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How to change a bandsaw blade in 12 steps

Jack Gordon - January 20, 2019 - 0 comments

A bandsaw is one of the most versatile machines and due to that, they get used in a lot of different jobs making them wear down quickly. As any other machines, a bandsaw needs periodic maintenance and adjustment to keep performing at their best. After using your bandsaw for a while, you will need to deal with worn tires, bearings and belts. You will need to know how to weld bandsaw blades and how to change your blade perfectly.

Knowing how to change your bandsaw blade is important for your own safety.

The blade of your bandsaw is vital to the saw’s performance, the difference in blade widths, tooth forms and pitches available for your saw are what make it can do a variety type of jobs. Even if you have a top-rated bandsaw blade, knowing how to change your blades is important if you want to take advantages of your bandsaw versatility to full extents. It is not an easy task and many people don’t like doing it, but I’ll show you how to do it in proper order.

12 Steps to change your bandsaw blade

The first thing you need to remember when changing your bandsaw blade is tracking the blade before adjusting the guides, or you will need to adjust them again later. Keep in mind that blad tension affects tracking so you need to first bring the blade up to proper tension.

Here are 12 steps to change your bandsaw blade according to “Lonnie Bird – The Bandsaw Book”.

  1. Disconnect the power
  2. Release the blade tension
  3. Set the guides so they don’t interfere with the blade in any way – at the sides or at the back.
  4. Install the new blade, first on the upper wheel, then around the lower wheel.
  5. Apply just enough tension to take the slack out of the blade.
  6. Turn one wheel a few times to move the blade to the centre of the tire.
  7. Tension the blade with a meter, or if using the saw’s gauge, set the tension for the next widest blade.
  8. Track the blade.
  9. Adjust the upper and lower thrust bearing so they don’t quite touch the blade.
  10. Set the distance from the upper and lower guides to the blade with a scrap of paper or a dollar bill.
  11. Square the table to the blade.
  12. Round the back of the blade.

Check out this video for a visual explanation.

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