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Best Honing Guide in the market – Reviews 2020

Honing guides can help minimize the risk of accidents when sharpening. Most importantly, it makes the job easy and always produces accurate as well as consistent results. But with all the guides currently in the market, there is another big challenge to woodworkers. It is very hard to tell which one is the best. As a matter of fact, determining the best honing guide is a difficult task especially for first-time buyers. In this article, we address this challenge and make it easy for buyers to get the best among the many options out there in the market. Our review of the best five honing guides helps you narrow down the long list to just a few. It also gives you the very vital information you need to make a wise decision regarding these important tools.

Our top-five list comprises of high-quality and top-rated honing guides in the market. To make the process even simpler, we give you exactly what you need. We do not want you to still ask yourself questions even with this list. So without further ado, the best overall honing guide is the ATLIN Honing Guide, the best value is Kell British Honing Guide and the best option for the budget is the DS-Space Honing Guide.

Here is Our Picks for Top 5 Best Honing Guides

#1: Ram-Pro Honing Guide

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Want one of the newest brands of honing guides in the market? Well, you have found it. The Ram-Pro Honing Guide tops our list of the best honing guides for all the right reasons. First, it is a highly versatile honing guide used by all woodworkers ranging from beginners to highly skilled pros. So whether you are a woodworker hobbyist or professional, you can choose the Ram-Pro Honing Guide and rest assured of consistent sharpening results. That means with this honing guide, your woodworking results will improve and you’ll be using less effort since your tool will be up to the task. If you are a pro and have been sharpening tools for long, you can achieve a better-than-factory cutting edge with the Ram-Pro Honing Guide.

When it comes to the quality and design, the Ram-Pro Honing Guide has an adjustable screw design with twin chrome slides. Also, for durability, this honing guide is made of durable cast aluminum. The guide can thus help you for long without wearing down faster as is the case with some types. To add on this, this high-quality guide features a hardened steel roller wheel to provide the needed strength for such tools. In a nutshell, this is that special honing guide that you must consider if you are looking for one out there. It comes with user instructions and warranty if you buy from great platforms like Amazon. It is currently among the top-rated, and it enjoys great support and recommendation from woodworkers who’ve used it.


  • Its coating makes it resistant to rust and also doesn’t wear down faster
  • Has well-lubricated roller wheels that make it move forth and back with ease during sharpening
  • It gives you the freedom to choose the sharpening angle you need
  • It can be used for a couple of tools including wood chisel


  • None reported yet

#2: Kell British Honing Guide – Best Value

With its unique overall construction, the Kell British Honing Guide is another great honing guide you’ll find indispensable if you are a serious craftsman.  This model comes in two variants but both are great and highly rated in the market. The two variants are the Standard British Honing Guide, and the Long British Honing Guide. Although they are made primarily for chisels, you can still use them with a couple of other woodworking tools. This is because they allow you to precisely control the sharpening angle, so you achieve the edge you want.

For the last few years, the latest models of the Kell British Honing Guides come with larger and harder rollers with ultra-high molecular weight. It’s this special design that makes it easy for the user to control the angle. It also helps in speeding sharpening while avoiding faceting as well. For this reason, woodworkers love this honing guide due to its great versatility and value compared to many other types that sell out there in the market. It is also worth noting that the Kell British Honing Guide is made of highly durable material. Finally, it is top-rated, and it is sold by the Garret Wade Company in the U.S.


  • It comes with amazing versatility and value
  • It has unique construction for strength and durability
  • It is well made, works great and is packed excellent


  • You might have to spend a bit higher amount but it is worth it anyway

#3: ATLIN Honing Guide – The Best Honing Guide

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The ATLIN Honing Guide is an essential sharpening tool widely used by woodworkers for sharpening a wide array of tools. It is a high-quality and flexible honing guide that allows you to choose the sharpening angle you desire. For this reason, it always gives consistent results and you can rest assured of achieving a perfect edge for your tools every time you sharpen. With it, you’ll forget the days of struggling to find the accurate angle by hand. Most importantly, you’ll never accidentally tapper the edge of the tools whenever you are sharpening. It is all you need if you want a perfect edge every time you sharpen your woodworking tools.

Regarding sizing and compatibility, the ATLIN Honing Guide is fully adjustable and can fit chisels and other tools of varying widths. This guide is thus a highly versatile type that works well provided it is used with the right tools. Also, the ATLIN Honing Guide is built to last and you can use it for many years. It features a hardened steel roller wheel that can last for many years without developing flat spots and or wear down. The body is also made of durable cast aluminum that makes it even stronger and more durable than many other models. Finally, it is a top-rated model with many positive reviews on many platforms. Price and further details are available on Amazon.


  • It is built to last and performs well when used correctly
  • Its unique sizing and compatibility makes it usable with a wide array of woodworking tools
  • It allows you to choose your angle when sharpening
  • It comes with instructions on how to use it with various types of chisels and other tools


  • It might require some tweaks when using it with some tools

#4: RAM-PRO Honing Guide for Chisel Edge Sharpening

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If you have a chisel that is no longer doing the work perfectly and you are thinking of replacing it, don’t replace it now. There is another great option that will no doubt work well and make your chisel sharp again. The RAM-PRO Honing Guide can transform and extend the life of your chisel with a new perfect edge that will completely change your woodworking. Although it is relatively new in the market, this honing guide is already a favorite among professional woodworkers. With it, you can improve your woodworking results without much hassle and efforts.

Regarding the design, the RAM-PRO Honing Guide is designed specially to achieve accurate and precise sharpening results. Also, this guide is compatible with all types of plane irons and chisel blades. This is possible because it has a size-adjust screw and twin chrome slides, vice jaws that keep blade perpendicular to honing stone. Furthermore, you can move the guide up or down on blade to increase or decrease the angle. With such a great and rare flexibility, you can easily get a better-than-factory cutting edge. Indeed, the RAM-PRO Honing Guide is a great option you must consider if you want improved woodworking results from now henceforth. It is available on Amazon and ships to many countries.


  • Its special design makes it easy to achieve accurate and precise sharpening
  • It is compatible with all chisel blades as well as plane irons
  • Its hardened steel roller allows a consistently fine edge


  • Some users have reported that the jaws of the guide didn’t grip chisels nicely

#5: DS-Space Honing Guide – Best Budget

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With an elegant design, the DS-Space Honing Guide closes our top-five list of the best honing guides. Just as the other four guides discussed above, this option is also a great one that you should consider if you are looking for one. It has an adjustable clamping width to accommodate a wide range of chisels and other tools usable with this guide. Also, the good lubricated roller wheels enable it to move back and forth with ease for easy and effortless sharpening.

The DS-Space Honing Guide is not only elegant but is also durable owing to the anti-rust painting that keeps it free from corrosion. Even more interesting is the fact that the guide is highly versatile and can be used for many tools. Specifically, the DS-Space Honing Guide can be used for wood chisel, carving knife, planer, blade, plane iron, and craver among others. If you own any of these and you want to make it easy to use when doing your woodwork, then the DS-Space Honing Guide is all you need. Like a couple of other guides here, it is available on Amazon. You can check the reviews there for further details.


  • It is easy to use and is highly durable
  • Works great and is easy to get razor-sharp tools with it
  • It has an adjustable clamping width
  • Top-quality and elegant design that makes it unique from the others


  • Some buyers have complained that they received their order without user instructions

Best Honing Guide Brand: What You Should Check When Weighing Options

Even with this shortened list of top five, getting one from them can still be a challenge. You might not even find one aspect to help you pick one and leave the others. That should not, however, be an issue since the reviews will guide you to narrow down to just one that will help you improve your woodworking. You should go for one that will help you sharpen your tools easily. So check compatibility with various woodworking tools. As a rule of thumb, go for an option that works with many woodworking tools. Specifically, go for a honing guide that has these four important characteristics:

  • Accurate when it comes to set-up
  • Easy to set up
  • Versatile
  • Consistent

These are, in fact, the four features of the best honing guide. You should thus remember these when it is time to choose what type of honing guide to buy. Don’t resort to guesswork when it is possible to narrow down the many options to a single one that will do a good job. To make your work easier, our article has even made it simpler for you. We have highlighted the best overall, the best value and the best option for the budget.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, your sharpening routine determines a lot including your success in woodworking and related tasks. With the right honing guide, getting accurate and consistent results becomes an easy task. Most importantly, you’ll enjoy effortless woodworking while easily achieving whatever you want with your tools. As a matter of fact, the quality of your work largely depends on the tools you use. With sharp tools, you can do whatever you want with a lot of ease. So go for the best honing guide from our list of five, and you will never regret.

One of the very vital ingredients of successful woodworking is having sharp tools. The sharper the edge of your tools, the less the efforts required to drill through, cut or smoothen a surface. For this reason, every woodworker should acquire among other skills, the ability to easily and effectively sharpen their tools. Good sharpening routine should always produce accurate and consistent results. However, there is a great challenge and not all woodworkers can achieve this since most of them sharpen freehand. Doing so makes sharpening a chore instead of a simple routine. Even worse than that is the fact that it poses the risk of an accident.