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Best Hole Saw Kit for Cutting Metal On The Market

Whether you are in the business of construction, woodworking, or manufacturing, the tools you use are an important element of your success. Though there is a myriad of tools necessary for your work, one of the most important is the hole saw.  Hole saws serve to make your work more efficient and precise resulting in more satisfied customers and, in some cases, even higher revenue.

Though these kits have become a critical tool in some fields, choosing one can often be difficult as there are so many choices. To help make things easier and steer you in the direction of success, I’ve taken the liberty of reviewing some of the best hole saw kits for metals on the market. After reading our reviews and buying guide, you’ll feel more prepared to not only make a choice but invest your hard-earned money without the time-consuming research usually involved.

Here Are Our Top Picks For The Best Hole Saw Kits for Metal

To get you on your way, let’s take a look at the top 5 hole saw kits for metal and heavy metal available currently.

Milwaukee 49-22-4025 – Best for Beginners  

When you think of purchasing a hole saw kit for cutting metal, one of the first things that may generally come to mind is finding a tool that is user-friendly and still gives you a lot of quality. This isn’t usually the easiest combination to find, but this Milwaukee hole saw kit does just that.

As a beginner, it is often hard enough to make the choice to look for a hole saw drill, so finding something that doesn’t give you any stress or require you to go through painstaking hours reading a manual is much more appealing than a top of the line product.

While some hole saw kits may require you to choose between quality and ease, this one does not. The hole saw kit is easy to use which allows you to drill holes whenever and wherever you need to while also remaining durable throughout your project.

For cutting thick metal, its durability is also notable. As many beginners may feel intimidated by a hole saw kit, the drilling action on this model is steady and allows you to maintain a firm grip without exerting too much effort. The quality of this one is also top-notch, so you won’t have to replace it after the first few uses.

If you’re looking for a hole saw kit that will last for a long time but makes your initial projects look you’ve had a lot of practice and use as a beginner, this is a great pick.

DeWalt D18000514 – Best for Versatility

If you’re looking for a hole saw kit that allows you to do multiple projects at any given time, or you find yourself needing multiple size bits for every occasion, the DeWalt hole saw kit may be a good choice.

As using a hole saw is helpful for multiple job types, versatility is a key component of choosing the right hole saw kit. This kit comes with 14 different bits in multiple sizes to make sure that you don’t have to spend unnecessary money outside of your initial kit purchase. Each bit is made to be durable as well, so you’ll also get an added amount of value out of the deal.

The different bits come with hardened backing plates that act as a support structure. This stabilizes the bit, decreases stress, and makes this one of the most durable kits available as well.

Additionally, this hole saw kit is very easy to use and efficient which only adds to the quality and value you’ll find in this kit.

Greenlee 660 Kwik Change – Best for Durability

If you work in an environment where your hole saw may take a beating, durability should be at the top of your list when looking for the right kit. The Greenlee 660 Kwik Change has a lot of different features, but what stands out is its durability.

Made from cobalt steel, the pilot drill is both sturdy and durable which should help alleviate your concerns about whether or not you’ll need to use the manufacturer’s warranty early on. The overall design also reduces the stress put on the hole saw during use. Many hole saws are sturdy, but the heat and friction caused by cutting can often be enough to damage the hole saw. This kit, however, can be used multiple times with little to no signs of stress making it a great option for you if you want something that can survive in harsher work environments, making it a good hole saw for cutting thick metal.

It is also easy to use and functions as a viable choice for both beginners and professionals. It comes complete with a split point tip which will help you maintain your path while drilling the hole.

Bosch 25-Piece HB25M – Best Hole Saw Kit for the Money

Bosch is one of the best brands on the market, and while that is certainly an important piece of the puzzle, this kit will give you much more. Finding the right manufacturer can often provide you with the benefits of a product without the cost or effort it takes to buy multiple products for the same effect.

This hole saw kit is one of the most affordable available which makes it accessible for those who may need the benefits of a hole saw, but lack some of the money for the more expensive options. Though it is affordable, however, it still brings a high-quality product resulting in a lot of nice work and precision.

It is convenient and compatible with many of the tools out there as well, which makes it versatile and user-friendly as well. If you need something affordable, but don’t want to sacrifice the quality of your work, the Bosch hole saw kit will be a dream come true.

Buying Guide: Choosing a Good Hole Saw Kit for Metal


As this is going to be a significant investment, it important to purchase a hole saw kit that is reliable and has a solid reputation. It is always better to purchase a tool that may cost a bit more initially but will pay you back in value as time goes on. Purchasing from manufacturers directly can often be a hassle, so it is also important to explore brands in terms of customer support. Regardless of your experience level, you’ll always want to make sure that you can reach someone should the need arise.

Certain brands also bring a reputation for higher quality products as well. As the overall quality of a hole saw can determine your success while working on a project, it is always wiser to choose a brand that is established and well-known for these aspects.


In addition to a brand’s reputation for customer service and quality, it is also important to review the warranty that comes with your preferred hole saw kit. This is especially important knowing that machinery is often imperfect. You’ll want to have the option to fall back on a manufacturer’s warranty if something unforeseen should happen. It’s best to look for warranties that last for longer periods and account for not only mechanical failure but possible user-error or wear and tear to make sure you get the best possible outcome if you need to use your warranty.

Power Source

When reviewing possible hole saw kits for metal, you will also want to consider the power source for your preferred option. In most cases, you’ll be able to choose from models that either battery-powered or electric. The real key to making sure you have the right kit for heavy metal is to consider the type of project you’ll be working on and where you’ll be working.

Battery-powered models are ideal for those who will primarily be working outside. When working outside, there is generally little to no access to power sockets. With this being the case, it is important to know your work environment to see if a corded model would even be an option.

Additionally, battery-powered saw kits are exceedingly more portable than their corded counterparts. If you happen to be working on a project that may take you to various locations, a battery-powered saw kit will allow you to be mobile with less hassle or worry. This makes a prime choice for those who may work in fields that require flexibility and versatility with their tools.

While the good battery-powered saw kits for cutting thick metal seen currently available, appear to have an upper-hand in a lot of ways, there is still a lot to be said for corded saw kits. While they may not present a convenient choice for everyone, those who find themselves working on a single project for a long period indoors will find them to be a great choice. In these cases, corded saw kits allow you to maintain power without worrying about the need to have spare batteries or recharging at a moment’s notice. With consistent access to a power source, there is a definitive amount of convenience present

Corded saw kits also have an advantage in the amount of power they put out. Though there is a lot to be said for convenience and mobility, but one of the most important elements found in any tool is the amount of power it brings. This can make all the difference between a job that is completed on time versus one that experiences setbacks and delays. Corded saw kits have more power and efficiency than those that are battery-operated. A direct socket connection is going to give you a higher amount of voltage and the most consistent connection. This inevitably makes for a more successful power conduit. While batteries will still give your saw kit some power, it won’t come nearly as close to what you’ll find in a corded model.


Inevitably, different hole saw kit brands will have varying degrees of durability. Though durability is important as a standalone element, it can also be a pretty good indicator of overall quality. Considering the amount of work that will occur when trying to drill through heavy metal, it is important that your saw kit be not only durable, but high-quality to ensure it doesn’t quit in the middle of your project or, even worse, break completely.

Durability could also increase the price a bit for your saw kit, but it’s more than worth the cost of having to consistently replace a kit that may be cheaper but be of lesser quality.


Do I need more than one hole saw kit?

In general, you will only need to have one hole saw kit to complete your job. This may vary depending on the type of work you will be completing, but ultimately you should only need one hole saw for cutting metal. When purchasing your kit, it’s important to make sure you choose one that can fit multiple uses to reduce the need for more than one purchase or unnecessary costs.

Is there a standard size for hole saw kits? Should I be concerned with compatibility?

There is not a standard size for hole saw kits currently, so it is important to make sure all of your tools will work together. There will many drills you find on the market that are universal, but there will be many that are not. With that being the case, it’s important to make sure that you find one that works with as many tools as possible to reduce the need to spend money you may want to avoid.

Some hole saws require the use of a proprietary adapter. We recommend staying away from those if possible. Though they usually work fine, they can cause a lot of frustration if you aren’t aware of them beforehand.


Of all the possibilities, I recommend the Milwaukee 49-22-4025 as the premium hole saw kit choice for cutting thick metal. This is the particular model I use regularly and though the other hole saw kits are good, this one is exceedingly great. It provides the versatility, durability, and quality that will not only last you for a long-time but reduce the amount of stress, time, effort, and money that can occur when you don’t have the right tools. I also used metal sandpaper to make a nice finish after drilling.

No matter which hole saw kit you choose, these quick tips should provide you with the base guidelines needed to make a successful purchase and choose the kit that is ultimately right for you.

Check out our well detail guided if you are looking for specific drill bits to drill through metal or hardened steel.