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Flat packable iphone stand

Jack Gordon - May 18, 2018 - 0 comments



Flat-packable-iPhone-stand 2

the most clear advantage of diy projects is the variety of ways one can customize the end product, which makes it so sustainable – especially christmas tree ornaments that are DIY can and do last for generations and some become heir looms;
another valuable advantage of these flat packable trees is the way they are delivered, saving space in transport, which makes them cost efficient on a small scale of course but increases proportionately to size in the matter of flat pack housing..

Super slim flat-packable wooden stand for your iPhone4, 4S, 5 and other smart phones.
It is less than 1cm thick when it is packaged/stored.

The stand is composed of two Japanese Lime plywood pieces. They are lasercut and then polished by hand with natural beeswax. They come flat in our original packaging, which makes it perfect for a small gift.

It comes in handy in various situations such as watching movies with friends, using it as an alarm clock by your bed, or editing documents/blog posts anywhere as a pocket computer with a wireless keyboard.


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