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How does the router table work?

Jack Gordon - February 27, 2019 - 0 comments

The first point that comes to anyone’s mind might be a question that why exactly does one need to get a router table. Well, it is a legit struggle for a woodworker, and we have mentioned everything that you need to know about a router table.


A router table is the most basic thing that is needed while working with woods or even metals. It is a table that has a space to fix a hand-held router appropriately. A router could be fixed in a way that it is placed at the downside of the tabletop. The cutter of the router bulges out from a hole that has been located at the surface of the router table.

A router table must not be underestimated for its assistance. A woodworker can perform various tasks like cutting a piece of wood or shaping it without any hassle. To complete a block of wood or a metal job at a comfortable position; a woodworker shall need a router table, to be his savior.

Router table has an array of some important accessories that work with it. In fact, a router table helps to enhance the versatility of the router. Having trouble pick the best router table for your work, check out our guide here.


There are two different types of router tables;

  • A free-standing router table
  • Benchtop router table

Free-standing router table:

A free-standing router table is larger in size. They are used as a stand-alone table; nevertheless, they might also be used as a bench-top because of removable legs.

Bench-top router table:

Bench-tops are mobile and compact; designed to be used on another table-top. Bench-top tables paired with brackets could be attached safely to any workbench or table top.


There are numerous uses of a router table:


It helps you when you work on a small and narrow job because it keeps the object tightly fixed to the surface. Feather-boards relieves the user to focus on the object and balance between the job and the surface. In short, it will help you to perform tasks with the stock of the dimensions that a single hand-held router wouldn’t allow in a precise way. To profile the edge with a hand-held device would probably be a tough task when the aid of a router table is available to work on narrow stocks. Molding a long piece of stock would be as difficult with a hand-held router, so a router table comes in to rescue you. The hand-held router makes working on small jobs easier than ever with a router table. It makes working with long, small or narrow objects without any hassle.


It is useful to work on the edges or trim an object regardless of its shape, size, length, and breadth. It is a router’s specialty to follow a contour of the patter, moreover, when a template is attached to the router table is an immediate and most effectual way to clear up the mess at the edge. It allows the user to perfectly form the curved top of any arched frame like a panel door. The usage of a router table to trim the edges of frames speeds up the process by being a helping hand for the worker, as they seldom require to hold the job and work on it. The router table works at workplaces in a brilliant way, with a sense of immediateness. Without a router table, the hand-held would have to be handled with delicate hands.  It helps to make slightly raised panel doors as well.


One of the main concern of woodworkers about the router table is a query about whether the table could be used as an edge jointer. Well, router tables are versatile and work like magic for woodworkers. It has a quality to be a compact tool and save in monetary ways which act as a dedicated jointer.

There are several tasks that one can work along with a router table, which is an ultimate reason why woodworkers prefer to work through a router table. The list of tasks which can be accomplished with the help of a router table is beyond wonderful, all of it when you have such amazing fundamental operations in a router table.


A woodworker generally looks for a router table that allows them to multiple same cuts on the stock. A router table is equipped with its accessories, which helps the user to just feed the material at once on repeat to obtain perfect results rather than keeping a hand-held router for every new piece of the stock. 

There are functioned specifically to cut these objects using a good router and router bits:

  • Slots
  • Rabbets
  • Tenons
  • Sliding Dovetails
  • Dadoes
  • Cutting grooves


Hand-held routers have not the ability to produce such complex jobs like a panel door, which leaves the woodworker no other choice than to use a router table. It has been a prove that the router table has been a way of providing ease to its user ever since. The machines that have to be used for the frame of doors must be entirely accurate in order to cope up with the complexity for the manufacture of the joints in a proper way. So, some proper accessories and correct instructions it is a piece of cake for a woodworker to create some raised panel door.

There are various other tasks that could be performed with the help of a router table, which we have not yet touched. Ensure safety is primary and get more detailed information about router techniques to create reality out of your production ideas. There are endless tasks that could be performed with the help of a simple router table, once you get in-depth information about it, you’ll be aware of about its versatility. You can get your router table considering certain factors; your skill level and woodworking style, and budget as well. We hope you get the best router table that is the most suitable for you.

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