in your fabric protector once you know that it is the right one for you. And you should be able to do that without breaking your budget. Depending on how often you use such a spray, it can last you from two weeks to more than one month.

Best brands on the market

There are several brands that offer good fabric protector sprays on the market. Here we gathered the best of them and you are not going to be disappointed at all by their products. You will find the best products from these companies on the list we gathered for you.


Scotchgard is one of the best brands to go to for a fabric protector. Their sprays cover a wide range of stains and they will help yo protect all types of upholstery. All their products come at a very budget-friendly price as well.

Vectra protection

Vectra Protection is a company with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Their products are made in the USA and they are safe to use on all types of materials.you can count on their sprays for all types of protection.

Better Boat

Also, Better Boat has a wide range of products to offer you. All of these products are of high quality and safe to use on your fabric. You can use their sprays to protect your clothes as well and you will not have to worry about any safety aspects.


Guardian is the type of company that you can rely on for all types of fabric protection. Most of their sprays are water-based and they come in different sizes and at different prices. Guardian is a very strict company when it comes to the quality of their products.


Can I use a fabric protector spray on my clothes?

Yes, most fabric protector sprays offer the same type of protection to your clothes as well. But you should only apply it to those clothes that are hard to wash. Otherwise, you will end up finishing your spray in less than a week.

Are these fabric protectors child and pet-friendly?

Yes, you can. The manufacturer will give you straight instructions about this aspect. They will inform you about potential safety hazards if any at all. But as a general rule, fabric protectors are safe for both your pets and children.

Are there any risks that come along with using a fabric protector?

Just like with any other spray, you shouldn’t ingest it. Try not to spray around our food or anything that you will consume. Other than that, you shouldn’t have to worry about any side effects coming from this type of spray. But always make sure to use such a product according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. And if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact customer service.

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Protecting your fabric can help you maintain it looking like new for a longer period of time. It will keep it from fading as well. But in order to enjoy all these benefits, you have to use a high-quality spray. The products in this guide will not disappoint you and they might become your go-to sprays when you need to protect your upholstery. You just have to make sure to follow the instructions of these products and use them accordingly. Finding a high-quality fabric protector can be challenging but we made it easier for you with this complex guide so you don’t have to waste time researching.

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