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From redundant to abundant

Jack Gordon - May 18, 2018 - 0 comments


nature inspired design

nature inspired design

The Peter Bottomley & Denise Bonapace project “Da morto a orto” (literally From dead to a vegetable garden, a word pun between the Italian words “morto”/dead and “orto”/vegetable garden) meaning ‘from redundant to abundant’, the furniture has been turned into hybrids by connecting them with other pieces.. “Da morto a orto” is not just a collection of unique pieces, but an ironic and critical reading of the objects that surround us and that we no longer recognize or pay at the end of life: properties and mobile home, destined to disappear, to be “eliminated”, resurrected in a new guise. Reworked, and then converted into green obejcts, they elements have now become “bedroom gardens”.


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